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    Wind turbine blades, tennis racquets — non-recyclable?.. Wonder what mass of tennis racquets are filling the garbage heaps and lasting for millennia after Djoker & company are done destroying them... [emoji13]
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    PS97 vs. Blade V7 vs. ?.. for S&V classical style

    Ok, help me out here, people... 4.5, OHBH, continental/eastern, classic S&V game here. 40s. I was reasonably content, but then I went ahead and tried to be even happy, and probably screwed myself: been trying out too many player style sticks lately, but am noticing some patterns. As my gold...
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    WTT: Yonex Duel G 97 330 4-5/8 (x3) for...

    WTT: Yonex Duel G 97 330 4-5/8 strung with natural gut (x2) and Yonex Multi (x1), all in great condition, plus extra grommets for a set of 3, ideally, of... Wilson ProStaff 90, Srixon Tour 16x19, Prince Phantom 93, Estusa Power Beam Pro, Or something along those lines, preferably in 4-5/8...
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    Larger than L5 grips?..

    Currently use Yonex DG 97 330 with grip size 4 5/8, but find that I need the leather grip + two thick overgrips (e.g. Tourna super tacky or YY SuperGrap, with a built-up buttcap, too) to feel comfortable. This rounds out the bevels a bit too much and, frankly, I’d prefer even thicker. I’m...
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    Any 4.5s playing with Wilson Triad Five BLX?..

    Curious about this racquet as an alternative to a ProKennex or Clash — alleged arm friendliness, nothing rattling around inside, port-like grommets in the center, and head partially decoupled from the...
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    Pro Kennex Destiny Legend KHM

    I read somewhere that this line was the progenitor of Babolat Aero Pro Drive... Of the different Legend racquets PK made, this one is quite rare, from what I can tell. Lots of interesting features and plays very nicely. The handle is tapered skinny near the bottom for serving, widens toward the...
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    Sawed 1 cm off the handle of Yonex Duel G 330

    Interesting construction... Hollow - would have been nice with some foam or gel. The metal shank for balance?..
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    Babolat APD - pleasant surprise?..

    Long time listener, (nearly) first time caller here... Looking from some wisdom from the forum. 4.5 player with classic strokes, 1hbh, serve & volley, continental grip and mostly flat strokes. 40 years old, grew up playing in CA and liking Stefan Edberg. So, after 15 years away from tennis...