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    Babolat racket feels shorter than yonex?

    Does anyone know if that has something to do with the sweetspot of yonex rackets being higher in the stringbed? I Normally play yonex v core tour/duel 330 and tried a Babolat aero pro original and it feels like I have to hit the balls closer to my body. Would a plus length Babolat feel "normal"...
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    Azarenka blacked out rackets (aug 2016)

    Any experts who can see whatever these might be? Her usual sticks or something new?
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    Kerber racket Bastad

    I've been watching Kerber's match in Bastad and noticed she's not wielding her Yonex Si98 paintjob. Is this a new Si98 or is it the V Core F paintjob? Seems like a weird move from Yonex if she's all of a sudden endorsing a totally different frame.
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    Most dissappointing string setup?

    Today I played a Alupower/element setup for the first time @55/53 in my yonex Tour g 330. As I always liked alupower, I thought this could have been pretty nice. But it totally sucked. Had zero feel and way less spin compared to the strings I've used most this season (tourbite and diadem...
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    Martin Klizan 2016

    Has anyone here seen him play at ATP Rotterdam? This man is absolutely incredible. Coming back after facing matchpoints in 2 matches before demolishing the opponents in the third sets. Dictating with the forehand in a way Nadal used to do, but with strokes more comparable to Fernando Gonzalez's...
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    Lateral hip, thigh, knee and low back pain

    Anyone has experience with fixing this? Since I started training more and now also on hardcourt my right hip is bothering me. This causes my right leg to get sore a lot sooner and my lower back with get sore on the right side too. I'm right handed and I think it's from hitting a lot of...
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    Kyrgios SABR on Raonic

    Has anyone else seen this at IPTL? Kyrgios SABRing Raonic on 2 first (!) serves.
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    Poly for training purposes

    Hey everyone, Normally I play with full bed of lux alupower 1.25 or some other premium brands. Have used yonex ptp, tourbite, 4g, volkl v star and some more. What is the best option with specs like Alupower but cheaper. Don't really like the tension maintenance of Yonex PTP, but is there any...
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    Vapor 9.5 vs Lunar B 1.5 vs Zoom Cage 2

    How would you compare these 3 in terms of fit, breathability and durability? I don't care about cushioning. Vapor: for me little too narrow and too hot. First shoe ever that makes my feet burning hot and crazy wet. Also they smell disgusting and it doesn't get better by leaving them in fresh...
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    Albert Costa breaking racquet on matchpoint

    Does anyone remember him doing this? I think it was in 2003-2004 but I don't know against who and where. It was on clay, but not Roland Garros. The opponent was serving for the match and Costa got a warning the point before matchpoint. Then on matchpoint, just before his opponent served, he...
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    FS: Babolat Aeropro Drive (2008)

    Babolat AeroPro Drive Grip: 4 3/8 (original grip) Quantity: 3 Condition: 7.0/10 - No cracks, just scratches on paint from normal use. Used them for about 3 years but have been lying in my closet for the last 5 years. Unstrung Weight (unstrung): stock 300g, no customization Price: 50€ for 1, 90€...
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    Replacing a stock blade 93

    Hey guys I want your help for picking some demo rackets, I'm currently using a stock blade 93 with 1piece alupower @53 but I'm looking for a frame that is more forgiving especially in defense with the backhand. I'm a very agressive big guy, big server (lots of kick), big forehand with a lot of...