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    Best overgrip to stop hand chafing?

    This isn't just for interest's sake as my hands are just shredded every time I play. My hands don't sweat enough for tournagrip to do it's job, and supergrap provides too much friction with my constant changing of grips (all-courter). Are there any solid performing "tweener" overgrips? I don't...
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    string break in strange spot

    why hello, i just had my racquet restrung and within 15 minutes of serving it snapped in the top corner where it loops in and out of the grommet. this has me wondering as there is no way i could have hit a ball where it broke (as it snapped where the string is not part of the stringbed). is this...
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    wilson prostaff extreme 800 mesh?

    has anyone used these before? i was thinking of picking them up once march rolled around, just wondering if they are horrid or worth getting.
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    Thin replacement grips?

    Are there any out there that don't round out my handle? (im currently using a prince duraperf contour, cant see the bevels at all -- can't even consider using an overgrip). i prefer to use overgrips as im not a very big sweater and 3 overgrips (i use wilson pro og) tends to usually outlast 1...