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    Safarova/Ivanovic: who will hand the match to the opponent on a silver platter?

    Sadly, when it got really tense at the end, it became a question of which player would make more mistakes, rather than which player would rise up and demonstrate a Serena Williams-like will to win.
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    John McEnroe knows that Jerzy Janowicz is 6' 8"

    ..and he reminded us of this fact approximately 100 times during the match against Monfils. Clearly Mac is suffering from some height envy and I also think he may be in love with Janowicz.
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    I don't know who wrote this AP article, but it is well done

    Sports journalism is usually uninspiring and rarely worth a second look. This AP article covering the Nadal/Federer F.O. final is an exception. I thought it was very well done and worth reading.
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    Serena is looking rather fit

    Serena is looking rather fit (pix) I must say that Serena is looking more fit than ever. Quite lean, and the choice of on-court clothing is flattering. I've spent a lot of time in the past criticizing Serena's physical appearance. I think it's important to point out when she's looking good.
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    Moya's forehand racquet prep is beautiful

    No comment on his match with Becker, just want to say that Moya's forehand racquet preparation is wonderful to watch. I'm sure this is not news to veteran Moya-watchers, but it's worth repeating.
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    Mary Carillo "never says something stupid"

    Norman Chad writing in this morning's Washington Post sports section re: Olympics coverage: "By the way, when did Mary Carillo get this good? She's so smart and measured, she could double as a yardstick. When you're on TV long enough, you're bound to say something stupid -- she never says...
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    Did anyone else hear Davydenko say he does it only for the money?

    One of my family members watches Tennis Channel religiously and reported recently that Davydenko responded to a question re: disappointment associated with getting close to a grand slam final and coming up short: (paraphrase) "I don't care, I do it for the money" Can anyone confirm...
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    What is Nadal's specific knee Dx?

    I want to know exactly what Nadal is suffering from where his knee (or knees) are concerned. With football and basketball players here in America, we always have an estimate re: the specifics concerning the injuries, how long rehab should take, will they be able to play again, how effective...
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    Has there ever been a player like Serena on the men's tour?

    The thread re: Serena's sloppy game and ever-changing physical appearance has got me thinking: In the history of men's tennis, has there ever been a male player who was supremely muscular, had absolutely horrible technique, dabbled in various hobbies outside of tennis when he should have been...
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    Chris McKendry out of breath and pregnant

    She seems to be a bit short of breath during the studio show and I swear she's pregnant.
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    Wickmayer's middle-school outfit

    Wickmayer's outfit looks similar to what my 6th-grade daughter wore to the first day of school. I think they sell those shorts at Justice.
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    Melanie Oudin: breath of fresh air with big feet

    I have zero complaints about Melanie Oudin. She appears to be a great player-in-the-making and her game is fun to watch. Great athlete, great kid, it appears. Allow me to make an observation about her feet. For an average-sized girl, she has big feet. I think the brand of shoe she is...
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    What does Richard Williams do with all his photos?

    Clearly Richard Williams has a nice camera, and he's always positioned to get great shots of his daughters. He seems to photograph them non-stop during matches. What does he do with the 16,000 shots of Serena serving and Venus hitting forehands? Perhaps he downloads the pix after each match...
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    Commentators: "Koozie" is seen by some as a brutal insult

    I'm guessing Brad Gilbert does not know this, but his constant use of the nickname "Koozie" during Svetlana Kuznetsova's matches is invoking a rather vulgar noun that can be found in the urban dictionary with minimal effort. Some of us heard this noun used as a brutal insult growing up, and I'm...
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    does the TW racquet review archive still exist?

    I remember TW had a lot of reviews and comments available online, including lots of the older racquets. I can't seem to find these now. I only seem to be able to get to reviews via the sales pages, eg, pick a current model, look at review and comments. Is the review archive still online...
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    Federer's dad and Captain Kangaroo

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    someone give me a good reason for no replay at F.O.

    Does the ATP really believe an umpire coming down from the chair to check an often-disturbed mark is preferred to hawkeye/shot spot? Look at the soderling/gonzalez match. These guys are getting to the marks before the umpires, wiping their feet over the spot, essentially disturbing the...
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    only one men's semi on live TV?

    the schedule shows NBC live 10am - 1pm mens semis TTC taped men's semis tonight 4pm Leif Shiras mentioned TTC is the only network showing the federer-del potro semi, which I believe is the second men's match of the day Does this mean the federer-del potro semi will not be shown live...
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    There was a time when Federer was more of a S/V man

    nice break from the clay, Federer-Sampras Wimbledon 2001:
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    Federer vs. Haas: Roger continues to pinch his lower abdominal between points

    Anyone else notice this? Federer, in between points, is probing his lower abdominal area with a light pinch in between points. This started in the first set. The announcers have not noticed this as far as I can tell. Abdominal strain?
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    Anyone else impressed with Alexa Glatch?

    Announcers could only dwell on the negatives, but I really like Glatch's potential. Sort of a Davenport with athleticism. Has lots of power, moves extremely well for her size, can play creative angles and/or use the power. Just needs coaching, conditioning and practice imo. info...
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    Tom Boonen is the Roger Federer of cycling

    Well, not really, but my son has discovered that Boonen and Federer look alike. What do you think? (The Tour of California is underway at the moment, which explains this post)
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    Who would win in a cage match between Gil Reyes and Uncle Toni?

    In light of the huge influence Uncle Toni and Gil Reyes have had on their respective pupils, I think we should place both of these tough looking guys in the cage and see what happens. Winner gets to claim his training approach is superior.
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    Who's with me: Verdasco is a more palatable version of Nadal?

    No one works as hard as Nadal, I won't deny his greatness, but I don't enjoy watching him play. Too much grinding and exact repetition of the same movements. Verdasco on the other hand has some flash to his game and seems to move in a more elegant manner on the court. Much prefer to watch...
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    Is anyone on this board taking pics at the AO?

    I was just reviewing some practice session pics from 2008 by Orange. Fabulous pics. Anyone on site this year? Post up!
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    who is the clown sitting next to Brooklyn Decker?

    I've seen this clown several times now, once wearing a crocs sweatshirt, now wearing a crocs t-shirt. last week he had the ball cap on backwards and shifted later on to a dbag-like hat tilt. tonight he was seen picking his nose around 10:20 pm EST. Last week he engaged in some fist-bumping...
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    Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker and Roger Federer are the same person (pics)

    My wife made this call: first Anakin, then Anakin Federer in second pic:
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    Where were you when Federer broke Sampras' Slam record at Wimbledon 2009?

    I saw it on TV. John McEnroe was insufferable post-match, as always, but it was nice to see Roger take it in five. Great match btw.
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    Please post links to online viewing of live mens semis

    As noted in existing threads, some have mentioned internet links that will allow us to watch wimbledon mens semis live. May I ask anyone in the know to post links here? Thanks