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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Oh this should be a good thread if it's not already been done - 'Princes in the Bag' 1.) Prince Classic Graphite 107 (POG from 2013, slightly lighter, less plush, but still awesome feel with spin and control) 2.) Prince Tour 100 18x20 (current go to stick, reminds me of an old school radical...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    I've recently been hitting with the Tour 18x20 again. I got some lead strategically placed in the hoop to firm up the O Port feel. I can hit from the baseline all day. Such an under-rated racket. IMO a modern version of an old school radical twin tube.
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    Prince phantom 107G

    I hate to say this, but I've demoed the 107G twice, and I didn't really notice the difference in string pattern from the POG. For those with more experience with both, how big is the difference? I prefer semi-closed string patterns historically. And the POG has really been the only open string...
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    Phantom 100p vs Phantom 107G

    True, I'm a full bed multi man. And it only took me a life time of playing tennis to realize a low-mid range is my sweet spot for tensions. Ironically, as I'm getting older (mid-40's), I'm finding it easier to play with more mass, my sweet spot is around 11.75 oz.
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    Phantom 100p vs Phantom 107G

    Probably the pop for the 107G. It is a little less powered than the Phantom 100p. What I've liked about both versions of the 100P has been the additional pop it brings to the phantom family. It's some reliable mass based power you get. So, if I can probably add the appropriate weight to get the...
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    Phantom 100p vs Phantom 107G

    Gang, I'm looking for a potential new go-to racket. And I keep going back and forth between staying in the Phantom P line, or going back to my roots with an OS. I believe this topic was covered some place, but I couldn't find it while searching. About my rackets - My go-to MP is the Prince...
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    What's the Difference between the POGs?

    I had a good session with a demo yesterday; my first chance to really try it. It was really decent.
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    What's the Difference between the POGs?

    I feel a little bad for saying this, but I have been continuing to love the PCG 107 (2013 model with the white print). I've got it a little lower in weight (lighter grip, weight re-alignment, and 17 gauge strings). It's my understanding that the PCG 107 is a little crisper (somewhat brassy)...
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    What racquet "technology" have you actually liked?

    Someone already mentioned O Ports, agree there. I think Prince's Textreme has been a solid upgrade. It has reminded me of a good version the HEAD Intelligence. It has a crisp feeling in the throat, but very comfortable. Otherwise - Graphite, my old school HEAD Radical and POG 107 can't be beaten.
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    These look a lot more promising than the Vapor Reacts. I agree with consensus here on the prior iterations, which were awesome.
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    Do you know of a completely octagonal handle?

    This is my world. Using Prince rackets, but looking for something that is closer to a Wilson/HEAD palette, I put strips of electric tape down the side bevels. It slightly increases size, I usually use a thin grip. But, it gets closer to the feel you are looking for.
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    Your favorite classic HEAD Racket.

    I actually still have an FP. When you hit at the very top of the bed, you can actually feel it bend back. Very odd feeling for sure.
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    What was the original Radical supposed to 'be'?

    Yes, but the Twin Tubes (zebra and candy cane) definitely felt more flexy. I always believed it was the stability of the POG cross bar. I just recently scored what looks to be a really good condition Zebra... I'm anxiously awaiting.
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    Prince phantom 107G

    I will try to get my hands on a demo at some point. I'm very interested. I've had a POG OS in my bag for many a year.
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    Oversize - String Tension to make up for lack of Control?

    I use around 62lbs, full multi in my POG 107 ('13 edition). It feels the right amount of pocketing and control. I think I use about similar in my Head OS Ltd. Different racket characteristics with standing.
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    soft buttery 18x20 racquet

    This makes me miss the Prince Tour 100 18x20. A bit to deal with regarding the ports and the massive flex. But it still had ample power and great precision.
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    Agree with the tension comments here. My go to is the PP110P, to date. I've got Technifiber Multifeel in there around 51 pounds. The feel is great, and the power is huge. That was a selling point for me with the P100Ps - They just have that extra notch of power for a racket with the great...
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    2018 25-year anniversary Radical

    That's a good question. It's based off of the TiRadical mold. I would guess, based on balance, and RA, that the Ti Radical would be one of the better places to start, and then weight up substantially. I personally haven't played with anything post Flex-Point. There are a few relatively...
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    2018 25-year anniversary Radical

    Interesting to hear. I've been in a slightly similar situation. I'd been playing off and on since the pandemic started with a buddy of mine. I've pulled out my Radical (2006 edition - same specs as 25th anniversary). I'd been alternating between that and my PCG 107 (2013 edition -...
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    Nearest present Prince Frame to the classic POG OS

    I play with a 2013 version of the POG 107 (it's a tad lighter and stiffer than the regular one out currently). I've also previously played with older versions of the POG 107, so know it well. I also play extensively with the Prince Phantom Pro 100P (the last version not current). I can...
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    If you only had ONE racket for LIFE?

    Probably POG 107
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    Vapor cage 4 on har tru?

    I view the Cage 4's as clay court shoes built for hard court durability.
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    Anyone who has hit with the new Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro?

    I'm curious as well. I've been a casual fan off and on for a few years. The power levels on TU look like this version would be in my range.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    I'm looking to demo the new 100P (as well as the 100 18x20) hopefully this weekend. I'm stoked. I use the PP100P, so looking forward to this. I may be torn if the new 100 18x20 does have a tick more power than the previous. One of the things I have liked about the PP100P is the old school feel...
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    Ask TW Anything About the new Prince Phantoms (get your questions in before 1.5.20!)

    Power level for the new 100 18x20 compared to the Prince Phantom Pro 100P (old 100P).
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    Why so Many Prince Clearance Rackets?

    I use the PP100P; sometimes I switch in my POG 107 (2013) model. If the PP100 18x20 had a tad more power I’d go that route. Wondering/Hoping the power level will slightly tick up in the X model. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Why so Many Prince Clearance Rackets?

    Not sure if this has been mentioned/said in another thread. A lot of Prince frames on the site for clearance - are new frames coming in the new CY, or should I worry (again)?
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    Head Gravity

    Demoed the MP a few sundays ago. I thought it was solid, good balance and swing weight. Waiting to try the pro, but if the pro, but guessing I'll prefer the pop of the pro, but the SW of the MP. From what I felt, it really felt like a step up for HEAD. But so far the MP doesn't wow me, per se.
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    Cleanest-Hitting Rackets You've Ever Used??

    Like above - Head Radical OS (graphites, including twin tubes) POG OS PCG 100 - little weight in the hoop to increase sweet spot, otherwise great weight and swing weight
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    Gravity Pro VS Phantom 100 (18x20)

    I plan to demo both this weekend... I've demoed the PP10018x20 before and really like it. I've been dying to try the GP. I've been wondering lately, if I want to come back to an 18x20 frame... Been using the Prince Phantom Pro 100P