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    200g (mac racket) specs-- Vantage

    People. Can Vantage match the specs of the 200g (mac racket)? If so, what are the specs. Even if they cant, I still would like to see the specs. Me
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    PK Redondo Players

    Just wondering if you guys are still having problems with your backand slices floating?
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    Redondo Mid Vs Mid Plus

    Here we go!! Played 3 sets with the mid after demoing the mid plus for the last 3 weeks and found the following: I will keep it simple. Ground Strokes: Advantage MID. Mid- Little more control than the Midplus. You lose a little power on shots off the top of the hoop. Much more feel...
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    Mother F-er!!!! Redondo Mid wont be in until 10/8

    What the hell is that all about? I've already waited 3 weeks, now they extend it 2 more months. I'm starting to hate PK.
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    9 more days until PK Redondo 93

    Tonight I will again be playing with the 98. This will be the 10th-13th set that I will have played with the Redondo. I look forward to focusing on the volleys seeing that volleys are the only shot I have yet to feel completely comfortable with while using the Redondo. I believe this is do to...
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    PK Redondo PURCHASED!!!

    OK-- so I did what I never do, I bought the 93 without playtesting it. I like the 98, I hope the 93 will be as good. You *******s hording the 93 demos are killing me. Lets not demo for a month people.
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    Redondo Mid Vs. Mid Plus

    Has anyone tested both? I have the 98 right now but I wont be able to get the 93 demo until Aug 12th. Opinions on which is the better of the two would be helpful. Thanks
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    Redondo (breakpoint have you tested it yet?)

    Mr. Point, Have you tested the Redondo as of yet?
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    Even You Can Volley Like Roddick.

    For $99.99 I will teach you how to volley like Andy Roddick. Call now and save 10%!!! 949-555-1212
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    Espn- How About Showing Some Doubles

    Instead of the same matches over and over. Get an F-ing CLUE!!!!
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    Maxply Mcenroe

    I started playing with this racket over a year ago and my first impression was good. I liked the stability and the amount of feel, but I knew it was a racket that needed a "getting use to period". Serving took a bit to get use to, in part, because I wasn't use to an even balanced racket. The...
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    Espn Is Phucked

    Dumb f-ers don't have the Blake Nadal Match televised live.
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    Wear on Grass

    I need help finding a full court view of 1980's wimbledon final court vs. a present day wimbledon final court. I want to see how different the courts look in terms of wear and tear. I thinking their will be a noticeable difference due to the change in style of play. Thanks
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    Pac Life Open Practice Court update.

    Don't put your money on Safin this week. I watched him tune up against Herbaty and Herbaty cleaned him. Safin looked slow. If herbaty had a bit more size he could have done serious damage on tour. He hit some amazing shots while we watched. I watched Henman play a warm up match and I...
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    Sampras to play WTT

    Pete will be in the March 28th draft.
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    Western Grip Players- I have a question

    When playing against western grip users I have noticed that they have a hard time hitting a good approach shot. It might be cause they rarely come to the net, but I think its just the stroke. The low ball gives them fits. The swing needs to be so quick that in most cases the ball either flies...
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    Federer's Advantage

    These pictures will show you one reason why Federer is the best player on the tour. Check out his eyes compared to Safin's. Fed watches the ball even after its gone. Safin hasn't even hit the ball yet and his eyes are elsewhere.
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    Pete Sampras NOT the greatest player of all time.

    I don't understand how people can say without a doubt that Sampras was the best. Take his record against Edberg 8-6 Sampras (Edberg beating him in both majors) Against Agassi 20-14 (Sampras 3-2 in majors) Against Chang 12-8 ( Sampras 3-1 in Majors) And for fun-- Against Brad Gilbert 5-4...
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    Mac/Bjorkman WIN SAP!!!!!!!

    There were some great points in this one.
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    Read Match Results For Mac Score.

    If you dare.
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    Mac/Bjorkman WIN 6-1 7-5

    Fun Match to watch. I have not been this excited in a long time. That second set had me on the edge of my seat. Especially with this new no ad format. Mac serve and volleying was fantastic. Bjorkman was on fire with a lot of his returns. I thought going aussie on Mac was a good move. Did...
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    Mac/Bjorkman WIN 6-3 6-3 (for BP)

    For Breakpoint.
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    MAC WON!!! with Bjork
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    Will MAC and Bjork win Tonight?

    I say YES.
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    What is happening to Dunlop? Will all there current rackets go bye bye? Will my beloved Maxply Mac be discontinued? Say it aint so.
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    Just wanted to pass this along. Been working out with a heavyrope for the last few months and my game has improved because of it. If you are looking to get in shape and don't want to ruin your joints by running too much-- get a heavyrope. No double jumping-- keep your arms in tight-- time...
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    Does Blake get a Racket Deal?

    How long until Blake gets a racket deal? I think the Dunlop logo will be slapped on his string before his next tournament.
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    People, My Maxply Mcenroes are cracking at the throat, it may just be the paint but the fact that they are long fisher type cracks worries me. Doe's it seem strange that the throat is such a big stress point? Base of throat just above grip.