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    Comfortable frames but not muted ??

    Hi guys, i would like to know how many comfortable frames are in market today. But im looking for comfy frame but not muted! gravity line is fine, previus gen vcore95 and more ?? What i read other soft rackets are muted
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    gravity pro vs speed pro difference?

    Hi guys, im playing with little customized gravity pro. I like is. Whole my life i played with open strings pattern, so now 18x20 is really pleasure for me. I was wondering about comparing it with speed pro. If i match same specs like in my gravity pro what a difference would be between...
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    Best dampener ever ?

    Hi guys, I would like to make a forum about the best dampener. I would like to know your opinions about which one is the best. I just bought the Zverev dampener from Head and its **** :D I can still feel the vibrations even while the dampener is on the racket I tried a white Yonex dampener, also...
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    Hybrid cyclone with yptp?

    Hi guys, i order new reel of cyclone 16. I have still few meters of yptp reel. I was wondering it is good idea to try hybrid from this strings. I would like put cyclone to main for better spin and yptp do cross. Or its absolutly stupid make hybrid with poly/poly :D ?
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    Isospeed baseline strings? maybe vs SPPPP ?

    Hi guys, i found yesterday something new, i never heard about this string before. Which one is best one spin/speed/control (1.20/1.25/1.30)? Someone with experience with those strings? I saw review only 1.30gauge and people looks happy with this string. And maybe how it this string to compare...
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    yonex poly tour pro colours difference

    Hi guys, after big searching new string to replace my yptp1.25 i decade stay with yptp. I will change to 1.20 gauge. I played yelow version almost 2years. I want other colour. Its some difference between yelow/black/blue version? So its someone here who tried all colours variants ? I dont...
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    Weisscanon silverstring/scorpion/tournabighittersilver/topspincyberflash/cyclone/lynx/SPPP???

    Hi guys, i did big research in last 2weeks, i want replace my yonex polytour pro 1,25. Price for reel suppose to be under 80euros I picked this strings Weisscanon silverstring/scorpion/tournabighittersilver/topspincyberflash/cyclone/lynx/Signum pro plasma pure I want similar comfrot...
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    Gravity pro vs clash 98

    Hi guys, i have problem. I bought gravity pro 2 month ago, solid stick, i like it but i need more time with this racket. Winter began and i dont play so much compare to summer. I find good deal to buy clash 98 rackets, i think its last racket important for me because lower stiffnes rating. Im...
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    weiss cannon scorpion vs silverstring

    Hi guys, i did big research of strings to etc 80euro for reel I choose like best options weiscannon scorpion and weiscannon silverstring. Can you tell me difference between them? Both on stringforum has very good reviews, even better like my yonex polytour pro. Not bad idea is tourna big hitter...
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    Cyclone vs Black widow vs tourna big hitter black/silver ?

    Hi gyus, im looking for new reel im thinking about Cyclone vs Black widow vs tourna big hitter black/silver ? Its someone who tried all of them? I want more spin, better comfort. Thanks
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    Swingweight unstrung/strung

    Hi guys, i want to ask, how much is swingweight higher in strung racket. My guy always tell me unstrung SW and i dont know compare to fabric SW from websites. Now i have gravity pro unstrung on 304 SW, strung SW is? its 18x20. I want know differnce between SW in 16x19 / 18x20 pattern too...
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    Head lynx vs Volkl cyclone?

    Hi guys, i want to buy new string, i m use yonex polytour pro1,25 this year. I like yptp, but i changed racket. I played yptp with vcore95. I bought now head gravity tour customized to pro specs, 315gr,315gr,302SW unstrung. Gravity is 18x20 pattern i need more spin specialy on forehand side...
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    Wilson chlash 98 vs 100tour

    Im playing now with my customized vcore95, 320grams 31cm balance and 298SW unstrung. I like a racket but i want more spin to shots,16x20 patern with 95sq head for me is not good on forehand. Flat backhand is awesome with this racket. Sometimes i have problem hit sweetspot, with 95sq . I love...
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    yonex vcore 95 and VDM?

    Hi guys, i received one new stick today. I open the handle and i found vdm technology inside. Its suppose to be vdm in vcore95? I knew that vdm is only in vcore pro line
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    Custom specs on vcore95

    Hi guys, i want to buy 2pcs of vcore 95. Currently im using babolat pure strike 98 16x19 2019 version. Babolat is too powerful and Im overhitting quite often and the racket is also stiff. I feel pain in my arm. I was choosing between blade 98 ezone 98 and vcore 95. Blade is similar to PS, it is...
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    PS 98 vs Ezone 98 vs Blade 98

    Hi guys, I used to use Babolat PS 98 po07, but now have bought the new generation PS 98 16x19. But the racket is still too stiff and I'm thinking about changing the racket for the next season. My setup currently is 314g and 315 balance unstrung(the third generation with 32 balance was too head...
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    Hybrid Yonex Polytour pro 125 with Head Velocity MLT or full HVMLT

    Hi guys, I need some advice from you. I played with Babolat PS 98 po7 with RPM blast 125. This combination destroyed my arm. Now i bought the third generation of PS 98 because they were supposed to be more arm friendly but i changed the string to Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125. This combination is more...