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    Something different

    Hi, My friend was asked to design a new clothing line for a casual clothing brand. Please help him decide how to name it. Options are: - suntoucher - crank - manifesto - pebble riot - ignited nation
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    Two e-mails, no response

    Hi, I recently (on Sunday 11th) purchased 3 POG mids (grip 1/4) through my aunt, as I live outside of the US at the moment and she is coming to visit me. I asked her to ask you to match the three racquets and you agreed for $30, which is great because now I do not have to do it myself. I sent...
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    Another compare racquets thread. Sorry!

    Can anyone compare a prestige mid to a pog mid? Any of the prestges will do as they play very similar to me. (except for the lm maybe but that's beside the point). Is it fair to say that a POG is like a prestige with an open string pattern?
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    POG question!

    Hi all you POG users! I have a question. How does the pog mid head size compare to other companies' head sizes? Is it much bigger than the prestige mid? Is it larger or smaller than the dunlop 200g 95 head size? What about the grip shape. Is it very roundish? I'm thinking about getting...
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    Lead and strings for the NSRQ7

    Hi guys, just wondering where you guys put lead (if any) on the NSRQ7 and how it plays. There is just something about this stick that whispers "great potential" but it does feel a little light against heavy balls. It feels like it's very sensitive to strings and tension. Just wondering about...
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    Will other top pros learn from Nadal how to take out Rogelio?

    Will players like Hewitt, Blake, Kiefer and others have better results against Fedex now that his bubble of invincibility is burst? Nadal keeps showing them the way it can be done, will they use him as an example and employ the same type of strategy or maybe they just don't have what it...
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    Switch from i.Prestige to TF 315?

    Is it worth it? I was recently offered a good deal on TF racquets and I'm just wondering is it worth it to make the switch. The thing is, I really like my prestiges but they don't make them any more and the LMs are still pretty expensive. Anyone had any experience with both? Thanks in advance!
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    Do Radical grommets fit onto a Prestige?

    Just wondering. I cut the grommets off of my i.prstiges to make the head lighter and I'm really satisfied with the result. I'm starting to worry about the frame because of the wear. Will grommets from a radical fit onto a prestige?
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    What does it feel like?

    How do players like Agassi or Hewitt feel about being "only" the second best player of their generation. Do you guys think it stings? Having to admit that someone owns you like Federer owns Hewitt must be depressing...
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    For sale 4 yonex rdx500 mids 4 1/4

    The racquets are in good condition. I will sell them for $100 each. I am located in Europe. Please mail me at
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    Help, LM prestige or Aeropro drive?

    I've decided it is finally time to switch racquets. I've narrowed my choice to these two but can't make up my mind. Anyone out there had experience with both?
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    Nadal beat Courier at 13???

    Is this true or just a rumour?
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    Any Last Minute Advice?

    I'm playing in my first futures tournament on Saturday. Any last minute advice?
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    Wouldn't Jedi Knights make excellent tennis players?

    They could manipulate the ball with the force, slow it down before striking by stretching out their hand... hey, many players do reach for the ball before striking! Coincidence? I don't think so! More advanced knights could influence the decisions of the line judges and the masters could...