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    Age Old "How-to-beat-a-Pusher" Thread

    I guess you can call me a pusher, and in my heyday when I was feeling good, it was very hard to get a ball by me. The faster the ball is coming, the more I like it because I dont have to generate my own pace, I tried to block it back deep and to the middle, try not to create unforced errors and...
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    Anyone else find it difficult to be fluid with the 2hbh?

    I was surprised to see myself in a video hitting a two handed backhand with good follow thru, but no matter what, the two handed backhand will always feel constricted to me compared to the forehand. There is just so much more freedom with using one arm than two, and open stance allows me to...
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    Anyone else find it difficult to be fluid with the 2hbh?

    I see you not fully extending, but you dont hit the backhand with pace anyway, more as a rally ball, when I played you its always low and short and cross court angled (which gives me trouble for some reason). Just wait until it gets to your forehand then crack it :)
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    Is there a better racquet than POG OS, Prestige, Redondo, ProStaff, C10 etc?

    This just happened to me last week. I saw a guy absolutely killing the ball with a Head TiS6 in a park. Now, I own that racquet, and absolutely thought that hitting the ball that hard, and with a one handed backhand , was impossible with that racquet. It would send it to the next county if I...
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    Me 2.5 has chance to hit w/4.0 tomorrow. What should I work on?

    If you are 2.5, then everything needs work. Just go out and have a good time
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    Better career so far: Murray or Djokovic?

    Murray has not been a beast. But he definitely has skills. Very interesting that at any point any lowly player can take him out, the same ones that you would never think can take out Fed or Nadal, but when he faces Fed or Nadal he becomes a different player :?
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    New rankings

    Depends on the surface. Indoors he isnt, but he can totally trash all of them on grass, and on clay, forget it. On hard outdoors, it would be 50/50. Indoors he is the underdog to those guys. Being number one doesnt mean you can trash all the top guys all of the time, it just means you can...
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    It's clear now.. S&V is dead due to the slower courts

    I truly believe that speeding up the courts is not the answer. If the technology didnt change so much, there wouldnt have ever been a need to slow the courts in the first place. Matches between guys like Sampras, Ivanisevic, Rusedski, etc on fast courts werent about serve and volley, it was...
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    Something that bothers me >_<

    I agree continental is the best , although I myself sometimes get surprised by the bounce of a ball and get caught with an eastern backhand grip on a one hander but dont have time to swing and I slice the ball that way. So for me at least its doable. But of course, continental would be best...
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    Get better at tennis... By growing your hair out?

    Only other person in history that long hair improved athletic performance was a guy named Samson. I heard his girlfriend (girl named Delilah) didnt much care for it and cut off his hair. Needless to say, things didnt turn out well for him Moral of the story : some day you are gonna meet a...
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    Could current Murray win a slam during 2000-2003?

    So "current" Murray is 13 years old?
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    What to do about guys who ONLY hit slice?

    If you play like this guy, slicers will never bother you :shock::shock::shock:
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    Really a 4.0?

    Are you annoyed because you are beating these people easily? If you are soundly beating guys in the 4.0 levels (even though you think they are inflated ratings) then move up even more to 4.5 Problem solved
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    What to do about guys who ONLY hit slice?

    So did you offer a suggestion or is your suggestion for him to give up because he is toast either way? (baseline or net) :)
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    1.5hbh The vid is in italian. Check out around the minute mark. It looks to me like a two handed backhand all the way, except at the last moment he releases the right arm long after contact has been made as you can also see from the SystemicAnomaly's...
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    Will the game ever return to a S&V one circa the 1980?

    This is the one and true correct answer. Put a 13+ oz 65 square inch powerless wood racquet with a sweetspot the size of a dime in the hands of these guys and see if they can do what they do now, I dont care how big or athletic they are. In fact, player heights and strength wont be huge...
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    Returning a good kick serve.

    I dont know what your problem is with the guy, but you should stop polluting this forum with this crap. either you have your own advice or just take that stuff elsewhere And for the record, I dont know fedace or what he has done to you, but the advice he gave up there is pretty sound.
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    Courier: legend or bad example?

    I have no problem with what JC did there. I have a big problem with the OP calling him an a hole
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    Shanghai 2010 SF: Roger Federer [3] vs Andy Murray [4]

    In the future, all we will remember are the great winners from Shanghai. Nobody really cares what you do in grand slams as long as you win these events in Asia Who won the Uso or Ao in 2010? Who cares ...but yeah I remember the winner of Shanghai
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    One Handed Backhand on an Oversized Racket?

    I dont see why you cannot play a one handed backhand with an OS racquet. if you can hit a one handed forehand without problem with a big racquet, why would the one hand on the other side be more difficult? I dont think the ball realizes that you are hitting it on the other side Sabatini used...
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    Delpo out of Shanghai and maybe rest of season

    The mistake in that quote is actually a spelling mistake. not a grammar error. To instead of too. Like the one you just made of spelling grammar with an e. Grammer (Kelsey) is/was the actor that played Frazier. :)
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    Beijing Final: Novak Djokovic vs David Ferrer

    I cant believe that you think Ferrer is going to be a future GOAT :shock:
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    Who is the 3rd best clay courter ever?

    Yeah, I second that. Sheesh
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    Wrapping all the way upp like him on the video. Will that help the 2HB?

    When I started playing the two handed backhand, I didnt realize that I was playing it like the one handed backhand, with my right arm leading the shot instead of my left arm. So for all your sarcasm, I think the vid would actually be helpful to beginners who arent geniuses like yourself
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    mini tennis warm up good or bad?

    LMAO!!!! (10 chars)
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    Quick Prince Oport Question

    Thats great, thanks for the video. I'm going to try it out with the vid right in front of me and try to match it up to what you were doing. Thanks for your time and effort to help others.
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    Quick Prince Oport Question

    Hey Irvin, can I request a more in depth description on how the 50 50 prevents tensioning to the side? I have an o3 red that i'd like to string up but I have a dropweight and no boomerang tool. A quick instructional description would help me, as I couldnt figure it out. Thanks in advance
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    Why do the stats count aces?

    Some people of course do excellent body serves or kick serves or forcing flat serves that are just as effective in winning the point but dont exactly ace somebody. The statistic should reflect a service winner ( includes aces) and a service return error when its reasonably assumed that a...
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    Rafael Nadal (ESP) [2] vs. Andy Murray (GRB) [5]

    Murray wins this. In fact, Murray will finally win his first grandslam
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    The Serena Lineswoman...

    I have some reservations on the foot fault call at such an important juncture when Serena wasnt called on it all night long. On the replay, I could not detect a foot fault at all. The following is opinion only, I have no proof, but I do have my suspicions. I do have my questions for the...