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    plantar fasciitis, heel bruise, or other?

    My right heel has been sore since playing a lot of tennis 5 days ago, something I normally don't do. (Just getting back into the game.) Dull pain at times when I step on it, even occasionally at rest. Didn't bother me during a softball game on Wednesday night, though it did throb a tad...
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    comfortable shoes for old aching body?

    After not playing tennis for several years, I'm getting back into it now. I picked up a pair of Prince Advantage Lite shoes and while nice and light feeling, my body ia feeling banged up and sore in heel and shin among other areas after a long hard court match. I'm wondering if the shoe is...
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    Tell me about nets!

    My small village outside of New York has begun taking down the tennis nets during the winter months. When I inquired about the new policy (they used to just leave them up all year around, back when the courts were in generally worse shape), I was given a number of reasons for this, one of which...
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    pronation and shoes

    My feet have always tended to pronate, but usually most shoes and sneakers work fine for me. I recently bought a pair of Merrell Moab FTS, mostly for walking, day to day wear, and occasional jogging. I quickly noticed they seem to emphasize my pronation, or at least appear to. Does it matter...
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    any sock recommendations for cold weather?

    Can anyone recommend some not too thick\heavyweight -- or too thin -- sports socks for cold weather tennis and softball (wearing cleats, if that matters)? Something that actually does seem more warm on the feet than standard athletic socks?
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    push ups and chin ups just as good for building arms?

    I read exactly one article that suggested there was no need to do isolation exercises for biceps and triceps, and said some of them put you at increased risk for injury. This article suggested that close-grip or 'diamond' push ups were as good or better as any isolation exercise for triceps...
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    safe lower back exercises?

    I'm feeling an increase in low back pain lately, which has plagued me in years past. Not severe, but I wake up sore and have it occasionally throughout the day. When googling various back strengthening exercises, I saw much disagreement on which ones were both effective and safe, with claims...
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    No French Open on TV for some folks?

    It's been awhile since I watched tennis, but wanted to watch some today. I went to the places I've watched Grand Slams in the past, ESPN, NBC, CBS, but see a bunch of crap on. Does one need the tennis channel or some other exotic service to watch tennis these days?
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    building muscle and protein shakes & bars for older guys

    Any older guys here do weight-training and supplement that with either ready-made protein shakes or protein bars? Do they really help build and maintain muscle? At 55 years old, 5'10, and 145 lbs, I'm losing some muscle mass and want to reverse that if possible. In addition to increasing my...
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    Have I missed anything?

    Haven't been on here in ages. Please brief me on any changes or interesting developments in the last couple of years.
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    warm socks for winter sports?

    I sometimes play tennis and paddle/platform tennis in the winter. Often my feet get cold. I'm wearing cotton socks, so maybe that's the problem. But I've always feared other materials would slide around in my sneaker or something during vigorous movement. That's probably outdated...
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    Any Yahoo email experts?

    How come my full name shows up when I send emails to certain people I've never emailed before, even though my 'sending name' is just two initials? It's disconcerting to email some stranger thinking all they'll see is two letters, such as "JD" for example, and having them write back "Hi John...
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    camera angle on tennis matches

    When are they going to get smart and lower the friggin' camera angle for tennis matches? The standard one they use is too high. I love when they go lower. It's a such a different and better experience, and you really get a great sense of the pace and spin of the ball and all that. It's amazing...
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    say goodbye to the tyranny of ab work!

    If you are like I used to be, and almost everyone else who works out regularly, you spend a fair amount of time doing ab work of some kind: crunches, leg lifts, ab machine, etc. I myself used to spend a good 30 minutes total a week on such exercises, and I'm sure many out there spend more time...
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    aging and muscle loss

    I know we lose muscle mass as we get older in general, but help me figure this one out: 3 years ago I weighed about 155 lbs at 5'10" at 48 years old. Appearance wise, I was in very good shape from lifting weights, but still had a tiny spare tire/love handles from my penchant for junk food...
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    what phone for 2014?

    So my cell phone contract is up in a month. I've got a lucid LG which basically stinks -- though I love that it displays the time in large font and the temperature on the home/main page. (Can iphone do that?) Should I finally make the switch to iphone, or perhaps galaxy? It irritates me that...
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    How often do you need to lift to maintain?

    If you are more or less happy with your muscle mass, and are just lo0king to maintain what you have, how often do you need to lift? What do you think is the least one can get away with?
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    Tell me about Puerto Rico

    Girlfriend and I are planning to go away for 4-5 days, and leaning towards Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta, because it meets our requirements of having beach hotels within walking distance of culture and restaurants, and we love Mexican food. (Did the other side of Mexico two years ago and...
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    Gluten-free experiences?

    I remain intrigued by this whole gluten free fad, and the many people who claim it improved their lives significantly. I'm less interested in the weight loss aspects of it than I am the general well-being. (For otherwise healthy people, I mean, not celiac sufferers.) The reports of aches and...
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    Anything actually work for low back pain?

    I've had lower back pain for about a year. MRI's show not unusual damage for a 50 year old in terms of disc and arthritis stuff. I've tried various strengthening and stretching exercises, but nothing helps. I continue to do all recreational activities and weight training I've always done, since...
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    downloading movies onto TV?

    I might sound like a bit of a luddite here, but can someone tell me how and if I can download movies on my TV? I have netflix, which allows me to order both DVDs thru the mail and also download movies to watch instantly. But I've never downloaded any, because I don't want to watch a whole...
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    Grape Nuts v. Cheerios

    Which do you think are better for you in terms of both weight control and general health, Grape Nuts (nuggets, not flakes) or regular Cheerios? I LOVE Grape Nuts, and have a eaten at least one cup (2 servings) of them every morning with whole or 2% milk for years. But I'm thinking of making...
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    Who would win: 67 Jaguar or 2012 Camaro?

    I know nothing about cars, but have some questions for those who do: which is faster, a 1967 XKE convertible in excellent condition or a 2012 Camaro? Are they similar in performance, or vastly different? Assume typical engines in each, so whatever they come with (nothing souped up). Which...
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    Worst band ever: REM or Chili Peppers?

    Discuss these horribly over-rated acts and vote now!
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    24 hours in Philadelphia: suggestions?

    I'll be there with my teenage daughter on Thursday and spending the night. We have some family obligations, but a lot of free time as well. What is a must, and what is a 'don't bother'? More importantly, where is the best cheesesteak, and maybe also some pizza/italian suggestions? (Haven't...
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    They ran how far??

    I was rather shocked to see some French Open match stats, wherein this or that player ran about 3 miles total in a 5 set match or something to that effect. Only 3 miles?? I had never thought about this issue before, but if you had asked me "How far total do you think a pro player runs in a 5...
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    Active-Isolated stretching

    Does anyone do active-isolated stretching, or know much about it? It's basically the opposite idea of regular stretching -- only stretch for a couple of seconds at a time, several times in a row. As I understand it, AI proponents believe that holding a stretch longer than a couple of seconds...
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    weight training and herniated disks

    if one were recovering -- or attempting to recover -- from a herniated disk in the neck and assorted soreness and stifness in the traps, etc, which are most likely due to years of poor posture and habits, which might be better and worse exercises to do or not do in the gym? The only thing I...
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    I Have Steel Made of Elbows

    Is this is good thing or bad thing? Discuss.
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    Pinched nerve in neck?

    Anyone ever have a pinched nerve in the neck? I'd be curious to hear your experiences: what worked and what didn't as you sought to cure it, etc.