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    Sport specialization In this article which is mostly about basketball and how sport specialization has made young players more broken down when they enter the NBA due to only playing basketball year round and how it...
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    Next 12 months

    With Andy Murray hopefully being healthy after missing this year's Wimbledon, how do you think the next 12 months of tennis will shape up? With a hopefully healthy and in form at the same time Nadal, Federer, Del Potro, Murray, Djokovic for the first time in years, who do you think dominates? Or...
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    Big 4 creation

    When exactly did the phrase Big 4 start to become widely used to describe Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray? It felt like 1 day they were referred to as the Big 4 and that moniker stuck ever since.
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    2017 French Open winner guaranteed?

    If Nadal ends up winning this Aussie Open final against Federer, is the French Open all but guaranteed to be also won by Rafa?
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    Murray with Lendl hypothetical

    If Andy Murray had Ivan Lendl coaching him his entire career or for a more lengthy part of his career, how different do you think Murray's career would look at this point?