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    French Open Apparel

    I just received your email about Adidas French Open apparel, but I don't see the red dress featured in your email on the TW site. I see a "deepest purple" version, but not the red. Are you planning to carry the red version? Thanks - cgHipp
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    Prince T9 Roadsters - for women?

    Just wondering if you are going to bring back the Prince T9 Roadster for women. I saw the blurb on the TW home page and got really excited before I clicked on the link and saw it was for men only... I just bought a couple of pairs on the 'bay out of desperation. I would LOVE to know this shoe is...
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    Tennis elbow and blood donation

    This may actually be a new one on this board. I recently developed a moderate case of tennis elbow thanks to my brilliant idea of taking a one-hour lesson solely on my sloppy 1HBH. Poor move on my part - especially after playing five days in a row. I'm doing all the usual things - ice...
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    Great transaction with Nrth16

    I recently purchased three racquets from Nrth16 and received them yesterday. They are very much as described and were shipped in a reasonable time frame. In addition, the seller was very responsive to any questions. Thanks!
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    Perfect transaction with Gennady Mamzhi

    It doesn't get any easier than that. Thanks!
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    FS: ProKennex, Wilson, Prince, Head racquets

    All racquets listed below are a 3/8 grip. Prices do not include shipping. Three Pro Kennex Ki 5 racquets. One has minor scuffing at the head; the other two have more wear and some lead tape residue. Two are strung with Head RIP Control 17 at 58 and these strings are like new. One is strung...
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    FS: Large Head Ti.Radical bag

    I have the large size Head Ti.Radical bag for sale. It has a zippered area for a couple of racquets and one on either end for shoes or wet clothes, and other than that it's a large duffle-type bag with a wide opening and two shoulder straps. There's also a zippered outer pocket and a Velcro...
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    FS: Wilson nPro Surge, 2 Head Ti.Heat MP

    I have one Wilson nPro Surge and two Heat Ti Heat MP for sale. The nPro Surge is about an 8-9 in condition because of a scrape on one side at the widest point in the hoop. The rest of the racquet is VERY clean, and it has had very light use. It is strung with Klip Excellerator and the strings...
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    Wanted: Prince TT Graphite Mid or More Precision MP

    I am looking for the Prince TT Graphite Mid (95) or the Prince More Precision MP (95), 3/8 grip. Please email me using the address in my profile if you have one to sell.
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    FT: Volkl T10VE MP for M-Fil 300, 3/8 grip

    I have a Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine MP, 3/8 grip, in good condition that I would like to trade for a Dunlop M-Fil 300, 3/8 grip. If interested, please email me at cghipp at pbsj dot com.
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    Pro Kennex backpack bag

    I just received the black Pro Kennex backpack bag, and it's awesome. I was reluctant to order it at first, because the photos made it look kind of... satiny or something, and not that large, but I think it just doesn't photograph well. The part that I thought looked like satin (the panel with...
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    Great transaction with ATXtennisaddict

    Fast payment, perfect transaction. Thanks!
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    FS/FT: Volkl Tour 10 VE MP 3/8

    For sale or trade: Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine MP in good+ condition, 3/8 grip. Will sell for $65 plus shipping. Pics available on request, references available here or on the auction site. Would also trade for a Pro Kennex Ki 5, 3/8 or an MFil 300, 3/8 in similar condition. Email me using the...
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    Excellent trade with The Dampener

    This transaction could not have been easier or more pleasant. Thanks!
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    Adidas YOC

    What does "YOC" stand for in Adidas clothing? I searched the forums, but "YOC" is too short to search by itself.
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    Amelie's new Reebok outfits

    I have to say, Amelie looks fabulous at the Open. I haven't seen this new line for sale yet, not that it matters to me because I doubt I could get away with wearing them! (Especially the turquoise outfit from R2.) I think she is one of the most graceful and beautiful athletes out there, and...
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    FS: Two Wilson nPro Surge, 3/8 grip

    For sale: two Wilson nPro Surge racquets in excellent condition. 3/8 grip. Contact me through the email address in my profile if interested.
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    Perfect transaction with Steve Huff

    What an ideal transaction! Steve gave me lots of info about the racquets, and described them perfectly. He shipped them the same day, and as a bonus, I received them in one day. Thanks Steve!
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    Great transaction with Rick Knight

    Easy as it could be. Thanks so much!
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    icorp - excellent buyer!

    Flawless transaction with icorp. Thank you!
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    Just wanted to say, I like the tweaks to the home page design, and the Men's and Women's Apparel pages.
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    FS: Yonex RDS 001 MP, Ti-80, RD Power 7 Long

    All are sold - thanks! I have one Yonex RDS 001 MP, 3/8 grip, 8.5/10 condition, strung with Technifibre NRG2 17 at 58-60, matching cover. Will sell for $110 shipped in the continental US. Contact me through the email address in my profile. You can check my feedback at the big auction site...
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    FS: Head Prestige Tour Mid and i.Prestige MP

    All three are sold. Thanks! I have one Head Prestige Tour mid racquet, 3/8 grip, 7/10, suspension grip, made in Austria. No matching cover, but I will include one for shipping. Strung with Gamma TNT 17 at 60-62. Strings have been in there a while but have had very little use. $60 shipped in the...
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    FT: Yonex RDS001MP for Yonex Ti-80 2005

    I have a Yonex RDS 001 MP, 3/8 grip, 8.5/10. ***EDIT*** I have found the racquets I'm looking for, so now I'd like to sell the RDS 001 MP. Please post here with your email address if interested, or you can email me at I can't check that address during the day, however.
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    Great transaction with Steven Costa

    Racquet is in beautiful condition, just as described or even better. Thanks Steve!
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    Demoed the PK 5g and Ki 5

    I really wish I had demoed these two racquets during my first go-round, but I was demoing through a local racquet shop and he doesn't carry PK. Anyway, on the face of it these two racquets are exactly what I was looking for: a little lighter than my current racquet (i.Prestige MP), but otherwise...
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    FT: Yonex RD Power 7 Long MP

    Yonex RD Power 7 Long MP, 9/10, 4 3/8 grip. Gorgeous racquet with very little sign of wear. Strung wuth Technifibre 515 16g at 62. Would like to trade for one of the following (3/8 grip): Head LM Prestige MP Yonex RD Ti-80 ProKennex 5G MP (not Reach, PSE or Tour) Contact me through my...
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    Trouble posting in a FS thread

    I am try to respond to a post in a For Sale thread and my answer keeps being deleted. I am responding to a direct question to me: All I am trying to say is that I emailed this person back and if he didn't get it, check his junk email...
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    Found my racquet: Rds 001 MP

    I started an earlier thread about demoing the Volkl DNX 9, but in the end I decided that racquet just wasn't the right fit for me. I couldn't get into the groove with my forehand. It was still at the top of my list, with the nBlade, but I wasn't satisfied and wanted to try some more racquets...
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    Volkl DNX 9 Demo

    I demoed the DNX 9 today. It was strung at 60 with Gamma TNT, with a small round shock absorber. Background info: I'm female, 5'7, strong 3.5 player (win at 4.0 singles more often than not) and very strong in the upper body. More of a baseliner than an all-court player, but I'm getting to net...