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    Continental grip forehand pros and cons

    I have been experimenting with an aggressive continental grip forehand when I get caught with the grip, especially on the return of serve. I hit a hybrid, where my follow through is the modern day windscreen wiper. I find this grip allows me to rebound the pace of the fast 1st serve more easily...
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    Foot alignment on serve (platform stance)

    I've made a lot of changes to my service action and foot placement over the course of many years. (tried the step up/pinpoint stance, modeled on Sam Groth, which improved my power markedly (~10-15km/h), but impaired my accuracy/consistency a bit and did seemingly irreparable damage to my ball...
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    I was wondering whether people thought this tactic will be employed much in the future? Do you have any ideas on how to train the sabr? As well as what sort of techniques can be effective in its execution? What footwork is most effective? (Do you start further back and move forward quickly?)...
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    Doubles return of serve (avoiding the net player)

    Even in mixed doubles where the lady has quite a slow serve, but mixes it up well, I find if there's a reasonably athletic guy at the net who reads the play well and is a competent volleyer, you can still have your return game badly impaired with missed/poached returns. Sometimes I'll even nail...
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    Passing shots

    I play on synthetic grass against a good serve and volleyer who chips and charges regularly, and is very solid at the net (closes reasonably well) with a decent overhead. I find it quite frustrating as my strokes break down. My single handed bh in particular struggles with the demands of...
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    Fortnite world champs v USO

    Given both will be held at Arthur Ashe stadium this year (fortnite worlds have just finished) and given Nick Kyrgios' penchant for both pastimes I was wondering which event you think Kyrgios has a better chance of winning at this prestigious venue in the future? Please elaborate on your response.
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    Ladies singles final

    The last couple of games were very un -Serena like, there was very little of her trademark self belief or fight. Earlier in the match she needed more proficiency at the net to finish the points against an extremely dogged Halep who made 3? unforced errors for the match. Was she worried about...
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    Ladies singles

    The mens draw is rightly drawing a lot of interest, however the womens singles is also going to be interesting. As many of you know, the semis are as follows; Barty v Anisimova Konta v Vondrousova What are your predictions? What do you think would be the best final?
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    Racquet physics 101

    Maybe this should be in the equipment section, but I'm a bit illiterate on how to customise a racquet and strings to suit my game, I was wondering how the following variables; 1-Balance of the racquet, 2-String tension, 3- String density 4- Overall weight of the racquet 5- Headsize affect...
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    Hitting up on low volleys

    I was just wondering what peoples ideas were on racquet path at contact on low volleys. I always thought (from being told) that you should swing along the table top (so not up or down) or slightly down for more backspin. I was recently told that you should hit up on the ball (which makes a bit...
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    Hitting the wide spots on serve

    Just wondering what the key technically is to hitting the Federer flat serve 2/3 of the way up the ad court service line? I tend to miss into the doubles alley or get unintended slice on the serve. Also the slider to the deuce court, some people can hit this one halfway up the service line with...
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    Best overgrip and towel, sunscreen management

    I'm sure the topics been discussed, so would appreciate being referred to any previous threads. I was wondering what the best overgrip is in humid (sweaty) conditions. Also if anyone has an opinion on the most absorbent towels (I used a friend' microfiber towel and while it felt wet it seemed...
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    Racquet advice

    I currently use the Head Extreme grapheme pro, from a couple of years ago HS- 100square in, weight 315g, balance 310mm/ 1 and 1/3 IN headlight beam 24/26/23 mm Length 685mm string pattern 16/19 rec string tension 22-26kgs (48-57lbs) I used to use I think it was the model before that, with...
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    3 serving styles

    I was wondering what people thought about these generic serving styles that Dougy Eng came up with and Wayno Elderton is discussing in this video (link below). Is the "staggered" style just an abbreviated toss with a classical swing, I mean that makes sense given they have the highest toss, it...
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    Slice backhand approach shot

    I find I can slice well from the back of the court, but as soon as I know I'm going to have to move to the net after the shot it can go awry. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to run through that shot without compromising the quality of the stroke. Also thoughts on when you should...
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    Slice backhand approach shot

    I find I can slice well from the back of the court, but as soon as I know I'm going to have to move to the net after the shot it can go awry. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to run through that shot without compromising the quality of the stroke. Also thoughts on when you should...
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    Causes for double faults?

    Can anyone explain how an extremely spinny second serve can "boing" long by a couple of feet. My main issue is netting the second serve, but sometimes for some reason the initial trajectory must be too much upward and it balloons way long. Can anyone demystify the factors that lead to the ball...
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    Watching the ball on the serve

    Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with taking their eye off the ball on the serve. I think due to having a fairly slow spinny second serve I'm almost anticipating the ball being back while I'm still in the motion, which is of course more of a problem with a fast serve. Is it true that...
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    best grip on synthetic grass

    I play on synthetic grass wearing the Prince T22s, they are a good shoe with good cushioning which helps with my joint issues, but I've found after a few months I start slipping. I know Dunlop volleys have great grip on syn grass, but can anyone recommend a shoe with more cushioning that has as...
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    Dealing with nude balls

    I was playing one of my regular hitting partners today and he kept neutralising with slice (almost lobs) that weren't quite high enough to smash, but had to be taken out of the air. I missed a couple of crucial drive volleys. If you let these balls bounce, it gives him too much time to recover...
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    How to generate pace on your volleys?

    I know this is a bit of a vague question. The motivation for this thread has come from playing a lot of doubles (often with partners who are very good at crushing volleys with authority, especially when poaching at the net). I have always had good hands at the net, but can only really...
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    How to develop an accurate ball toss?

    I have been having issues with my ball toss. A few years ago I decided to try to model my serve on aspects of Sam Groth’s, in a bid to get more leg drive and hip drive along with more shoulder rotation. I thought maybe his toss had been worked around the power producing aspects of his serve and...
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    How to deal with the high kicker to the single handed backhand

    I have a hitting partner with a good kicker. It gives me a lot of headaches high to my single handed backhand. I have had a bit of success with chip and charging. He conversely molests my kicker to his backhand, he lets it drop and then he falls to his right (right hander) and he holds the...
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    Sock/Kyrgios forehand

    As mentioned in the youtube video below it would appear that Jack Sock's seemingly elaborate backswing results in more racquet head speed and ball rotation than almost any forehand on the tour. The video outlines the fact that Sock's hand actually travels in a very similar path to that of more...
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    The 55% advantage program FYB

    I was just wondering if anyone had purchased this package, if so, what do you think of it? Any comments? It's created by a guy called Craig OShaughnessy who I think is an official analyst of matches for the ATP and WTA tours. He collects data on patterns of play in order to discover what...