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    Oxnard tennis players looking for hitting buddies in Oxnard

    Anyone here that lives in oxnard looking for anyone to hit with? my usual coach is doing something else and im pretty much bored.
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    This is for TW... are Babolat racket prices ever going to lower??? Pure Control and or Pure drive? i been wondering because even though they are not replaced or painted every year or so... the quality of the rackets deteriorate dont they? i mean if they are going to stay the same and stay the...
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    Wanted... New cosmetics PC's

    Looking for Pure control new cosmetics in good condition...
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    Should Sport Chalet/SportMart sell "players" rackets?

    rackets like babo,yonex,prostaff,fischer,volkl,etc... Should stores such as those sell these brands or kinds of rackets?
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    payment of $100 for transportation to go to a match.

    Anyone else in other leagues experiencing this? we have to pay $100 for trsnaportation.Not like tennis isnt expensive enough... well its okay for me... but.. the jv guys also have to pay it and they dont even go to the away matches.. Thats ******** Are there any other leagues doing this, or is...
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    back pains

    i been getting back pains whenever i hit a kickserve. I really hate flat balls esp coming from me so i try to generate as much spin as possible on all my shots. Can anyone give me some advice on treating this back problem and if an "American Twist" motion is harmful to your health.
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    Cathedral City Highschool...

    I dont know if this is in the correct place but... i was wondering if anyone knows of or has any information on any of the palmsprings teams. ESP Cathedral City HS because our team is going on a trip to play against them in one of our upcoming matches. Any information you guys have will be very...
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    If roddick didnt use a PD

    If Roddick didnt use a Babo PD( a "player's Racket" not a tweener )... would he still be able to power through with his forehands and dominate on his service game? or is it all mechanics and the racket is only a stick?
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    Do we really need to be at a certain level to play a certain racket?

    I am currently using a Babolat Old Cosmetics racket and i was told that only 4.5+ to 7.0 players should be using this racket. I am a -4.0 and im wondering if nrtp should affect a player's playbility with a racket. These oldcosmetics i should say have been the best rackets i ever used and ive...
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    WANTED: Babolat Pure Control Team Original/Wilson 5.9 hammer

    I been lookiong for a Babolat Pure control Team original for awhile and still no such luck i found one at but i feel that its overpriced considering its old age. HAHA well yah plus right now i am b broke and season is about to start I need a another pair. Looking for one that...