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    18g poly stiffer than 16g

    Hi all, wondering if you've encountered this phenomenon? 18g strings are always listed as being softer and less stiff, though whenever I play with them they feel much stiffer and more board-like; I have less feel and struggle to generate as much power. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Racket help!

    Howdy all, would love some racket insight. I'm a 4.5/5.0, been playing with the Yonex Ezone DR 98 for a while, and liked it a lot. Recently, I've been shifting from more classic flat Eastern mechanics to a more modern semi-Western forehand (I'm in my 30s but my first coach is old-school). I...
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    Superfeet durability for tennis?

    Howdy all, I've recently started using Superfeet Blue due to one of my arches collapsing, and I'm wondering what you've found re: how long they last for tennis. For running they say 12 months or 500 miles, but the aggressive start/stop nature of tennis is much different from running, so it might...
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    Yonex comparison: Ezone DR 98 vs VCORE 98 (305)??

    Hi all, I've been playing with the DR 98 for about a year now, really great all around racket, got a leather grip and a bit of lead at 3 and 9. Serves and volleys are excellent. My issue is with heaviness of groundstrokes, I hit a flatter ball and have been struggling to get enough...
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    Launch angle - Yonex Ezone DR 98

    Howdy all, Wondering if anyone has thoughts about the launch angle of this racket? I've been playing with it for about a year and overall love it, it's a superbly well-rounded frame. Recently I've been trying to add more loop/topspin to my groundstrokes (as I generally hit quite flat) and have...
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    Shoes like the New Balance MC 996v3??

    Howdy all, I've been using the above New Balances and liking them a lot for a few specific reasons: 1 - thick cushioning around the ankle --> no heel slippage 2 - thin forefoot --> great court feel and stability 3 - decent heel-to-toe drop (i.e. the heel is higher than the forefoot)-->...
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    Women's shoes for a guy?

    Howdy all, Wondering if any guy has ever thought about or tried wearing a women's tennis shoe? I have narrow heels and a normal/wide forefoot, and I find that I have room at the heel and ankle with heel slippage no matter what shoe I try, and I've tried many models. I address the issue by...
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    Yonex grip sizing

    Hi all, I'm about to switch from the Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro ---> Yonex Ezone DR 98. One of my buddies mentioned that Yonex grip sizes run bigger than usual. I use a 4 1/2; I'm currently demoing the DR 98, and the I can't really tell a difference between the rackets... anyone hear this before?
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    Yonex EZONE DR 98 vs Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro

    Hi all! Wondering if anyone has played with both of these rackets and can compare them? I've been playing with the Head GXTPP for a while; I really like the stability and plowthrough, though I can feel the weight in the tip after a while and it feels less maneuverable / heavier as time goes on...
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    Head racket head sizing?

    Hi all, was listening to Chris' review of the upcoming head Prestige series and he mentioned that the head sizes were now being measured differently (inner hoop vs outer hoop). This would mean that my Head graphene XT Prestige Pro is actually a 95 square inch head as opposed to 98 square inch...
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    Dunlop Grand Prix Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    Hi everyone, I was planning on buying these balls due to their good reputation (and wanting to switch to something a bit more substantial/durable than the Wilson Championship Extra Duty in the red topped can). However, when I look at the most current reviews (2015) it sounded like quality...
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    Hydrogen clothing?

    Hi all, anyone had any experience with Hydrogen clothing? Specifically, feel of material, amount of stretch, and overall fit. Thanks!
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    Wear out shoes in a month?

    Howdy all, just wondering if anyone's had the experience of wearing out the support/cushioning in a shoe in a short a time as a month? I struggled with significant Plantar Fasciitis last year after wearing the Asics speed line, and switched to the Barricades 2016 Boosts which were much more...
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    Barricade 2017 Boost Shoe Review

    Hi TW, just wondering about the status of the B2017 Boost Review. Thanks!
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    Barricade Boost 2017

    Hi TW! Just wondering when the other colorway (black/green) of the Boost 2017 will come out. Also, any word on when the review will post? Thank you!
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    Solinco Hyper-G vs Head Hawk vs Kirschbaum Pro Line II / Evolution

    Howdy folks, as stated above, would greatly appreciate any feedback on how these strings compare! Also, has anyone played different gauges of the Hyper-G (16 vs 16L vs 17) and have thoughts on how they compare? I'm thinking of trying the Hyper-G (currently using Head Hawk 17, previously...
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    Adidas Barricade 2016 Boost Review?

    Hi guys, I was recently looking at the Barricade 2016 Boost, but when I went to the TW Review it was a review for the 2015 version... any idea if a 2016-specific review will come out? And if not, anyone have any insights into key differences between the 2015 and the updated 2016? Thank you!
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    Posterior heel pain?

    Hello all, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before. Essentially there is a small area at my posterior heel, to the left of where the Achilles tendon attaches, that has become sore. Not sure at all when it happened, I can't remember any inciting event. It's very painful to the...
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    How much life to expect from shoes?

    Hi all, just wondering how long people usually get before the support of their shoes starts to go. I recently switched to the Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 and am on my second pair. They're wonderful shoes, though with both the previous and current pair after about 3 months of playing 3-4 times per...
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    Probably a no-brainer but...

    Having spent years using full bed polys strung at 59-63, I've just recently started to think about transitioning to lower tension full bed poly ( low meaning low 50s). The question I have been wondering about is: when I string a poly in the high 50s by the time it drops down to low 50s the...
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    Considering a switch from the Kirschbaum Pro Line II...

    Anyone have any experience with Head Hawk 17, or the ATP Razor Code 17? I switched to the Pro Line II after not liking the stiffness and poor tension maintenance of Luxilon Big Banger and Adrenaline. I use a Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro, 98sq inch head, 16x19 pattern. Thanks very much!
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    Difference between Solution Speed 2 colors

    Has anyone played with multiple colors of the Asics Solution Speed 2? I've played with the latest black/blue, and would like to stock up since they're being discontinued, but the only colorway available is the previous neon green/black... from looking at them on multiple sites they just seem to...
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    Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 vs Adidas Ubersonics

    Hello all, just wondering if anyone had input regarding a comparison of these two shoes. I've got another pair of the Speed 2's in my closet but since they've been replaced by the (narrower, less ventilated) Speed 3's, I'm wondering about how the Ubersonics compare, specifically regarding fit...
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    AP Belt?

    Anyone tried using the AP Belt? Looks like a pretty nifty training tool, apparently they use it regularly down in Bollettieri's. Thanks!
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    Nike Performance Cotton vs UA Charged Cotton socks?

    Anyone have any experience comparing the two? Thanks very much!
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced getting a second shoe from a 6-month durability guarantee deal, and having the replacement shoe play differently than the original shoe (even though it is ostensibly the same shoe). I wore a pair of the Lotto Raptor Evos and they were great, sent them in...
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    Gel Solution Speed 2 vs Lotto Raptor Evo

    Howdy all, would love to hear your opinions on comparisons between the above two shoes. I used to wear the Gel Resolutions 1-5, but I have a narrow foot and the 5's stretched like crazy and lost stability so I transitioned to the Lotto Raptor IV's which were great, lots of stability without...
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    Sock help! and Nike Elite Tennis Sock

    Greetings all! Just wondering if I could get some help regarding socks... I had been using the Nike Dri-fit Fly Rise socks ( and they were pretty solid, though since I have narrow...
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    Switch from Luxilon Adrenaline to Technifibre Pro Red Code 16

    Hi all, just wondering what you thought of the above switch. I've used Luxilon ALU or Adrenaline for the past 6 years, and would like to switch to something similar but with better tension maintenance and feel. Does the Pro Red Code sound like a good call? Anyone played with both and can...
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    Same specs, different feel??

    Hi all, I recently bought two Dunlop Biomimetic 200+'s and have been losing sleep ever since. They were both spec-matched and everything, but when I play with them they feel entirely different; swing speed, the response upon contact, the pocketing, the flex, the touch, all quite different. Even...