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    How fast can 13 year olds serve

    Hi im 13 and i wanted to see if i am serving as well as all the others out there. I can serve 81 mph... and u?
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    full poly help

    probably not alot of difference but whick full poly setup is better Big Banger Original or Big Banger Alu power, if there are better ones please tell me
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    babolat custom damp

    hi has anyone tried one of these if so what are they like?
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    magic force

    anyone here tried babolat magic forse strings, dont they sell them in america?
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    roddick tension?

    what tension does roddick had his strings at?
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    nadals grip?

    i have seen on here somewhere that he has a grip 2 but i mean.. he is massive!!!!!!!!!!
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    babolat balls?

    hi i am a fan of my pd n i was wondering weather it is worth trying some babolat tennis balls? has anyone tried them??
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    has anyone here tried babolat ballistic pollymono cus it sounds pretty gud?
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    are pros 4 real?

    This has probably been a topic b4 but oh well. do any pros use the racquet they claim to use or do they all use a custom made racquet?
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    pd roddick?

    anyone got one or tried 1 if so how does it compare wid a normal pd?
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    Any1 tried ALU power n nxt?

    i am gettin my pd restrung wid Alu power n nxt. has anyone tried this mixture? if so give me some feedback!
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    What strings is Roddick using?

    Hi what strings is roddick using? I thaught it was nat gut n pro hurricane. But, in a different thread someone said he was using a custom string?:confused: