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    Coco and Venus playing doubles together at the FO

    Coco Gauff, Venus Williams Teaming Up for French Open Doubles Tournament | This is exciting. I've been hoping Venus would team up with someone other than Serena and play doubles. Interesting to see how they do. I think their games are similar.
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    Does anyone know/remember

    I saw an old 60 minutes piece or documentary about a tennis coach who had a method for getting beginning adult players to become decent pretty quickly. He gave minimal instruction and just told them to do what came naturally or something like that. I saw this recently but the show had been taped...
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    Was that Alexandra Stevenson

    Who was just on ESPN giving commentary about Serena Williams with Patrick M and Chris McEndry? Or was that Madison Keys? The only reason I thought it wasnt Madison is that Madison is about to go on in 20 minutes to play Kenin.
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    Osaka chooses Jermaine Jenkins as new coach

    So Venus' ex hitting partner and the brother of Serena's hitting partner. And my kids old tennis coach. He's a great guy. I think she will do well with Jermaine...
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    Naomi on Ellen

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    Naomi set to sign biggest deal Adidas has with female athlete
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    Every jaw-dropping Serena Williams statistic you’ll ever need to know By Whitney McIntosh on May 28, 2018 2:16 pm Photo by Elsa/Getty Images There’s a lot I know about Serena Williams. It’s amazing to watch her play tennis, full stop. Every match she plays is a reminder that we are...
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    What's up with Sharapova and these injuries?

    She was out for 15 months and hasn't played much during her "comeback." I would think her body would be well rested and nagging injuries healed over those 15 months. Instead she just withdrew from Stanford and Cincinatti and Toronto. She skipped the tail end of the clay season and the entire...
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    The new Kournikova?

    I couldn't help but notice that this girl, Anisimova, from Miami playing on Court 6 right now looks quite a bit like Ana Kournikova. Could be bad news for Sharapova (in the marketing department) if Anisimova manages to do reasonably well on tour. She seems to have some talent and is coached by...
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    Pliskova - Tennis robot?

    She talks like a tennis robot might -- very rapidly and monotone. Could she be our first cyborg player? This also explains her markedly increased performance in the last 2 years of her career -- Clearly, updated software has been installed.
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    Three sponsors cut ties with Sharapova
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    2016 Australian Open Women's SF- [1] S. Williams v [4] A. Radwanska

    Happens today at approximately 9 PM EST.
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    Serena Williams: Rising Tennis Star Naomi Osaka is "very dangerous"

    NAOMI Osaka isn’t a name that sets bells of recognition going off inside most people’s heads. Yet. The 18-year-old Japanese player is only a baby in terms of her professional tennis career, but she’s through to the third round of the Australian Open after beating Elina Svitolina 6-4 6-4 on...
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    America Now Thinks Serena Williams Is The Greatest Tennis Player Ever
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    Serena Williams comforted Sheryl Sandburg after husband's death
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    Time for Alexandra Stevenson to hang it up?

    She's still out there trying to make it as a pro and doing pretty badly. I don't think there's any chance for her to return to a top-20 player if it hasn't happened after all of these many, many years. Time for her to move on? Or maybe she's just out there having fun. But it seems like she...
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    EXCLUSIVE: James Blake's mother weighs in on race relations

    In an interview about the events last week that happened to my youngest son, I said that it takes an incident like this to make me truly realize that two of my sons are black. When you love someone you see the inside, not the outside. I know James wants to focus on the unnecessary aggression...
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    USO SF: Halep versus Pennetta

    why is there no thread for this?
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    The Calendar Year Slam

    Seems like Martina Hingis could have pretty easily won a CYS in 1997 had she taken her tennis a bit more seriously. IIRC, she injured herself while riding her horse just before the French Open, which cut her training short and she ended up losing that one. Other than that, she pretty much...
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    Serena Williams, M.D.

    What an overachiever
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    Djoker's psycho moment

    At the end of the 2nd set, Djokovic had the most bizarre tantrum I've seen in a while. He took off his shirt and started cursing wildly. I'm not sure who he was cursing at, but it was pretty scary
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    Serena Williams is a "lost cause" Pat Cash must feel pretty stupid right about now.
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    Oz 2015: Makarova vs. Sharapova

    Does Ekaterina have a chance? Apparently Maria hasn't lost to another Russian in 10+ years or something.
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    OZ 2015 SF: Serena Williams vs. Madison Keys

    Who's going to win this thing?
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    D3 Coach constantly asking parents for money

    My kid's D3 coach is constantly asking the parents for money. He invites us out to dinner for the team and then expects us to pay for all of the players' meals and his meal and the assistant coaches' meal. Of course, we will pay for our own meal and our individual kid's meals, but that's not...
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    Does Jennifer Capriati have any chance at making a successful comeback?

    Jennifer is nearly 40 and just announced that she is going to play the US Open next year. Realistic goal to make a comeback or just a pipe dream?
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    Sloane Stephens and Annacone end coaching relationship could see this one coming a mile away