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  1. J

    Babolat Natural Gut Sale

    Isn’t there usually a year end sale on Babolat Natty Gut at year end? TW can you advise? I always stock up.
  2. J

    Topsail Island NC 7/5-7/11

    I’m a mid range 4.5 player. I will be in Topsail island NC from July 5- July 11. Anyone looking to play? Happy to drive up to an hour. I’m not all that familiar with court availability in the area.
  3. J


    Tonight at IW it appears Osaka has changed strings or changed the color. It’s not the yellow Yonex poly. Looks like either silver or clear. Also looks like she might have less lead tape at 3 and 9? Anyone else seeing the same?
  4. J

    Help with RF 97 Specs

    I recently demo'd two black 2017 version RF 97 frames. The rackets felt very different. Specs below are strung with no overgrip. 16L poly main/ 16g syn gut cross on both. Racket A 4 1/4 grip: 357.5 grams, 31.90cm balance (7.75 points hl)- this one was beefy. Just a bit too sluggish on serve and...
  5. J

    FS: 2x Babolat Pure Drive Plus 2012 4 3/8

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Babolat Pure Drive Plus 2012 Grip Size: 4 3/8 grips on both, purchased from TW at the same time Quantity: 2 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10): 9/10 condition *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used for a bit over...
  6. J

    FS: 3x Yonex RDIS 200 Heavy Version 4 3/8

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Yonex RDIS 200 Heavy Version Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 3 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used for about 10 months. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes)...
  7. J

    FS: 1 Babolat Aerostorm GT 4 1/4 9.5/10

    For sale one Babolat Aerostorm GT. 4 1/4 grip Strung with Babolat Tonic Gut Mains 54lbs, Solinco Tour Bite 16L crosses 51lbs Used for ONE hitting session on clay courts, around 2 hours of play only Excellent condition, wear on bumper from is only sign of use. Purchased from...
  8. J

    FS: 3x Head Flexpoint Radical Tour 100

    One of my personal favorite rackets of all time. I have three of them. TOUR version (12 ounces, 16/19 pattern) All are 4 3/8 with Babolat Skin Feel Grips. All strung with Polyfiber TCS mains and Gamma TNT 17 crosses. Two of them are 8/10. One is 7/10. Email
  9. J

    FS: 2x Wilson Six One 95S Spin Effect 4 3/8

    Hello, I am selling two MATCHED Wilson Six One 95s rackets. They were purchased from an authorized dealer four months ago and hand picked to be within one gram of each other in weight. Strung only by MRT's at local shop, each frame has been strung five times each. Stock Wilson grip, no lead...
  10. J

    FS: Head FXP Radical Tours, Fischer Mag. Tour

    Looking to move these quickly: 2 Head Flexpoint Radical Tour China 4 3/8, 8/10 condition, $140 for the pair or $75 each, shipping included 1 Head Flexpoint Radical Tour Czech 4 3/8 6/10 condition, $70 shipped 2 Fischer Magnetic Tour 100 Heavy, 8.5/10 condition, $80 shipped or $45 each...
  11. J

    FS: Babolat Pure Control + 4 5/8 7/10

    I have one Babolat Pure Control Team Plus 27.5 inch racket for sale with a 4 5/8 grip. Condition is 7/10. Around 12 ounces, 16 by 20 pattern. Very solid, stable players frame in extra long version. Slight scraping on frame. Grommett and bumper are good. Email me for pics at
  12. J

    FS: Fischer Magnetic Tour 100 Heavy X2 8/10

    I have two Fischer Magnetic Tour Frames in 8/10 condition for sale. This frame is basically a slightly larger and more forgiving version of the legendary M Pro 98. This has a 100 sq inch head and 16*19 pattern. Very soft frame and spin friendly. They are both stung with RPM/ Prince Premier LT...
  13. J

    FS: Nike Breathe 2k10 wh/blk sz 10 9/10 $65

    These are the black/white Nike Breathe 2k10 in men's size 10. They are almost new- better than 9/10 condition. I wore them for 30 minutes only on clay courts- they are just a bit too wide for my narrow feet and I cannot wear them. They are from TW- paid $80. Looking for $65 shipped. I have pics...
  14. J

    FS:Nike Breathe 2k10 wh/blk sz 10 $65

    I have a pair of black/ white cosmetic Nike Breathe 2k10 in a men's size 10. I just bought these from TW for $80. I wore them for 1 set on clay and had to take them off- slightly too wide in the forefoot for my narrow feet. The shoes like brand new and I have pics. email me at...
  15. J

    WTB: Head Flexpoint Radical Tour 4 3/8

    I have been looking for weeks for a one or two Head Flexpoint Radical Tour rackets- this is the 12 ounce one with 16/19 pattern. Looking for lightly used or new frames. Please email at I rarely come on TW forums so please email!
  16. J

    FS: Dunlop Aerogel 300 4d 4 3/8

    I have one very lightly used Dunlop Aerogel300 4d for sale. The racket was purchased new from TW about 5 months ago. I bought it on a whim and ended up sticking with my Fischer M Pro's. The racket has very light bumper wear and absolutely no chips or scratches. I play mainly on clay and overall...
  17. J

    F/S 2 Fischer M Pro #1 No Tolerance Heavy 4 3/8

    I have two Fischer M Speed Pro Number 1 No Tolerance rackets for sale with 4 3/8 grips on both rackets. These are the heavier version of the racket. They were used for about 5 months then I switched to the Magnetic Tour for a bit more power. These are in very good condition with nothing except...
  18. J

    F/S/ Pro Shop Clearance Rackets

    We are cleaning out older inventory in our DC area proshop. Everything must be sold, will not accept trades. Here's what we have: Prince Speedport Gold 4 3/8 8/10 condition Prince Speedport Platinum 4 3/8 8/10 condition Prince Speedport White 4 3/8 7/10 condition Volk DNX V1 4 1/2 8/10...
  19. J

    F/S 2 Fischer M Speed Pro 1 98 12 ounce

    I have two 9/10 Fischer M Speed No Tolerance Pro # 1, 12 ounce version, 4 3/8 grips on both for sale. Brand new grips on both. Strung with poly/multi hybrids. Email me at $95 shipped to your door.
  20. J

    Please help! Rattles in new rackets!

    I just picked up two new Fischer M Speed Pro 98 NT rackets. After stringing, I discovered they both have loose rattles in them, creating annoying sound and sensation when playing. The buttcap of these rackets does not have a trap door- is there any way to get these rattling pieces of graphite out?
  21. J

    FS: 2x Fischer M Speed Pro 98 Heavy 4 3/8

    I have two 8/10 condition M Speed Pro 98, red and green 12 ounce version, identical to the new no tolerance except for the grip shape. They are both 4 3/8, have new replacement grips, and one has fresh strings. They are both strung with a hybrid of Polyfibre TCS Rapid 16L mains and X One Bi...
  22. J

    FS: 2x Fischer M Speed Pro 98 Heavy 4 3/8

    I have two used, 8/10 condition Fischer M Speed Pro #1 rackets with the red and green cosmetic. These are the heavy, 320g, 12 ounce version. Grip size is 4 3/8 on both. Each have new replacement grips. Grommets and bumpers are in good shape. Each strung within the last 3 weeks but hit with...
  23. J

    Yonex RDX-500 mp 4 3/8

    8/10 condition RDX 500 mp for sale. 8/10 condition, 4 3/8 grip. $65 shipped via priority mail. Strung w Syn Gut Duraflex, strings have some life left. New Yonex Overgrip. email me at
  24. J

    FS: 2X Dunlop 300g, Yonex RDX 500 all 4 3/8

    I have two Dunlop 300g 98 sq inch frames with 4 3/8 grips for sale, 7.5/10 condition- $80 shipped for the pair. Both have new grips and good grommets. I also have one Yonex RDX-500 mp racket with a 4 3/8 grip in 8/10 condition. Looking for $65 shipped. EMAIL ME at or...
  25. J

    F/S 2x Dunlop 300G 4 3/8

    I have two Dunlop 300G frames I want to get rid of. They are both 4 3/8 grip and are around 7 or 7.5/10 condition. There are no cracks or any damage whatsoever. I am looking to sell them both, with shipping included, for $75. Both have new Wilson pro overgrips. For $95 shipped, I will restring...
  26. J

    Wanted: Fischer M Speed Pro 98

    Looking for the slightly older not no tolerance version. Need two frames in 4 3/8 or 4 1/4. Let me know.
  27. J

    F/S 3 Wilson N six one 16/18 4 3/8

    I have three N six one 95 rackets with the 16 by 18 pattern in 4 3/8 grips for sale. One is 9/10 $95 shipped One is 8/10 $85 shipped One is 7/10 $75 shipped OR $240 shipped for all three. All are strung with Lux Alu Power Rough Mains/ Babolat Superfine Play Crosses Grips are...
  28. J

    F/S: Dunlop M-Fil 300 4 1/2 grip 9/10 $55 shipped

    For sale is a lightly used (5 months) Dunlop M-Fil 300. Frame is in very good (9/10 or so) condition. No scrapes are chips. Light bumper wear. Unstrung, but will string with Prince Syn Gut Duraflex for free at desired tension. Brand new grip. Cover included. Email for pics and...
  29. J

    F/S: Wilson n6.1 16-18, Dunlop M-Fil 300

    I have two rackets in great condition for sale. Wilson N 6.1 95 16-18, with 4 3/8 grip. Used for 6 months as a backup racket. Wilson leather grip. 9/10 condition. Strung with Pro Hurricane Tour 16/ Super Fine play 17 at 54lbs. $120 shipped with priority mail. Dunlop M-Fil 300 4 1/2 grip...
  30. J

    Tennisboygr good seller

    Rackets look good and shipped promptly.