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    As a Federer fan I have already accepted Djokovic will pass 17 and become GOAT

    The only way Djokovic will be the best is if He wins 25 slams, otherwise not even a chance. To play the way Federer plays is way harder and very unique, threfore is it's not in the same level. The way Djokovic plays many can play, but his tennis isn't appealing much, there is nothing special...
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    Tomic fires back at Roger!

    Of course He will make to Top 10 whenever Federer, Ferrer, Nadal, Berdych, Wawrinka retire, because He is around 15, so 15-5 = 10, there you have it.
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    Tomic fires back at Roger!

    Tomic is fatrther from top 10 than Fed is from Novak.
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    Stan's AO '16 outfit is awesome!

    I like that, but I'm no Pro and wearing that out on my club I wouldn't look good. But it's a cool outfit for a young player.
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    Kyrgios on court to Wawrinka: "Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend …"

    You must be an American! Only in US people care about age this much, but we got say that usually Americans are at least 5 years more immatture than people from other cultures at the same age. There is no difference between Stan dating Donna and Stepanek dating Kivitova
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    Federer: How the tennis ace became the world's pre-eminent athlete

    Federer is the greatest tennis player ever, but He is not the greatest in all sports, what Evert says or doesn't, is useless. Michael Schumacher was the greatest of the greats, He holds pretty much all records in F1, which is the hardest amd most difficult autosport .
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    Peak Stan vs. Peak Murray in a Wimbledon Final - who wins?

    Stan will crush Murray, if you only look a few years back wen they played there (Stan was a choker, movement owrse, no confidence) He could have beaten him then. Now the Stanimal verson VS any Murray version He will crush him.
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    Wawrinka's backhand defies all logic

    He moves better, his racquet is better, his coach is better, He is stronger and fitter. Tsonga is probably the strongest.
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    How much did Wawrinka lose being married? Since his divorce the Stanimal rose...

    His tennis was being affected by the off court personal problems, it happens to everybody in every profession, some are more mental than others, specially when your mind is somewhere else thinking in making decisions instead of worrying about performing your job, and that equals to less...
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    How much did Wawrinka lose being married? Since his divorce the Stanimal rose...

    his level like a skyrocket. Since the separation, He got his 2014 level really quick and another major. That is how much tennis is mental and how much she was disturbing him and the reason why He was playing a lower level, because when He kicked her out, Stanimal came back just in time for...
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    Will Stan become a nightmare matchup for Djoko?

    Wawrinka is more of Slam player, his best performances have been in slams, best of 5 and not on MS, and it's surprising. When He brings that game from yesterday, He will crush anyone, He decides the match, it's been proven this year again.
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    Wawrinka's rare achievement in both his Slam victories

    Yeah, and He dismantled both this time. Winners left and right like a Sunday practice.
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    Today I stopped being a tennis fan

    Go buy an Yonex racquet now, I bet you'll be better with it than with the usual Babolat crap.:)
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    Wawrinka's Tennis story tells us an important message

    There was a thread somewhere here, where a coach sponsored by Yonex said that Yonex was the biggest to change to him, they offered him a sponsorship, believed in him, gave him confidence, money, made him feel special and He turned it around. I believe in that, all the way. Had he stayed with...
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    Why did Djoker lose FO to Stan?

    Not always the aggressie tennis is rewarded, actually most of time it isn't, we tennis fans received a present from him, because playing like that against the best defender and returner in tennis is hard to make it happen. Most of time the safe tennis wins over the aggressive power tennis...
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    Today I stopped being a tennis fan

    Well, that's the difference between this loser as you call and yourself ( a bigger loser). Djokovic was aloser today, but He will come back and win it, He didn't give up, but you do, not only that you'll never be able to play a challenger level, let alone a professional level, but He did and...
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    If Wawrinka wins 3 GSlams,will you consider him better than Murray?

    It's all relative: To me the type of tennis Wawrinka plays is a harder to win, it has little margins for error, because it is all about aggression and attack, opposed to defending. So I'd rather have Wawrinka's game than Murray's because when He plays his best he wins regardless, now.
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    2 slam finals = 2 tropheus in the bag: 100%

    That's pretty darn good, he's beaten everyone in route to his championships, well done. He made the best out of his chances. He is no longer a choker.
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    A great victory for Tennis, and attack

    I agree, He blew him off the court, just like He does to others when He wins, it's on his racquet, the winners or the unforced errors, He brought his A game and won another one.
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    The reason Andy Murray hasn't won more slams

    Andy Murray has evolved a lot despite his back injury last year, I will give some credit to Mauresmo, because she made him more aggressive player, He hits more winners or pressure more than He used too. He is mentally weaker than the other 3 , that's why He doesn't (won't) win as many, because...
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    Yonex ezone AI 98 or EXO 3 racquet.

    But being soft with good power the Ai 98 is the way to go.
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    Yonex ezone AI 98 or EXO 3 racquet.

    Tour G is pretty soft too.
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    Wawrinka Will Win French Open 2015.

    Stan will have to clean up his game to play Djokovic, because that match yesterday against Tsonga was awful, He should've won easilyin straights, but it went very deep in 4, not a good sign, He will have to be impecable to win that one.
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    The Ana Ivanovic train wreck

    That is considered the Ana Ivanovic train wreck.
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    Djokovic - Wawrinka rivalry is awesome and deserves some love!

    They did play some amazing matches, the 2013 AO semis and the 2013 US Semis were amazing matches quality wise.
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    Djokovic = Anaconda?

    Or Nadal at a 100% and Djokovic at 125%?
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    The King of clay was finally dethroned!

    Job has been done, though Nadal wasn't at his best like in the previous years.
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    Stan disrespected, Stanimal unleashed

    Stan playing his best He can beat anyone and He has done that to all of them in great fashion, hitting them off the court, everytime He beats them is like that, winners after winners, He runs over them. But He is not very consistent, but his game is nice to watch, not as fine as Fed's but...
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    Schweinsteiger kissing Ivanovic in front of camera

    They have something going on, that is for sure, nobody would do that if they had nothing going on, kissing like that reminds me of ... He is/was married.
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    The Nadal VS Djokovic rivalry thread!

    One of their biggest matches ever: if Djokovic loses this one, He might as well retire.