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    Should Nadal Skip Wimbledon?

    Reasons: 1)Obviously he is going to be tired. 2)His back seems to be still bothering him. 3)Really has no points to lose. 4)More of a chance for injury on grass. 5)Rest up and get healthy for the US hard court swing. Personally I don't think it would be such a bad idea. Plus...
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    The Nadal Forehand

    "the greatest single ground stroke shot I have ever seen bar none" Brad Gilbert on Twitter this morning Do you agree?
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    live streams

    can anyone recommend a site with a quality stream? I don't have cable....just apple tv and my mac book. free is nice but it doesn't have to be...thanks
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    Chapel Hill/RTP

    Hi everyone!! My wife and I are moving to the area in a few week. Hopefully some people that are local and on TT can give me some info on the tennis scene. A bit about me: strong 4.5 player from so cal, very consistent off both sides, like to drill, play games, sets, tie breaker..anything...
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    Hi all, will be in Portland from February 28th till March 3rd. Looking for anyone who might want to get a hit in. Mornings or Evenings would be best. I am staying downtown. I am a 5.0 rated but am a bit rusty since I can usually only play once or twice a week. Any 4.0 or...