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    The two types of backhands.. Why??

    I've been puzzled by this question in my mind: Why does the One-handed backhand seem to have equal power to the Two-handed backhand? The professionals with a one handed backhand can hit winners just as fast as the two handers. I thought there's another arm being used with the two hander? Can...
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    Elena Dementieva's racket

    I took this picture at the Medibank international a week ago but didnt bother uploading it until now It looks like a real RDS001 to me. I didn't hold it but judging by the pictures it doesn't look like a paintjob. I think she's using a different string in her mains. What are your thoughts...
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    Guccione vs Rochus

    who won?? im very anxious :D
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    Clijsters wins Mrdibank International (Sydney)

    I was there at the match. She beat Jelena Yankovic 4-6 7-6(7-2) 6-4 Had some nice rallies but nothing awesome
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    N.Vaidisova vs D.Hantuchova

    The score was 6-1 6-4 Vaidisova won. It was actually a boring match, but for $15 I got to watch all the centre court matches and see alot of pros at Sydney International. btw: this wasnt televised, the cameramen must have gave up and went home after it was dark
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    Stencils? a few questions

    I know stencils are like a logo on your strings but I have a few questions: 1. What are they made of?? 2. Do they affect strings in any way (apart form the colour)?
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    Tennis Australia Juniors!!!

    Anyone here competing in Tennis australia? Tell us your name and share your profile!!
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    Durable replacement grip

    I have been looking around for some good rplacement grips. the way I see it, if 3pack of overgrips here costs me 1 replacement grip, then the replacement grip should last as long the 3 pack of overgrips. I use a 4 1/2 grip. The Prince duratac looks pretty good as with the babolat ones. Any...
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    Versing shorter players

    Ok im 170 cm which is about 5'8. I probably will come across a shorter player to pratice with in 2 days (my friend has arrangement I meet this 11-year old junior) I've seen and vsed shorter players around like <5'6-160cm and I seem to lose because they can chase every ball. I know he's 11 years...
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    Ouch!- lower left back hurting ><

    Basically after some kick serves my lower left back started hurting, not on the spine. Pain is around the left hip muscle. I tried stretching my hip but it does nothing. I think it's the back scratch position, because I don't normally do it on fat serves. It doesnt feel like a muscle but maybe a...
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    Effects on Doing weights?

    I have heard from alot of people that if you do weights at a young age eg. 13,14,15. You will get shorter. You maystill grow but, not as tall as you could have. Is this true? p.s I dont need to do any weights right now, I'm fit for my age.
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    Can you give an ntrp rating of this guy? His technique looks very solid.:rolleyes:
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    Should I look at my draw?

    My tournament starts tomorow morning 12 hours from now. and I got my draw emailed to me Should I look at it? I think it will make me more nervous but it might also prepare me. What are your thoughts?
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    Why do people apologize when the ball hits the net cord or tape? (assuming it goes in) It's not like it's against the rules..
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    Got fever, recommend me playing tomorow?

    I got the flu today and have had fevers and feel a little bit weak. I normally recover from these things fast. Has anyone attempted to play tennis although affected by the flu? I can still walk but my temperature goes up and down. The temperature is 19 degres celcius tomorow. I dont wana let my...
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    Racekt Balance- need help distinguishing

    So far, from what I have read on these boards. 1 point Head Heavy or Head Light = 0.125 inches in either direction.(correct me if I'm wrong) It's hard for me to tell if a racket is HH or HL by just holding it. So I wanna know, is there a way of measuring Head Heavy/Head light without the use...
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    demoing rackets

    Is it possible to demoing rackets in Australia? If so, how am I supposed to return them by the deadline? (mailing it back overseas may take a longer time) Thanks for your time :)
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    Between the legs shot

    Sometimes when I am at the net my opponent lobs it deep. I manage to to chase it down before the second bounce(very close to the fence). I feel the only option here is to hit it betwen my legs but I have difficulty with it becuase I can never get it over!:mad: I have analysed this clip of Yanko...
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    Oliver Rochus's racket

    According to the ATP Profile he uses the Prince tour graphite (same thing as (POG) Does anyone else use this racket without a paint job?
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    What a crap way to lose- Nadal vs Agassi

    Agassi lost in straight sets on his last wimble game 7-6(5), 6-2, 6-4. But I guess he was getting old for the tour (16 year age difference)
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    WIlson Pro overgrip 30pack question

    All I know about this 30 pack is it comes into two 15 pack rolls. My question is: for anyone who has bought, tried or seen this 30 pack, Does it comes with adhesive bits on the rolls to let you know how long each strip should be? Thanks
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    Enlarging my gripsize

    I am about to enlarge my grip size from 4 1/4 to 4 1/2. Trouble is, once I do this I cant remove the replacement grip underneath alone (I use overgrips mostly). So does anyone have any suggestions on long lasting replacement grips which wont tear when you remove the sticky bit at the base of the...
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    TW Rackets

    Hi, I was wondering if TW rackets come with a case. thanks
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    Tennis backpacks

    I am looking for a racket bag that can hold 2 racket but still have room for my books and needs. I am looking at the wilson pro staff/tour or the addidas response. Does anyone own one who could help me out?
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    Has anyone tried Prince Hybrid Shark?

    Whenever I serve I hit the ball at the tip of the racket away from the sweetspot ;this gives me a slight shock and less power. I am not concerned about the shock but the power. At my height 167CM (5"7') I need to hit on the tip of my racket to get the flat serve in (it's just my flat im am...
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    Question for anyone in Australia

    Does anyone know the NTRP rating for a Division 1 player in Australia.(I have read it varies with each country and I havnt seen people use the rates in AUS)
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    String Tension

    I dont know a great deal about string tension and have a few queries(provided I am talking about a modern day racket) 1:What happens if string above the recomended string tension. Will the frame warp? Will the string snap? 2:Can the strings snap after a few hits? 3:Will it decrease the...
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    Left-handed or Right-handed?

    I was just curious to see which hand people use