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    Is there a inverse relation between head size and unforced errors

    Am I correct that Safin has been using the Prestige Classic since he "started" until now? So he probably got used to it and maybe he decreased the headsize as he got older/better.
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    Wanting more control and spin with the same frame

    It is not that I feel like I was lacking control and spin before. This is the first time I ever got my TT Bandit OS strung with PSG D 16@67lbs, which is the max. When I was first playing with this frame I always got it strung with synthetic, but for some time now I have had it strung with poly...
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    Implementing Serve and Volley

    I would serve and volley when I move in behind power or get my opponent out of position.
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    Building the chest

    gmlaslam, you are the meaning of "beefed" up. Just curious, do you have a power game?
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    Wanting more control and spin with the same frame

    Thank you for inputs. If I could get my TT Bandit customized, I would probably have it closer to 100 then the 95 Gamma Ruff looks like the string that would fit more control and spin. How about the Hurricane/VS combo for control and spin?
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    Best in each category

    Nice thread, Forehand:Roddick One-handed backhand: Kuerten, Gaudio Two-handed backhand: Safin Slice backhand: Federer, Haas Footwork: Coria Mentality: Hewitt Overall Serve: Roddick Drop shot: Coria and Ferrero Lob: Hewitt Speed: Hewitt Volley: Henman Overall game:Federer
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    French Open predictions

    I hope this year's French does not unexpectedly knock out players like last year. There will probably some unexpected Spaniards, Argentines, and other claycourters ending up in the quarters or better. Last couple of years it has been an overwelming favorite over an unexpected player in the...
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    Head Flexpoint Radical: TESTED!!!

    I'm still waiting for the March issue. It evidently got mailed to the wrong address so I requested another issue which is supposed to come around a week from last monday. Who is on the April issue and what pro's stroke do they breakdown in the April?
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    TT Bandit Midplus (4 3/8)

    Wanted: a TT Bandit Midplus(4 3/8 ) in any playable condition meaning not so scratched up but does not have to be perfect. If you could also throw in Pro Hurricane 16 and VS Natural 16 half strings sets, I would like those strings too(not necessary if you can't). Respond in this thread or email...
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    Has Agassi switched to the Flexpoint

    I don't think that is why Andre lost. He is still using his same old racquet with a paintjob, probably the Donnay or Trisys. This thread probably belongs in the 'Pros' racquets and gear' section.
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    has anyone gotten their pumps?

    Can someone who owns these shoes give me a brief review and tell me how they compared to the Figjams?
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    Best poly/gut combo for TT Bandit?

    What tension for the Hurricane/VS and I know you can't go wrong with this combo, what are other player's experiences with these strings?
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    Best poly/gut combo for TT Bandit?

    This is a very delayed reply, thank you. I am planning on getting the MP soon and I'll probably get it strung with Hurricane/VS.
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    French Open predictions

    I agree with you Vlad that I should have added Kuerten and Ferrero as darkhorses but not Nalbandian. I am already pretty sure that Nalbandian will get to quarters or better.
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    Wanting more control and spin with the same frame

    Please, any answers to my questions? There are many knowledgable people on here that I know can help me.
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    Nike Shoes

    I don't see a problem with wearing shoes like that. That goes for all equipment. You should not judge the quality by the brand.
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    Pressureless ball?

    I use the Gamma pressureless balls for all sorts of practice. They will never lose their bounce though they may bounce erraticly once the fluff/felt starts coming off. They also might do minimal damage to the strings at the beginning due to their heaviness from my experience.
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    French Open predictions

    If you think about, the next slam is just around the corner. Who has the best chances of truly reigning as "king of clay"? My picks: Top contenders for the title: Coria, Federer, Safin, Gaudio, maybe Nadal and Canas Darkhorses: Roddick, Hewitt, Agassi, and some others who have nothing...
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    Wanting more control and spin with the same frame

    I am very pleased with my TT Bandit OS, but I feel like I am lacking a bit of control and spin. Would switching to the midplus version enable me to generate more control and spin?
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    Anyone purchased Andy Roddick Foundation bracelets?

    I wear this also to support Andy's foundation and luckily was one of the first to get one at Andy's charity event this past December.
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    Ankle Supports availability?

    Will TW ever carry ankle supports for players who have ankle problems instead of them purchasing some else where? I would like to see them specifically in the Kallassy and ASO brands which are most popular to the pros and general public.
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    Best poly/gut combo for TT Bandit?

    TT Bandit users, Out of the time you have played with this frame, I would like to know which string or string combo has performed the best for you regardless of its price.
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    Socks of PROs

    I don't think this thread was meant to be taken seriously RoddickRulez.
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    Anybody notice the ridiculously easy draws Mr. Andy Roddick always seems to get!!!

    I bet they do manipulate some draws but just to see some popular players meet as IOP posted. I don't think that they are doing this to make the draws easier for Andy. Even if they manipulated the draw a bit, I really don't see them making one player have an easier draw than another on purpose...
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    Using the modified western fh grip?

    Yes, that is where the knuckle of my index finger is centered on, between the panel 4/5. I did not know that this grip was call the extreme semi or mild western, Mahboob. This is a lot of help for me to be sure that I am correct. This grip was not really what I meant it to be; it really just...
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    Using the modified western fh grip?

    When I just started to play, I was using the eastern. As I got better, the eastern became uncomfortable so I just tried something which lead to using my current grip and I have been using it ever since not knowing it was called the modified western.
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    Players you have seen play and where?

    I know the many tournaments that Florida has and I'm pretty lucky to live in such a tennis state. I am probably going to the TMS Miami coming up if I can still get my pick of tickets. I really want to watch a US DC tie because I want to see how different it is to regular tournies myself and the...
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    Best dry overgrip?

    Tournagrip is my choice in absorbance and comfort and my choice on my racquets, but the least durable. If you are looking for a durable grip, try either Supergrap or ProGrip, both which I think last longer than Tourna with still good effect.
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    Players you have seen play and where?

    You're welcome. I would really like to watch the US DC team play a tie but this year it's either going to be in another country or in California while I live in Florida, it will be too much of a hassle for my family. Maybe next year they will choose a city in Florida.
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    Yahoo!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY SHUFFLE!!

    Nice Day for you gmlasam. I want my issue here now, I have been waiting since I heard about it to see this issue with Andy Roddick and on his serve! It always comes on a Friday or Saturday of close to the last week of the month here in Florida.