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    What was the last movie you watched?

    1st Mad Max was near unwatchable. Too many soft moments with his wife. Working my way thru 2nd one now. Fury was ****ing awesome.
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    Stan-Fans Unite!

    I'm on the Stan-train rest of the year. Tired of the Fed, Murray, Novak, Nadal bandwagons.
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    RG QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal

    The beginning of the end of Nadal's FO dominance. But we'll never see a more dominant player on clay, ever
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    2014 BB&T Atlanta Open - General Discussion Thread

    Any bets on whether Dudi Sela brings out another chair to hug yet another big man?
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    What Asian country will produce first Male Slam Champion

    Myanmar, not Maynamar. I prefer Burma.] But to answer the poll, I vote Japan. Kei Nishikori is the closest to the best Asia has got at the moment.
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    Best Second Week of a Major in the recent past

    I am finding it interesting with Dimitrov and at least Raonic/greekkid in the semis.
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    Convince me to root for Nadal

    FO needs a new champ. So tired of Nadal's dominance in the tournament. If there's a guy who can beat him, it's Novak.
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    Pwnerer announces twin Boys!

    Should've named the other one Carl.
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    Pwnerer announces twin Boys!

    Roger wants to breed two GOAT doubles teams, one for women and one to take over the Bryan brothers.
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    Pwnerer announces twin Boys!

    I was just astounded when I heard he had twin boys. Congrats to him. What are the chances people have twins, twice in a row?
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    For a change Federer runs out of luck

    Who's to say Stan couldn't beat Federer?
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    Arguments: Why would rafa fake his injury today?

    He wouldn't. Anyone who has watched Nadal play in the past (and knows anything about tennis) knows what a lower back injury can do.
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    Nadal should write a book...

    Devilito, you obviously have never heard a post-match loss Rafa interview.
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    How can you hate Nadal?

    Did you all the size of his blister on his playing hand? I don't know how one can play through that. He's had it for a few days.
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    How can you hate Nadal?

    I am a huge Federer fan. The guy got me playing tennis. I root for him every tournament. And I couldn't watch last night's final past the first set, thinking that Rafa will just come back and break Wawrinka's heart. Even dreamt so. But I wake up, find out Stan won, am happy (because Nadal's...
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    Eugenie Bouchard is extremely overrated.

    I finally discovered Eugenie Bouchard.
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    Prince Triple Threat Warrior Club:

    In on this crew. I play my best tennis with it.
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    This is it for Djokovic :(

    Nadal was in great form and Nole wasn't at his best. These can always be opposite.
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    Nadal won because...

    Unbreakable spirit. The greatest thing I admire about Nadal.
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    USO 2013 Men's Final - Nadal v. Djokovic (with poll!)

    Nadal is sick. He is the breaker of spirits. His own is indomitable.
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    USO 2013 Men's Final - Nadal v. Djokovic (with poll!)

    Nadal doesn't miss any returns. It's annoying.
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    USO 2013 Men's Final - Nadal v. Djokovic (with poll!)

    If federer had Nadal's fight, he'd have 2-3 more slams.
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    USO 2013 Men's Final - Nadal v. Djokovic (with poll!)

    Do you even know what god-mode means?
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    Professional doubles should be abolished

    You can only appreciate doubles when you play doubles and realize how different it is compared to singles. I was never a doubles guy until I started playing doubles regularly.
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    USO 2013 Men's Final - Nadal v. Djokovic (with poll!)

    Nadal is unbeatable this year. He cannot miss. Even Fed in god-mode cannot compare to Nadal in god-mode. And I'm a Fed fan!