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    Any Verizon Mobile Users Here That DOESN'T Play Pokemon Go?

    A shot in the dark here, but here goes. Pokemon Go just started a new partnership with Verizon in the United States and there is a special event for Verizon mobile users. Each Verizon number should have a special promo code in their My Verizon app under the Verizon Up section that can be...
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    Oh, Canada! The Thread for Canadian ATP/WTA Players

    I would like to have this thread to be for posts about all Canadian tennis players. I'm finding it's a bit tedious to always look for the specific threads for Felix, Denis, Bianca, etc... and sometimes I want to make a post that is relevant to more than just one of them.
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    Cincinnati 2018 QF: Wawrinka vs Federer

    First meeting in almost a year and half between these two Swiss greats. Current H2H record is 20-3 for Federer, with all of Wawrinka's wins coming on clay. Any chance for Wawrinka?
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    Match For Africa 4, April 29th 2017, Seattle Federer plays Isner in a best-of-3 exhibition, and Federer will partner with Bill Gates against Isner and a surprise partner in doubles. Presale...
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    Did Federer Just Hint at Retirement?

    Did anyone catch that in his victory speech? Usually he would just say he would see everyone next year, but this time he followed up with "if not, something something"
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    Gasquet's Around the Post Shot Against Tomic

    This might have been the lowest around the post shot I've seen. It barely goes higher than halfway up the net. The remaining simulations on this video are hilarious.
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    Very Impressive Tournament by Bencic

    Asides from the current #1 player (Williams), she also defeated two former world #1 players (Wozniacki, Ivanovic), and a former #2 player (Halep) in the final. The other players she beat were Bouchard, former #5, and Lisicki, former #12. So in terms of highest ranking of each player she beat...
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    Wawrinka's Amazing Around-the-Post Thread-the-Needle Backhanf

    Not great quality, but here it is...
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    French Open Organizers Screwed Up Big-Time

    Terrible planning by the French Open organizers. They should never have started the first match so late, at 1pm local time. Do either of the Wawrinka/Tsonga and Djokovic/Murray matches seem like they'll be quick ones? Wawrinka/Tsonga only went four sets, but it took almost four hours...
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    Djokovic Being a n00b
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    Was Nishikori's Shot Legal? If Wawrinka somehow missed his shot, would Nishikori have won the point?
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    Li Na Withdraws from the US Open This knee thing is infectious!
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    Canada Has a New Grand Slam Champion!

    Nobody expected it would actually be Pospisil to become Canada's newest Grand Slam champion today instead of Bouchard, but what a fantastic run from Pospisil and Sock to win Wimbledon doubles! Big congrats to Pospisock!
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    2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final: [1] DJOKOVIC vs [4] FEDERER

    Will Roger win his 8th Wimbledon and 18th Grand Slam?
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    Wimbledon 2014 Womens Final: [6] Kvitova vs [13] Bouchard

    Will this be Genie's first Slam title, or will Kvitova win her second Wimbledon title? Edit: If a moderator can kindly edit the title to fix the egregious spelling of Wimbledon, that would be much appreciated. :)
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    Wimbledon 2014 Semifinal: Federer [4] vs Raonic [8]

    Tough match for me personally as I like both players! Federer is my favourite, but I also like Raonic since I'm Canadian. My heart says that I want Federer to win, just so he has a shot at winning #18, because he certainly won't be getting many chances better than this. The way Raonic is...
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    I Stand By Bouchard: Leader of the Genie Army, Ready to Rise and Conquer the World!

    Make no mistake, she is the real deal. Currently the youngest player in the top 20, and her ranking will only continue to rise. Very likely will become the best Canadian singles tennis player of all-time for both men and women. Genie definitely has the potential to become a future #1 and Grand...
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    Raonic Hitting Shot From Other Side of the Court Back Into The Net

    Check out this shot that Raonic does: I knew this is legal, but this is the first time I've ever seen it. I've seen a clip where Nadal reaches over the net and plays the ball parallel to the net, but never before seen any player reach over the...
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    2013 ATP Rogers Cup Montreal SF: [CAN] (11) Milos Raonic vs [CAN] (WC) Vasek Pospisil

    The all Canadian semifinal! Who's going to make it through to represent Canada in the finals?
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    How to Guarantee a Massive Upset on TT

    Start a thread with: "Who will win" Example #1: Example #2:
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    Djokovic Admits It! Damn pushers! :twisted:
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    Simon vs Monfils - 71 Shot Rally
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    Federer's Double Tweener Rally Against Del Potro in Argentina on 2012-12-13

    YouTube flagged it right away after uploading. Had to put it somewhere else instead.
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    Video of Samuel Groth's 163.4mph Serve

    It seems like nobody here has ever seen a video of this serve, but surprisingly there is some video of this match, and it was posted all the way back on June 10th. Supposedly he hit three serves in this match that beat Karlovic's previous record. I don't know if this is the fastest serve...
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    Raonic vs Isner - By the Numbers

    In other threads, it seems that many people think that Isner has a better service game and/or has a better return game than Raonic. However, the fact is that the numbers show that neither is true. Raonic has better stats in both departments. This is based on official statistics here...
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    2012 Olympics Mens Singles Final: [1] R. FEDERER (SUI) vs [3] A. MURRAY (GBR)

    Rematch of the 2012 Wimbledon final! Will Murray avenge his loss in front of his home country crowd, or will Federer win his Olympic gold, adding yet another notch to his greatness?
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    2012 Olympics Mens QF: [1] Federer (SUI) vs [10] Isner (USA)

    2012 Olympics Mens QF: [1] R. Federer (SUI) vs [10] J. Isner (USA) They have faced each other four times, with Federer having the three to one edge. Of course, the one loss came as a surprise in Davis Cup play earlier this year on clay. Their most recent meeting was in the Indian Wells...
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    Davis Cup: Canada vs France

    Things just got more interesting! Originally with Tsonga and Monfils playing singles, there was very little chance for Canada to take the tie... but Monfils has just been pulled because of his knee injury, so Benneteau has been slotted to take his place. While still heavy underdogs, Canada...
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    Same Two Players To Start and End a Tournament?

    Is this the first time this has happened, with Federer having played Tsonga to start the WTF, and then the finals being between the two of them again?
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    Canadian ATP Singles Winners?

    I couldn't find this information. Has any Canadian won an ATP level singles event before? If so, when was the last time?