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    poly/multi recommended?

    Is there any reason i shouldn't try this hybrid? 55 alu m/ 58 x-one C My crosses are also wearing down much faster with the gut job I'm using now... so I might try x-oneM 57/ alu C 55 on my other racquet. I break strings every now and then... but as long as i'm not paying gut price, I'm...
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    Which ones work? We know most of these are complete bs... So which ones do you feel really helps? from what i've observed... yonex isometric shape, wilsonhammer/yonex ips/fischer stability, prince O3 ports, head xtralong..
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    I finally got down my first serves. Hard, flat, and consistant. Now only if I could return serves. I can return softer serves, or slow slice serves, but when I start playing tougher opponents with faster serves, I'm pretty screwed. I doubt I can return half of my serves.. When I...
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    aren't mains supposed to break first?

    I'm using natural gut, and my crosses are fraying. On the other hand, the only kind of wear I can see on the mains is that the white paint is wearing off. Am I hitting the ball wrong? Can I still expect the mains to break first?
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    What tensions do Pros use?

    I know sampras has his racquet strung really high. What about other pros? Do pros string their racquet at average tension? like 55-60? Or do most pros string their racquets above average?
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    recommended racquet specs

    I've only ever had head racquets my whole life. I started with a aluminum jr racquet. I used a LM radical for quite a while, and recently got the fxp radical. It's ok I guess, but I'm not entirely happy about it. I really don't have any other racquets to compare it to. I tried my friend's...
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    Compare BDE perf and Bab Tonic+

    I'll be using a 15L gauze gut for crosses with luxilon alu mains. (57m/59c) Price is both simililar.. I'm looking for a nice soft, but durable string to complement the somewhat harshar poly.
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    summer break!!

    alright... summer break is finally here. I'm sleeping 11 hours a day, and at home all day. On the couch, on the computer. I haven't played tennis for a day, and I went on the court today; I hit like I've never held a racquet in my life. arrgghh.. it's so frustrating. I need to get out more...
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    Lesser guts?

    Babolat has it's VS gut... and also it's lesser tonic+ BDE has it's performance gut, and rally "Premium natural gut consists of only the best natural material and must meet the strict guidelines of the manufacturer. Since premium natural gut commands a premium price most manufacturers also...
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    string composition and durability?

    when I used to use a full synthetic gut stringjob, my main's always broke first... and I don't htink there was any fraying. I'm using a full gut job now, and I'm noticing that my crosses are fraying while there is hardly any show of wear on my mains. Does that mean my crosses will probably...
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    Post your stringjob

    I was interested in what people's choice of strings were.. string name, tension, and your satisfaction on a scale from 1-10 5-average, 7/8-pretty good, 8/9- I like it a lot, 10- definately the best... and if it's anything under 4, I don't think anybody would be using it.. and maybe a small...
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    good strings/tension for a poly/synthetic hybrid

    I tried full natural gut, but I wasn't too excited about it... not bad, but not as great as I expected. So I think I'm going to go back to my poly mains/synthetic cross hybrid. I used gamma synthetic and gosen polylon both at 16g 57 lbs However, I'm looking for a bit more control. What...
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    seperating facts, from theories.. recommendations?

    I think I read somewhere that crosses should be strung at 10% lower than the mains... is this right? I also read that crosses should have a thinner gauze.. now the thing is.. more than half of these are just "theories" and everything starts contradicting each other, so I don't know what I...
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    how tight should you wrap an overgrip?

    -delete double posted topic... (dunno how that happenned.. o_O)
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    how tight should you wrap an overgrip?

    I've always wondered.. I tried the white pro overgrip today, and it seems to stretch a lot... so .. the more I pull it, the narrower it gets, making it hard to keep consistant. Does anybody have any tip to keeping the overgrip consistant? another thing I noticed, because my grip was white...
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    adding weight to a flexpoint

    would it be a good idea to add weight at the 3/6 o clock positions on my newly arrived flexpoint radical? I want to add the stability and weight, but the fxp is 'supposedly' supposed to flex at the 3/6 o clock positions...
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    tension & playability loss

    Because I simply cannot afford to string both my racquets with gut, I wanted to try a cheaper multi on my spare which I wanted to try, but couldn't because I didn't want the string to go bad after a couple days of hitting.. Is tension/playability affected when you hit with it, or will it lose...
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    benefits of poly

    I think i've seen a similar topic before, but I can't seem to find it... What are the benefits of poly compared to gut, multis, and synthetic? Besides the obvious durability characteristics.. I'm trying to find a crisp string with slightly more pop and spin to it... Is there...
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    I think a semi-western grip is most common at baseline... are there any good players that use a continental grip at baseline? I remember one of my coaches trying to teach me to use a continental grip.. I have no idea how to use that.. oh, and what grip do you use for serves, and what kind...
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    6-racquet combi bag ... allowed on carry-on?

    usually? I heard that natural guts get ruined when on the airplane storage compartment.. whatnot, and I'm going to cornell(NY) this summer from hawaii... and I want to bring my racquet.
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    tubing.. power pads?

    what are the benefits of each of them? and what kind of side effects do they present.. if any? and powerpads.. ARE those little black leather inserts in between the first two gromets right?
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    I don't know about other locations, but I live in hawaii, and shipping is always high. I mean.. I buy a $5 string, or $3 overgrip... or $6 string saver, but I have to pay an extra $5 for priority mail. And that's priority mail... when I buy anything off the internet... ehay in particular, I...
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    tension and tension loss

    Low tension resulting from tension loss... and strings that are just strung at a low tension.. how is it different? If I use a durable polyester with a high tension loss.. can I string it a bit higher and let it settle down to the normal tension? If I want to hybrid a gut and poly, instead...
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    previous injuries something to worry about?

    I've had some elbow and shoulder problems a month ago, but hasn't been a problem ever since. I want to string my racquet with the luxilon alu, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I don't want to start having elbow or shoulder problems again. should I stick with natural gut? or do you think...
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    slice serve... how do I stop?

    right now, I'm using a continental grip for my serves. I'm 5'10, and hit the ball pretty high... the problem is, I keep slicing the ball when I serve. It's not those, around the ball kind of super slow lobbish slice serves... I actually come down on the serves pretty straight. But my racquet...
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    Barricade II or III

    Dilemma.... As far as price goes, I can get the III's for just as cheap as the II... possibly cheaper, BUT..... i've been reading the reviews and feedbacks on tw... and i'm getting the impression that the older model is better than the newer one. Most of the changes in the III's mention...
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    gut, and the stringer

    ok... I can take my frame, and my string to school, and let my tennis coach string it. She normally just strings synthetic, sometimes with polyester mains for those who break strings, doesn't really ask for tension... The thing is, I'm afraid that she'll do a careless job on it.. and I don't...
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    durability and string pattern

    how would the durability of a natural gut on say, a 18/20 string bed compare with one on a 16/19?
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    'used' racquet.. performance affected?

    Does anybody know if the condition of the racquet has any affect on it's performance? I'm talking about the frame itself.. I dunno.. maybe the tension from the string over a long period of time ... Or I know that the tt scream for instance, gets really bogged up when it gets dirty because...
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    tonic or legend?

    This will be the first time using gut, and I was wondering which I should try. I would buy both and try them on each of my racquets, but gut isn't exactly the cheapest strings. Playability is most important, but durability and tension loss are both a primary concern because I really don't want...