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    Great trade with "neverstopplaying"

    Very nice person to deal with and his racquet was just as described.
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    FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid - 4 1/2 - CANADA

    Racquet is probably 8-8.5/10 condition. I just strung with Wilson sensation 16 at 55 lbs and have only used it twice since. It looks like it has a leather grip under the overgrip. Im looking for same racquet (or other prestige) in midplus or a Dunlop aerogel 300 16x18. If you have anything...
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    Great trade with Damon Andrew (da)

    I just completed a trade with Damon Andrew (da) and everything went extremely well. The communication was excellent and the racquet arrived fast, even though it was a cross border trade (Canada/USA). I would not hesitate to trade with this person again.
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    FT: Babolat Pure Drive Team, pics inside

    For Trade: Babolat Pure Drive Team, grip size 4 1/2. This has recently been strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane and used only a few times since being strung. I also just put a new Wilson replacement grip and Wilson pro overgrip on this racquet. I am looking for a n6.1 95 16x18 or I may do a...
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    Head_Rocketman is a great seller

    Communication was great, payment was easy, packaging was good and shipping was fast. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy from him.
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    Wanted: liquidmetal prestige 4 1/2

    preferably in very good condition. reply in this thread.
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    For Trade: Babolat Pure Drive Team 4 1/2

    The condition of the racquet is about 6.5/10 but there are no cracks or anything that would affect playability. It is strung with babolat pro hurricane at 55 lb and used only twice since stringing. I am looking for a liquidmetal radical or prestige in 4 1/2, preferably in pretty good condition.
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    stringing mistake...will this affect anything

    Will this affect play or warp the frame or anything?
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    Odds for Agassi v. Nadal

    Here is one line i just saw on pinnaclesports: Fri 6/30 A. Agassi vs R. Nadal 31 A. Agassi +167 32 R. Nadal -177 I would take Agassi here.
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    Positive feedback for tennis-skater

    This person is a great seller so no worries with him. He also has connections with shipping companies so it was very fast and very cheap!
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    shipping to canada

    Where can I find shipping info to Canada. Specifically cost, time taken etc.
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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Drive/Aeropro Drive

    Preferrably someone located in Canada or will ship cheaply to Canada. Grip Size 4 3/8 or 4 1/2. Email me at braden07[at]
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    Please Help....Is this a fake??

    I was thinking about getting this racquet but it doesnt look real. The paint looks glossy and Im not sure about the colours. The guy says it has a hologram with a serial number but I dunno if that is enough to prove it's real. Any help would be appreciated.
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    How do they paint lines on clay?

    I know its a dumb question but im curious? Wouldn't chalk rub off real easily?
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    stencil ink substitutes?

    Hey, I was thinking of putting on a Wilson logo and since no stores around me sell that stencil ink and I don't feel the need to order it, does anyone know of anything that works just as good? To me, those bottles just look like bingo dabbers with a wilson logo on the front. I was wondering...
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    Wilson H Tour vs Ncode ntour

    Hi, I found a really good deal on **** for a Wilson H tour and was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is any real difference to the Ncode model. I was looking at the Ncode before but I figured I might be able to save some money buy going with H tour and still get a similar racquet. Any...