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    convert manual stringer to electronic? Hmmm...interesting. Thoughts? Edit : on second look shoulda probably posted this under stringing machines if a mod wants to move it
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    Roscoe Tanner's serve

    I just recently saw a video of Tanner's serve at tennisplayer and I absolutely loved the quick motion. I knew of him before, but that was the first time I actually saw a serve of him in real time. He looked like he was already in his 40's though but would love to see his serve in his prime...
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    Tennis tutor balls jamming

    I've had my tennis tutor plus for several weeks now and have been using the heck out of it, but the past 2 days its been acting up, some balls are not being grabbed by the wheels, and all the balls line up jammed inside, sometimes 3 or 4 shoot at the same time , sometimes the balls just overflow...
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    Question for POGO : Tennis tutor battery

    Hi POGO, Hope you see this. while doing a search, I saw your posting on using a radio shack battery on your tennis tutor. I am considering buying a used TT plus whose battery is weak. I saw that the battery is 75 dollars, plus shipping from tutor When the seller and I took a look inside...
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    How long does battery last in cold weather?

    For those of you with ball machines, what is the average battery life on your machine if you take it out in cold weather? I don't mind being out on the court even in temperatures in the low 40's high 30's centigrade, but I was wondering if I should buy a ball machine now or wait till spring. I...
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    Sampras considering return to Wimbledon

    Probably will not happen. But you can almost feel the burning desire in this interview,20867,20418066-2722,00.html Oh yeah, even today. If I worked at it and I ... I've had those moments, they come and go, like playing Wimbledon again - I...
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    I thought poly would save me money

    Well, I bought some cheap poly reel because I thought its durable and last me a long time in between stringing. Played with it 2-3 times and I thought it played great. By the 4th time it started feeling horrible At this rate I'm gonna have to re string at least every week. If I went with...
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    What is the purpose of poly?

    I don't get it. I see advertisements for poly and they say its made for string breakers because its durable. And then some say it goes dead very fast and pros actually cut it out after every match, if you play with it too long it will hurt your arm? Plus it loses its tension fast. why even...
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    Any info on Volkl C10?

    I'd appreciate any info on this racquet. Its Volkl C10 comp series 93 sq in head and 16 x 18 string pattern. How related is it to the volkl c10 pro? When was it discontinued?
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    Totally confused re: tension

    OK I always believed that stringing low tensions (50's and lower) made the racquet more powerful and more forgiving for the arm, and stringing high 60's and above is good for control and spin. Now some of you are saying that stringing low doesnt really do much good for the arm and doesnt...
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    Totally confused re: tension

    OK I always believed that stringing low tensions (50's and lower) made the racquet more powerful and more forgiving for the arm, and stringing high 60's and above is good for control and spin. Now some of you are saying that stringing low doesnt really do much good for the arm and doesnt...
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    Unique presureless balls suck

    I bought a 3 pack from the Sports Authority, they bounce like 3 month old dead balls. Did I buy a dud? I thought pressureless balls never go bad? Anyway, I bought the gamma pressureless balls after that (two toned color to help with seeing the ball spin) and they bounce so much better. The...
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    Mouse use and arm strain

    There was a joke thread recently about mouse and keyboard ergonomics (at marius' expense unfortunately), but this brought me to think about wrist and forearm fatigue that I do experience when I'm in front of a computer for a long time. I have now switched to a mouse that has a handle with a...
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    How can you tell if frame is bent?

    Hi all, I'm eyeballing this racquet that was my first stringing job (I cut out the strings coz I didnt like the way it was) But now the head seems a little off to me, like its not the same on both sides. One side seems more curved to me than the other. I tried measuring from the throat to...
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    Prince Orig Graphite vs graphite 2

    Does anybody know what the difference is between the prince original graphite and the prince graphite 2 is? And for that matter what the difference between the michael chang graphite and the POG is? Thanks
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    Questions for Marius

    Hey marius, just have a few questions if you don't mind 1) Do you have a one hand backhand or 2H? If you have 2h, did you switch to it from the one hand? 2) what racket do you mainly play with now? How many times do you play with your PD? 3) Did you change your technique and swing...
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    Ball machine question

    I'm looking at portable ball machines to take to the public courts, hopefully not more than 800 dollars. My main problem that I want to practice is getting up to the short ball and hitting a good approach shot, which I hit to the net or long a lot. At my level, I pretty much know that a lot of...
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    String breaking in demo?

    I have received demo racquets for POG mp, prince o3 tour and ProKennex KI5. The strings on them look pretty bad, in fact the ProKennex the string is so frayed it looks like its gonna break with one hit. Anyone know what the policy is when strings break? Should I restring this? I'm afraid to take...
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    Widebody : what does it do?

    I just found a couple of older racquets (pro kennex), i'm guessing late 80's to early 90's at my sisters basement. One says widebody, the other says wide contour. I've tried to search on the forums what this means but there doesnt seem to be any clear explanation. What are widebodies supposed to...
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    Marius :Best arm friendly racquets?

    I wasnt sure whether I should post this in the racquet or health section, but since I'm more interested in the health benefits right now, i put it here Marius, I've been reading a lot lately on this forum, and you have basically influenced me about preserving my arm health, since I want to...
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    wanted : prince pro 90

    Looking for an older model prince pro series 90, its black with a gold stripe, aluminum I think, midsize? I've found a lot of 110's but I'd rather have the smaller head version. prefer grip size at least 3/8 or bigger
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    Price at Sports Authority?

    I just bought a new stringing machine and went to the Sports Authority to look at some strings. All their prices are in the 20 to 30 dollar range!!! Whats going on? Looking at Wilson Sensation for example, their price is 27.99, while here at TW its 5.95. And no, its for one pack, not a reel...
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    Prince pro series 90

    Hi TW, I have an old prince pro series 90 that I really like, the 90 I guess means its midsize? Anyhow, I want to demo some racquets that you have available, any ideas which ones would be the most similar? Thanks