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    There is going to be a TON of car accidents this summer.

    Just watched The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift yesterday. As expected, there was a weak script and even weaker acting but nonetheless, a ton of fun. The race scenes were phenomenal and I'm looking forward to watching a behind the scenes look when the DVD comes out. I wonder what is real...
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    Anyone try those Prince balls?

    Any feedback?
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    William Ko is a good buyer.

    Sold him two racquets and he paid very promptly. Thanks William.
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    FS/FT: Two Yonex Rd Ti 70 Long 98"

    I've got a pair of these Ferrari red babies in pristine condition. They are 4 3/8 and have been recently strung with a Volkl Powerfibre/Gosen OG Sheep Micro hybrid. These are 9/10 so please no lowball offers. Looking to move them both together. I am willing to trade them for Head...
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    So how come Agassi was wearing Adidas?

    Thought the footage looked kind of strange at the Rogers Cup. Ran out of laundry?
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    Greg Tellier is a star!

    Sold him two frames last month. Fantastic communication and quick payment. Don't hesitate to do business with greg280.
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    Aaron Taylor is a good guy.

    Sold something to Aaron. Payment and communication was flawless. Thanks.
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    Dunlop MW 200G MP (100 sq inches)

    I've got an extra grommet set kicking around for this frame. $5 plus shipping. loud97 at gmail dot com
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    Lemurballs is a good guy.

    Just wanted to let you know that I just completed a sale with Jason Speicher and all went smooth. Deal with without hesitation!
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    FS: Head Premier Tour 4 1/2 in great shape!

    I've got a Head Premier Tour in 4 1/2 grip size in 9/10 condition that I'm looking to sell for $50 plus shipping. Specs can be found on this old TW page: This is my last one and the condition is probably going to be the best you can find...
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    Babolat Soft Control?

    Does anyone know anything about this frame? I've seen a couple come and go on **** and was just curious.
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    Great Transaction with Johnathan Smith

    He's a great buyer...kept me updated and informed all the time despite geographic challenges. Don't hesitate to do business with him! Take care John.
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    Fantastic transaction with Peter Turman

    Just wanted to let you know that Peter ( was a pleasure to deal with. Payment arrived quickly and Peter was super polite when asking about shipping delays during the holiday season. Have a great one Pete!
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    Craig Clark is a great guy!

    Just did a two for two trade with Craig that went great. Craig had some hiccups sending but kept me in the loop and I got the frames as described. Happy Holidays! Thanks!
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    G Starr spare parts!

    Hey there. Was stringing up my G Starr and noticed that one of the grommets on the throat has split. Anyone know of any grommet sets that fit this frame? Does the Head PT 280/Ti Classic/Ti Pro Tour/Ti Radical MP grommet set fit? The G Starr looks quite similar to those. Thanks.
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    Damon Andrew (da) is a great guy!

    Just completed a trade with him. Everything went smoothly. Racquets were in great shape. Thanks Damon!
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    Roddick's Shoes

    Is it me or do they look like Chang's old pumps (without pumps) painted blue?
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    Anyone see Bovina today?

    What's with the Jesper Parnevik look? It didn't work in won't work in tennis.
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    Great sale to MGM (

    Just wanted to let you know that I finished up a deal with Greg and he's a great guy. Good communication, quick payment. Thanks Greg!
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    Go Pistons!

    Hope Ben Wallace takes it to the Lakers!
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    Anyone know how to string up the Dunlop Lady G?

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Congrats to Phil Mickelson!

    Well deserved Masters win...he's waited a long time for it!
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    No more Topspin?

    Hi there. Have you guys stopped carrying Topspin Poly Polar?
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    Straight Awl

    Hi there. Any idea when you're going to get some straight awls in? You have a place for it on the website but no product and no price.
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    Great trade with Astennix!!!

    Hey everyone...just wanted to tell you that I have just conducted a great trade with Astennix (Lucio). Prestige Classic came in great shape as advertised...quick too. Thanks Astennix!
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    Is TW gonna get any straight awls?

    They've got a curved one for three bucks but the link to the straight awl is not populated.
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    Not available here but...

    anyone know how the Babolat Soft Control plays relative to the current and past crop of player's frames?
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    TW Classifieds...

    Are we not allowed to post new product that is discontinued or not for sale by TW? I tried to post some classifieds but they didn't make it through the filter even though those frames aren't carried by TW (or never were).