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    stronger arms for tennis

    Are there any specific exercises that you would recommend to strengthening the muscles I need to hit a harder forehand so that my racket doesn't torque, or be able to firmly hold my racket in place on volleys. I have been doing some minor exercises, but would appreciate advice if any of you had...
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    need help with string choice

    i just got a question about what poly string to use next. I have just broken a set of cyberflash but it wasn't soft enough for me and didn't offer the spin/power combo i'd like. Was just wondering what you guys would suggest for me to use next: SPPP or just go with a poly/multi hybrid like...
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    forehand: using too much hand

    Today i found out with the help of a coach that I use too much hand motion on my forehand, and that I should use more rotation, etc. but its really hard for me to do. Anyone got any tips/pics/vids to show me the correct, not too wristy, forehand?
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    please comment on these hybrids

    can anyone comment on the following hybrids: 1) NXT duo 2) Sensation duo 3) iso-speed duo I'm looking for decent durability, and good comfort/spin. All of these are in my price range, but I just want to know which one would be the best for me. Thanks.
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    someone test canas for drugs...again!

    I'm a fan of Federer but i'm not a HUGE fan, i don't believe that federer is perfect, but come on, how does canas, who is ranked outta the top 100, defeat the number one player without some "help" ;) sure you say he's fast, but how do you think he got that way? by hardwork? maybe...
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    backhand question

    do any of you guys (two-handers) out there grip your left hand a little firmer then your right hand when hitting a backhand? I've heard that your backhand is basically a lefty forehand with your right hand guiding, but i never took that seriously, but last time I went hitting I tried holding my...
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    serving muscle ache

    recently when i've been serving, first or second serves, the muscle in my hand near my thumb and pointer finger knuckles has been hurting. I don't know if its because my racket my be too heavy, although i haven't had this problem before, or maybe i'm just hitting through the ball wrong. Has...
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    any new reviews?

    are there any reviews going for the head extreme rackets, and the yonex RDS 002?
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    how are vapor 4's vs. vapor 3's

    I bought the vapor 3's and wasn't all that impressed. I'm looking to buy the vapor 4's since the air max cage won't be out till april, but I'm looking to see what the major differences are between the 4's and the 3's. Thanks anyone.
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    so when is nike men's cage coming?

    Sorry TW, but I need to know when this shoe for men will be arriving, because I need to know whether or not i should just order vapor 4's rather then wait for the cage, although I think I would like the cage better. Any exact dates? Thanks.
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    i need to improve my mentality...

    Recently when I play, and I play badly, I get angry at myself, and I don't know how this is effecting my game, but i'm sure it's pretty bad. I feel like I want to hit all these shots that are perfect to be hit, but I just can't. I've tried so hard to practice and study tennis just to get...
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    what's the importance of racket speed?

    I sometimes rally with a friend of mine who's easily 4.5, and i'm probably a low 4.0 if a 4.0 at all. When the rally gets fast, i quickly miss a forehand. Sometimes when he hits a heavy topspin ball, i catch it up high, and it goes into the net. I feel like my racket speed plays a factor. If...
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    are fed's vapor 4's different?

    vs. look at the bottom sole of the shoes!
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    getting cyberflash strung now!

    I'm putting it in my n6.1 95 16 x 18 after hearing great things, especially from ljubicic for number 1, and i'm stringing it at 57. I have a tournament coming up so hopefully these strings will help elevate my game!
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    when will the nike air max cage come in?

    I was interested in the nike vapor shoes but after i got the vapor 3's i was slightly dissapointed. I enjoy my breathe 3's much more then i enjoyed my vapor 3's, and i hear the air max cage is supposed to be the new air max breathe free 4, so I want to order them as soon as possible. Thank you.
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    online gaming = dangerous?

    Does anyone here think that online gaming, via xbox live, or computer games such as World of Warcraft, are dangerous due to the fact that there may be sexual predators online there seeking out prey? I'm just 15 year old male teenager, and my mom won't buy me any of these games cause she thinks...
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    some suggestions?

    I was wondering if there was a way on the website to sort through the ratings that you have given in the reviews for rackets or strings. For example if i wanted to search for the racket or string with the most spin friendliness, it'd be easier for me to just sort through something to find it...
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    where do pros toss their balls on 2nd serves?

    I know for most second serves, it can usually vary, but where do the majority or pros toss their second serves? Inside the baseline a little bit? Over their head? Pass their head? Pictures would really really help thanks!
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    i'm lost with my serve

    Whenever I serve, I always feel uneasy. My toss is never always in the same position. I end up hitting long when i don't want to, or hitting TOO much spin when I don't mean to. All I want is a consistent (same over and over again) serve, not some wild unpredictable serve. I just don't...
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    anyone hybrid cyberflash?

    With cyberflash on the mains and a syn gut on the crosses? Just debating whether i should buy 2 sets of cyberflash and hybrid them to make 4 sets, or just play with a full set. PS I'm looking for decent power, great spin, and am NOT a string breaker.
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    am i doing enough extra curriculars?

    I'm only a sophomore in high school but i'm already starting to wonder about college. i have a decent 3.8 GPA, nothing special but certainly not bad. I also go to a top school in my state, but all I have is tennis, and compared to others in my school (JV and Vars), i'm not the best either...
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    TW reviewers, what strings do you use?

    Chris, Don, and the rest of the TW staff, just wondering what strings and tension you guys play with. Thanks. Any suggestions for someone looking for a comfortable spin and power string? haha, thanks.
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    can someone help me find some vids?

    first of all, i have a friend who is having trouble with his forehand. He says that western grip is his most comfartable, but he tends to frame a lot! I told him its all about finding the right technique with this grip, so I want to help him by giving him some videos of pros with western grips...
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    how to improve footwork?

    I notice that when fed moves he stays very light on his feet when moving around, but when setting up he becomes more stable and transfers his weight. I find this hard to do, switching from being light, then to being stable and hitting through the shot. What are some good exercises to improve...
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    muscle milk anyone?

    has anyone tried that stuff? how well does it work? and what's the best flavor? I've been thinking of maybe getting some to help me with my conditioning and training before my high school varsity team starts up. I hear its great to help you gain muscle, but i don't want to be super buff...
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    any pros use cyberflash?

    i know lots of players on the board like it, and maybe most say its slightly better then alu power, but do any pros use it? I know lots of pros use alu power, but why when you could use cyberflash?
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    new nike line for january/february/march

    can anyone post the pics of the new nike apparel? I have a friend who can get me a pretty good discount but I want to know whether I should order a bunch of stuff now, or wait until the new aussie open line comes out.
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    is alu power THAT good?

    I've heard lots of stuff about alu power, and how great it is, but its kind of pricey for me. How does cyberflash compare to it? By the way, is this what safin uses?
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    tell me about cyberflash

    So i'm thinking of ordering some sets of this to do a full poly job, on my wilson n6-1 95. Is this a very harsh boardy stiff kind of string? If i lower the tension to say 54 or 53, what effects would i experience? Basically I want to know everything about this string, because i hear its one...
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    who here uses full poly, and why?

    I've been comtemplating whether I should try a full poly job. Never got wrist or elbow pains, but I still don't want anything super stiff like a full alu power job. Whats a great poly to try a full string job with. what are your full poly string jobs? what tensions would be good?