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    Murray in Miami??

    he is in the bottom half in gonzo's quarter, he starts with a bye and could play hewitt in the third round
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    Favourite drill...

    I'm a fan of the agressive/ defensive drill. One player feeds the other an easy high ball to the middle of the court at about the service line, the other player then attacks this ball and the other has to defend and try to still win the point. It's surprising how many points the defensive...
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    AO Predictions Contest

    Men Quarter Finals 1. Federer vs. Gasquet 2. Ljubicic vs. Safin 3. Haas vs. Berdych 4. Gonzalez vs. Murray Semi-Finals 5. Federer vs. Safin 6. Berdych vs. Murray Final 7. Federer vs. Berdych Tournament Winner Federer Women Quarter Finals 1. Sharapova vs. Chakvetadze...
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    Gasquet, Berdych, Murray, Baghdatis, Djokovic's ranking next year

    i see ancic getting in the top ten and hopefully he will be on the opposite half of the draw then federer at wimbledon so he can make the final
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    Best Dressed

    Hrbaty with the holy shirt!
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    Venus Williams and Taylor Dent team up for Hopman Cup

    I looked on their website and the past results said that federer played with mirka in 2001, could this have been when their relationship began?
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    Funny Vids

    i liked it when after he lost in the quarters they remade it the ending of that one where he let a hot girl sit in his extra seat
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    just while we are pointing out mistakes my english teacher failed an assignment i wrote because i referred to a quotation as a quote, thinking that quote is the short form. She informed me that actually quote is a verb.
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    Quiting on Babolat PD std. and looking for a new racquet

    i quit my pure drive for a head lm prestige mp and i have loved it ever since. the one piece of advice i would give you is to not be put off by how slow it seems your serves are going, because they will speed up after you get used to the weight of the racquet and the lack of pure drive super power.
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    how do u bounce the ball before the serve

    so do i, someone named marcos baghdatis
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    Tennis surfaces

    that is my favourite surface, its the only indoor facility in my area and im undefeated on it. it plays really really fast
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    Nadal's Australian Open result in 2007?

    i voted for semi but i think he will get injured either during the ao or before it rebound ace + that heat + how hard nadal plays = a likely withdrawl
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    fantay tennis, Tokyo and Metz

    my pics gasquet youzhny nieminen srichaphan serra bracciali spadea del potro im starting to use all five of certain players so that explains some of my choices
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    If Federer isa best how come he cant wins some matchesw with long point, some short?

    maybe nadalgirl is trying to sound like her hero nadal with his so-so english
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    Pump-up song?

    chumba wumba: tubthumping is what i listen to after i lose a set, it helps me "get back up again"
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    Top 10 End of Year

    federer nadal roddick ljubicic nalbandian davydenko ancic baghdatis gonzales blake
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    What Tips Helped You The Most?

    win the last point
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    Your predictions for the last 8?

    federer-tursunov safin-murray roddick-hewitt karlovic-monfils
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    Top ten men and women all time?

    men 1- Rod Laver 2- Ivan Lendl 3- Ken Rosewall 4- Pancho Gonzales 5- Pete Sampras 6- Bill Tilden 7- Don Budge 8- Bjorn Borg 9- John Mcenroe 10- Roy Emerson women 1- Steffi Graf 2- Martina Navratilova 3- Chris Evert 4- Margaret Court 5- Maureen Connolly 6- Billie Jean King 7-...
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    volkl midsize racquets

    i have yet to playtest either of the volkl midsize racquets but i am very interested in them. I currently play with the head lm prestige midplus and i would like to switch to a smaller head size. Which one does everyohne think is better dnx 10 mid or v-engine 10 mid? Also any other midsize...
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    Pick your quarter-finalists Wimbledon 2006

    federer-ancic nalbandian-mirnyi gonzales-grosjean tursunov-agassi Those were my fantasy picks.
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    Weird thing happened to me

    one day a guy at my club had a mid prince NXG and i tried it out. I normally use a prestige mp. When i used the prince i hit everything cleaner. But the prince had the smaller head, im really confused about how i did this.
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    Players' first breakthroughs

    i think it is interesting how the two best players in the world right now had their first big breakthrough on the surface in which they now play the worst on. Federer's first masters title came in hamburg, a clay event. Nadal made the third round of wimbledon when he was seventeen, the first...
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    Next NON Federer/Nadal slam???

    federer chokes when he is almost making a record (ie french, winning all four slams) so i think 2007 wimbledon he will lose to ancic because the borg five wimby record is on the line
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    Federer Fires Roche (?)

    of all the people i think vilas would love to be feds coach, because he really seems not to like nadal
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    nadal and wimbledon

    what will nadal get seeded at wimbledon? i predict a number two seeding for nalbandian but i dont know about nadal
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    French Open Predictions

    almagro and acacuso are goin deep
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    new to customizing strings

    hey everyone i use head liquidmetal prestiges (mp) and i need help with string choices. Previously i have used head intellistring, but i want to customize my strings for the purpose of lowering the price (head intellistring is expensive!!!). I am going to buy some fairly inexpensive wilson...
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    Hingis Wins WTA Touranament, will she win another Slam?

    i think martina has the best chance of winning the french of all the slams, first of all she wants it because she ahs never won it and second of all she just won a big clay title. but the other contenders are petrova and the rest of the top ten players because no one else can win things in the wta