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    Verdasco's 5yr old hairdo...

    He is HOT!!!
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    Bruguera talks about Nadal

    Great post !Tym! Thank you for sharing your insight.
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    Nadal's Racquet Abuse!

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    Players that don't get along

    Until there is a citation, only Rhino said it. Big difference.
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    Who has the fastest forehand swing speed: Federer or Nadal?

    At first I thought your above and emboldened comment was over the top. Then I thought about Roger crying after the A.O.
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    ""I support him. I'm certain that he's not taking anything," Says Rafa of Gasquet

    Yet??? Is this a sort of prediction on your part? Or just wishful thinking? Get over it.
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    Petition to ban Sharapova

    OK DT. I was just being a smarty pants cause I couldn't understand your comment about it being verbotten in re: the USTA rules when in fact they are not playing a USTA venue.
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    Petition to ban Sharapova

    Is the WTA governed by USTA rules?
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    Nadal: "my left knee is hurting me"

    After four months on here it should be obvious to you that there is a subset of immature individuals who are here explicitly for the purpose of trolling and personally attacking other posters. You just have to accept them for who they are or leave the community. Many have done that over the...
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    Del Potro is Nadal's Biggest Threat at RG

    JUAN DelPotro? Or some other DelPotro?
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    Most boring player

    Great Poll I copied and pasted both the Nadal and Federer groups of names so I can refer to them in the future when the validity of a member's post is in question. To cite either of these great player's games in the category of most boring tells me the posts of said people are quite likely to be...
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    C. Rochus spits fire at ATP

    So you enjoy watching Nadal win over a qualie love and love more than watching a Youzhny-Berdych 6/4,4/6,6/7 match. Interesting.
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    Rafa "Muster" Nadal can't handle Serve and Volley

    Actually I have hit with my dad a number of times with woodies. But we have never done it for much more than 15 min. He is afraid I will hurt my elbow. But I have never had a problem. I think he just doesn't want to lose to me playing with a woody~GiGGle~He is terrible with it.
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    Rafa "Muster" Nadal can't handle Serve and Volley

    Wilson ps 6.1 (kind of old rackets from my univ. days) Babolat vs 60 & 62# ~GiGGle~ No. Very flat. Think Lindsey D style wise. NOT talent wise~GiGGle~ I play in the Dynamo division of our leagues. 4.5 to club pro level. Quite a few college players during summer league. 2hbh return of...
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    Rafa "Muster" Nadal can't handle Serve and Volley

    OK. You really have my curiosity piqued. Just called the tennis shop. They have a K90 demo and I am going to use it tomorrow in my practice match. Will let you know how badly I do.
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    Could Nadal win a tourny without Uncle Toni?

    What is the significance of April in AprilFool ?
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    Madrid Masters 2009
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    How many tennis shoes do you own?

    ~OMG~ I just went in my tennis closet and counted. I am so embarrassed! No way I am telling.
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    Federer- Michealangelo of Tennis

    Why the obsession with wood rackets? You really should get over them. They are gone, done, finished with. They are NEVER coming back. If Roger did not have the option to use an apd I would be sympathetic to your position. But millions of tennis fans and players have accepted today's tennis...
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    Federer- Michealangelo of Tennis

    Ummm. What it takes is an understanding of the type of game an ATP wannabe player must develop and refine in order to be successful. Roger chose to use a one hand backhand and was quite successful with it. At least until Nadal, Djokovich and Murray showed up with their killer thbhs. To infer...
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    Nadal criticises Madrid Masters

    The greatest U. S. volleyball player of all time wore pink exclusively. The world's presently number 1 ranked tennis player wears pink. Maybe the world's presently number 2 ranked tennis player should consider wearing pink also. Before he slides to number ......?
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    He uses a head SI 6. I peeked at his spare but there is a stringer's sticker over where I assume the size is marked. But it definitely is a bigger head than mine. Mine are 95. OK. ~GiGGle~ I just peeled back the sticker. His is 115 sq. in. ~GiGGle~ It is really big. ~GiGGle~ Who is going to be...
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    Absolutely! And make sure you do something nice for her! *~_^* Ciao
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    Hi Sundog - thank you. I talked with our pro and showed him a comment from another poster. I am now going to ask him to do your string bed thingy too. All of this tech, info on here about strings and raquets is amazing. I started my tennis when I was eight. I played through juniors and...
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    ~GiGGle~ Ciao
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    Uh oh. I pay four times that!!! Been ever since college. I wonder what the dif. is??? Ciao
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    WoW An added comment. WoW - what a difference in attitude between here and the pro player sites. I love it. Ciao
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    Natural Gut or Not?

    Thanks Jim e Printed your comment and will show it to my pro. 62 # sound like a good compromise? He generates lots of racket head speed but most of it is used up in topspin. Think Nadal's running forehand 'wristy' return to the ad court. (but G's inside out forehand) ~GiGGle Not...