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    Athletic DNA

    I noticed you stopped carrying the Athletic DNA brand of clothing. Was this a TW choice or are they going out of business? I see they have not released any new lines of clothes since the pandemic started. I would hate to see them go under. Thanks for any insights. Hope it's not time to switch to...
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    Tecnifibre Rackpack Mini Bag

    Will you be carrying the "Mini Rackpack Bag" to match the larger bag? I know you carry the "Mini Pro Endurance Bag". But would rather have the matching mini bag if I purchase the larger Rackpack. I know TWE carries it but would rather order from the U.S. Thanks.
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    Yonex Astrel

    Are there any current plans to bring the new Yonex line of Astrel racquets to TW? Thanks
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    Hey TW, any chance you will be getting the new Yonex shirt that Wawrinka is wearing at the Shanghai Masters?
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    Article in USA Today about MLB doping.

    Great article in the USA Today paper about MLB doping. Victor Conte founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative says basicly you can dope and not get caught if your smart about it. "The research shows that if you go home from the ballpark and take a fast-acting testosterone, it will peak...
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    Yonex Shoes

    Hey TW, can you tell me is there really a difference between the men's and women's eclipsion shoes other than sizing? I know some companys make the shoes more specific for a womans foot. Not sure if Yonex does or not. I know they use to have some that were unisex. Thank
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    Beating A Dead Horse

    So anyone else think Taylor Townsend has put on even more weight? Just watched her against King. Such a waste.
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    Ryan Sweeting Spousal Support

    So Ryan Sweeting has decided to seek spousal support from actress Kaley Cuoco. They were married for only 20 months before filing for divorce. They had dated for a very short time before getting married. As many of you know Kaley is a star on The Big Bang Theory and makes a million an episode...
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    Hi, I saw you have started taking pre-orders on some the new Ezone DR racquets. But there was no list date for the new DR 108. Do you have an idea when they will be shipping? Thanks
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    Euro Socks?

    Hi TW, I just ordered some shirts and was going to order some more "quarter" Euro Socks. I noticed when I went there that the quarter socks are no longer listed there. You have the full length and pedi listed. Does this mean you are no longer going to offer the Euro Sock in quarter anymore? I...
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    Lotto Mid Line Group

    Hi TW, just want to make a comment. I have been wearing Lotto for the last five years. So I am very familiar with their sizing. Just want to say that on your site you state that Lotto has changed their sizing to be more like the US. This is not really true. I am 5'8 168 LBS with a 33" waist...
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    Lotto Mid Line Group

    I have warn Lotto on regular basis for the last five years. Their sizing always has me confused. I am 5'8" 168LBs with a 33" waist. Not the smallest for frames and not overly large either. Last year I had to go up to their XXL size to get a shirt that wasn't to tight. This year they have...
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    Hi, I just noticed that you have put some Lotto shirts up for pre-order. I didn't see Lotto Men's Spring/Summer Graphic Blend Crew shirt listed. Do you know if you will be carrying it or if I will need to order it from TWE. I prefer to go thru you here in the US. I got burned the last time on...
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    Wawrinka's shirt

    Have been a long time fan of Yonex clothing. Last year was the first year in the past 8 I didn't buy any of the shirts. I simply didn't like the look of the shirts. From what I has seen with what Stan is wearing this year could be another suckie one. That shirt looked bad. Who in their right...
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    Wilson Shoe Bag

    Hi, I noticed that TWE is offering a Wilson shoe bag for free with the purchase of the Rush Pro. Was wondering if you will be getting any of these. Would be willing to purchase it alone as I have a pair already coming to me. Thanks, Dave
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    Lotto Shoes

    Was wondering if you could tell me if you will be getting the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed CLAY Wh/Gr Men's Shoe in stock here in the US? If not I need to hurry up and get them before they are sold at at TWE...Thanks
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    New Tacchini Line

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a difference in sizing of this years crew shirts compared to last year? I noticed you have the new Biciclo saying to order a size larger than normal. Last year I purchased a summer Sapna crew and it was listed in two sizes. One in American size and one it EU size...
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    Agnieszka Radwanska

    Did anyone catch Radwanska's look on her face when she broke her racket? That was CLASSIC!!!
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    Quick Silver Gear

    Anyone see the new tennis stuff here at TW from Quick Silver. It's sick. Maybe have to try this out.
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    Yonex Fall 09

    Anyone else see the new shirts for the US Open? They are straying from their regular scheme. Very eye catching. Can't wait till they come out.
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    Prince Eos3 Silver

    Hey Guys, Any Ideas When You Might Be Getting The New Prince Eos3 Silver In? I Was In A Tennis Shop In New York Three Weeks Ago And They Had One There In The Store. Seems Like Your The Last To Get Products Anymore. Anyway I Would Love To Know If And When Ok? Thanks
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    Fila Torneo Grass Men's Shoes White 2008

    Any chance of you guys getting more of these shoes in a size 9 or possibly in an 8.5? Missed out on getting a pair and would really love to have some real grass court shoes.
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    Fila 08 Sizing

    I was wondering if anyone could tell he how Fila is sizing their shirts this year. I only have one Fila shirt and I think it's three years old. It is an XL and fits perfect. I usually wear Yonex and Adidas and wear an L or sometimes a Med. in their shirts. So I am worrying if the new Fila line...