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    Most Famous Woodies?

    As a young player alive only in the time of graphite and this whack technology, I was wondering what some of the most famous WOOD racquets were. Which specific models are the most famous woodies?
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    Best Tennis Bag! QUICK!

    Alright, what would you all say is the BEST overall tennis bag. A six-pack, not super-six. Any with shoe dept? Any with many pockets for cell phone, keys, wallets, accessories, etc? Best climate controlled? Best overall bag? THANKS!
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    Compare? Advice?

    I currently use an RDX500, and I love it. But I'm the market for a new racquet, and I put together this list to demo. If I don't like any of these more than my RDX500, then I won't get one. Unfortunately I can only find used RDX's now. But here's the list: -Yonex RQis 1 Tour -Babolat...
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    Which Hat should I Get?

    Quck!, Which Lacoste Hat? I like all of them, can't decide. Yes, I am a fan of Andy Roddick. But it was just easier to find pictures with him and the hat, than just the hat alone. #1 #2 #3 #4 Same as hat #2, except with a mesh back, i.e. trucker hat. Thanks!
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    Queen's Club & Halle Finals

    Gerry Weber Open- Halle Final Marcos Baghdatis v. Tomas Berdych Queen's Club- London Final Andy Roddick v. Nicolas Mahut Who do you like?
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    What's Happenin' to Nalbandian?

    He's dropping in the rankings, and he lost first round in Halle. What happened to the previous world #3. He's been in the semifinals of every grand slam, and the finals of Wimbledon. Has his game lost it's edge? Was he always this out of shape like everyone is claiming?
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    To AeroPro Drive Cortex, or not?

    I've recently been demoing a few racquets, and I've found my favorite is the Wilson (K)Factor Six-One 95 16x18. I was planning on buying it, but I didn't get a chance to demo the AeroPro Drive w/ Cortex- it isn't available. I play with a good deal of spin- more than most kids I know, but a...
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    Your Favorite Song.

    What's your favorite song? Who's it by? Favorite musical artist?
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    Which Pros Use a Western Forehand?

    Which ATP players (or WTA), use a full-western grip for their forehand? Also, are they clay court specialists?
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    TW Reviews

    Is there any way you can keep us posted of the TW playtest reviews that will be coming? Specifically for racquets- but also other equipment that people may be interested in? Is there going to be a review of the (K)Factor Six-One 95? Babolat AeroPro Drive w/ Cortex? Head MicroGel Extreme Pro?
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    Shin Splints?

    Sometimes while running I have a pain on the inside of my shins. Is that "shin splints?" It's boys tennis season in high school now. I play tennis on average like three hours a day now- between lessons, practice, meets, and tournaments. Plus I'm in a really hard conditioning gym class...
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    If you could be sponsored...

    If you could be sponsored by a top company, which would it be? Why?
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    How To Get Super Pro-Like Groundstrokes?

    How to the pro's get so much spin on their groundstrokes? I mean the kind of spin that just pulls the ball down into the court like a magnet- and then spits it out with amazing kick. All the pro's seem to get this on their groundstrokes, flat hitters and the spin-oriented. I'm talking about...
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    Woofer vs Roller Grommets

    Doesn't Babolat's "Woofer" technology seem very similar to Wilson's "Roller" system? I don't think that the "Rollers" were ever put on any advanced player frames, but the concept seems exactly like the "Woofer" tech...
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    Smooth trade w/ "Occasional Tennis!"

    I just completed a trade with Tim- "Occasional Tennis." Excellent transaction. He was very considerate and flexible in working out the trade with me. He made sure that the deal was clear, fair, and pleasing. I was very pleased to have worked with him. I can answer any more questions you...
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    (K)Factor Racquet Reviews

    Is TW going to be reviewing any more of the racquets that are part of the (K)Factor series? If so, do you have an estimated time frame? I know that the review of the Tour 90 is up, but I was interested in the other models as well. Also, is there any news on new Wilson strings? Thanks so...
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    Pacific Leather Grips

    What's the deal with these? I've heard that they come with double-sided tape instead of a tacky backside is this correct? I've also heard people say that they are the worst leather grips on the market, and extremely short so they won't fit on all racquets. Then today, someone told me that...
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    New Babolat Shoes

    Babolat Propulse. Some sketches of these have been posted before, and now they are up on Babolat's website. Apparently they are Andy Roddick's new shoes. Has anyone tried these? I'm in the market for a new pair of shoes, and just noticed these.
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    Sampras Serve- Videos?

    Does anyone have a good video of Pete Samrpas serve? I was looking for something to get some tips and to learn from. Any slow motion, or close-up? Hopefully. Thanks.
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    VLog #5

    Just checkin' but... The Wilson nSix-One Tour 90 is listed below the Vlog, was it supposed to be the (K)Factor Six-One Tour 90? The VLog mentioned the (K)Factor, so I assumed that was meant to be below.
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    Which Size Bag For Me?

    I need a new bag. The season is comin' around the corner, and right now I just use an old drawstring bag. It's very inefficent and highly unorganized. So let's say that I'm packin`... -Three racquets -Bunch of balls -Shoes -A couple armbands or a headband -Small towel? -Hat (or visor)...
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    Nike Max Breathe Free II

    Has anyone used these shoes? Any feedback would be great. I'm in the market for a new shoe. I read the TW review and it seemed awesome! (Why is the Red/Black version cheaper?) I'm also looking at the... -Adidas Barricade IV's -Nike Air Oscillate's -Yonex SHT-305's Can anyone...
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    Weight of Grips, Damps

    Does anyone know the average weight of an overgrip? I'm talkin' like Tourna-Grip, SuperGrap, or Wilson Pro. What about a vibe dampener's weight on average? I'm specifically looking for the Sampras "O" dampener's weight.
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    String Reels

    How many string jobs can you get out of a reel that is 660' in length? I would assume about half of that for 330' right? How many stringjobs for a reel that's 726' in length? Thanks.
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    Volkl Leather Grips?

    I heard that Volkl was expanding in the US. Is there any chance that you will be getting any of their leather grips again? Thanks:D
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    Klippermate vs. SP Swing vs. X-2

    So I have decided to begin with an entry level stringer. What would you guys recomend from these three? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Klippermate Silent Partner Swing Gamma X-2 Also I plan to upgrade to better flying clamps, (maybe stringway flying clamps? Are...
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    Super Bowl- Bears vs. Colts

    Who's your pick? I think that this match-up is much better than last years Steelers vs. Seahawks. We have the best offense squared up against the best defense in the NFL. All I know is... GO BEARS! :D
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    Federer Passing Sampras in GS Wins?

    As much as I love Pete, (and I really love Pete), I honestly do see Federer surpassing the famous 14 grand slams. If Federer is playing at least up to the London Olympics of 2012, like he says, I would be surprised if he didn't. And at those Olympics he will only be 31 years old. Unless there...
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    Review of K Factor Racquets?

    Are their going to be any "Racquet Reviews" of any of the K Factor sticks? What about player playtest comparative reviews? If so, do you have a date? Thanks
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    Replacing Flying Clamps

    I was looking to buy just a cheap drop-weight for now. Probably the Gamma X-2. Maybe a Silent Partner Swing or something. And then upgrade when I'm older and a more experienced stringer. The flying clamps on the X-2 look pretty cheap. Are they good? Can I replace them with better ones...