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    Why is Kevin Anderson labeled RSA (Republic of South Africa)? It is my understanding he is now a United States Citizen. Varvara Lepchenko, a naturalized United States citizen is listed as USA? Anyone know or am I wrong that Anderson is a USC?
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    volkl C-10 Pro

    Anyone else out there still playing the C-10. I recently switched back from Wilson hyper 6.1 prostaff. Nearing 60 years old and need a less stiff racket that is easier on the arm. Played twice last week and no stress on the arm. By the way, TW has the 2010 version for $99.00 strung.
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    Can the Donald set the ATP Record?

    Donald Young lost his 17th straight ATP match against Jesse Levine in Cincinnati. Can Donald etch his name in ATP infamy and beat Vince Spadea's record of 21 straight or will drop down to the Challengers to win a match and avoid the ignominy of setting the only record he will ever set on the ATP?
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    Another tear of gastroc (calf)

    Must be half a dozen times through the years. Other than RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) any suggestions to get back in the game? Any thoughts on diet specific changes to make myself supple and resistant to tears? I am 57 years old and played matches on consecutive days. used...
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    Federer versus the field

    OK, in the USO, who do you take Federer or the field. I will take the field.
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    U.S. men

    If Kendirck goes on to lose to Simon (down 2 sets and 5-1 in 3rd) that leaves Roddick as the only US male left in draw, and we are not even through the 2nd round. Disgusting!
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    Isner v Chela

    How is Isner up two sets on Chela? On clay, I would bet heavily on Chela. Following score but not watching. Anyone watching?
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    Lindsey Davenport at the AO

    Given the extreme depth and quality of the women's field and that Lindsey has been out of commission having her first child, I predict she makes it to the Semifinals(and possibly further). What is your prediction.
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    Luke Jensen's comments on Serena

    Anyone catch Luke last night on Serena? Was he really asying she gets a pass for her poor sportsmanship because she is street? I know Luke sees himself as an ambassador for the game and won't say anything negative but this was a little much.
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    Pelletier defeats Na Li

    Ranked #333, Pelletier routed #20 ranked Na Li, 6-4, 6-2. Biggest win for Pelletier in some time. She has been struggling this year.
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    Henman Soderling

    Henman serving at 5-6 to get into 1st set tie-break.
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    Agassi loses UK tax case

    Andre Agassi lost his case over having to pay tax in the UK. Agassi had sued in the UK to reclaim sponsorship payments made to him or his affiliates (Agassi Enterprises, Inc.) by non UK companies (such as Nike) during times he was playing in UK. Big surprise. You file suit in England saying...
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    Lack of Success of US men on clay

    I can't figure out why US men do so poorly on clay. This week the top level ATP Masters series event is on clay in Monte Carlo. How many men in the draw of 64? ZERO! Oh maybe I can figure it out myself. The clay court season going on and US men not playing a Masters series event. Wonder...
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    Which US man will get farthest at Roalnd Garros

    Poll on ESPN yesterday listed Roddick, Spadea and Blake. Said Mardy Fish's ranking too low to get into French Open without playing qualies and Fish won't play qualifying to get in. Odds are Blake gets the farthest into the draw. I would think Fish could get his ranking up in time to get in...
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    Roscoe Tanner back in prison

    Forgive me if already posted, but Roscoe was given a 2 year sentence for violating probation on his grand theft conviction (Wrote a bad check for a boat). $35,000 bad check then arrested in October in Tennessee for failure to make restitution. Looks like he still has not turned his life around.
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    Hopman Cup

    U.S. wins and Dent credits Lisa Raymond as having "carried" him all week. Clearly referring to the mixed doubles since Raymond lost all four of her singles matches. (Dent was 3-1). Great to be credited with being the standard bearer for the winning team when you can't win even one singles match.
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    Another thread on Plantar Fasiitis!

    My experience with this leads me to believe the average Doctor knows less about this than many on this board. After suffering for over a month from heel pain (brought on by my big mouth--After a three set doubles match I challenged on of the other guys to a best 3 out of 5 singles match. Won...
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    Anyone with any experience with this product. Claims to be a state of the art joint and pain relief product. Have not tried it but am a regular user of glucosamine for joint pain.
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    Has Jennifer Capriati retired?

    or is she still rehabbing the shoulder? Any word on if she plans a return to the tour? hasn't played at all in 2005.
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    Remember all the threads about Federer

    winning the grand slam this year? haven't seen any of those lately now that he is 0 for 2 so far. Question now is will he win at least one of the GS this year? If he goes 0 for 2005 does he still have a chance to pass Sampras for most GS titles all time?
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    Trivia question

    What is the longest period of time between winning a single (same) tournament title for a player. I know Andre Agassi won the U.S. Clay courts in 1988 then last win (so far) in the U.S. Claycourts in 2003. Is there another longer success story for the same player in the same tourney?
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    Did Pelletier beat Mary Pierce?

    I got a message that Marie Eve Pelletier ranked #120ish recently beat Mary Pierce. Can't find it on the WTA cite. Anyone know? (Like Marius Hancu my Canadien expert). Thanks
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    Capriati in or out of Roland Garros?

    What are the odds JenCap plays French Open. Heard she did not enter, only option is to seek wild card. Any one heard how her post surgery rehab is going. Has she been seen training at any of the all you can eat buffets in town?
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    Rehab for torn/pulled calf muscle

    I have a history of tearing my calf (gastroc). Recently I purchased a treadmill for Christmas--going to lose weight, get in shape and lose my ranking of #1 ranked over 250 pound singles player in Atlanta. Did too much including walking on incline. This doing nothing is killing me. Any advice...
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    Kudos to ESPN

    Sunday night they covered the Lindsey Davenport-Karolina Sprem match in its entirety and gave only snapshots of the Schnyder-Dementieva match. Who in their right mind would prefer a 3 set match (1st two sets decided in a tie break) to a straight set **** out. Now exactly why is it people...
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    Bobby Reynolds

    I remember him from his Vanderbilt days. Now into the 3rd round with his upset of seeded Pavil. This guy is ranked so low he was #16 alternate into the qualifying singles. Some guys failed to show, he gets into the qualies, wins 3 matches, gets in the main draw and wins first two matches...
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    Agassi's draw

    Get's tougher starting right now. Taylor Dent, if he wins Joachim Johansson, then Federer in the quarters. If his hip holds up he will wear down Dent in the heat. Probably run Joachim J ragged with groundstrokes from corner to corner. may lose first set or even two but wins in the end. AA's...
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    Treatment modality for pulled calf muscle

    Recently purchased a treadmill. On advice of a technician was working on an incline. Felt a pop in calf but completed workout. Tryed to lay off treadmill but play some tennis. I have a pulled calf muscle. What is the treatment? Just rest? Any excercises to speed the process?
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    Realistic life for string (on shelf)

    A number of years ago, Prince had a "racket tune-up kit" consisting of a set of Prince Synthetic string, an overgrip and a vibration damper. On a special offer I bought 100 sets ($2.00 per set). I used 25 to 30 sets within a few months and then forgot about them and used newer string. They...
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    Australian Open Men's Final to be shown tape delay in U.S.

    ESPN announced that they will show the men's final on tape delay. With the AO moving the men's final to prime time (3Am ET) ESPN figured more viewers tape delay Sunday afternoon. Any bets on whether ESPN shows the final in its entirety or edits and fits it neatly in a 2 hour window.