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    Mantilla is back after skin cancer

    That´s right, it ain´t gonna be easy, but Mantilla still has the fire to play tennis. Since USO2005 he´s been fighting skin cancer, the toughest rival he´s ever had. Now, at 32 years of age, and after overcoming the dreaded cancer, he plans on playing at Barcelona -Conde Godo- and after that...
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    Robredo, ranked 5th

    Robredo has just broken into the top 5 players in the world. Quite an accomplishment, even tho forumers will take this chance to bash him to no end.
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    Whatever happened to this player?? (link) That´s an amazing record for a 20-year-old. I mean, it´s Hewitt-like or Nadal-like. Then he just disappeared? He died? Noone ever mentioned this guy? Could he have been one of the greats?
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    Does anybody else feel the ATP million dollar contest is dumb?

    I mean, the idea of having contests and prizes is great. But then they screw it up with a damn impossible contest in which you have to make a whole tourney´s bracket?!!?? Why not have easier contests with less prize money? I don´t know about you, but the one they have doesn´t even get my...
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    Gasquet vs Verdasco

    I think it´s an exciting match here. What are you guys opinions? Who will get back to shower with a smile?
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    Top ten second serves!

    1. Federer 2. Almagro 3. Roddick 4. Grosjean 5. Karlovic 6. Ancic 7. Nalbandian 8. Ferrero 9. Ljubicic 10. Gonzalez You ranking of top ten second serves?
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    Nico Lapentti, former world #6, is back!

    I have always liked Lapentti. Stylish serve and forehand. He was able to win some matches on hard courts too, in spite of his game being modelled for teh clay. Does he have something to say for the up and coming hard court season?!!???
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    Interesting 1st round matches coming up

    Umag: -Korolev vs Cilic, battle of the youngsters. Los Angeles: -Hrbaty vs Murray: Constant pounding of the ball vs variety, baseline battle. I expect a ton of dropshots from Murray -more than usual. -Gonzalez vs Muller: I go for Muller if he does the lefty serve to Gonzalez´s backhand and...
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    Best 1 handed backhand?

    Let´s keep it from the 90´s onwards. My top 10 would be: 1-Kuerten 2-Gasquet 3-A. Costa 4-Gaudio 5-Corretja 6-Korda 7-Schalken 8-Pavel 9-Pioline 10-Boetsch
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    Robredo does NOT deserve to be 9th player in the world

    ...He deserves to be 7th already!! Watch out, the sky´s the limit for Robredo!
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    Whatever happened to the mighty forehands??

    I feel that the decline of Moya and Ferrero doesn´t have much to do with mental/physical problems -Ferrero has been without injuries for quite a while-, but rather with their forehands becoming ordinary, in comparison to 2-3 years back. Why does a player´s stroke become ineffective all of a...
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    What player´s stroke is the SAFEST?

    Which is that shot that everytime you see it being hit you think "damn, that ball is going in for sure"? Which are not the best, but the safest stroke/s? For me, the Hewitt backhand is the safest stroke. The way he hits just seems so damn hard to see how he can hit it out. Nadal´s...
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    Of the young young guns, who makes it?

    Who of very young new guys -thus, excluding the Berdychs, Djokovics- will really make an impact in the top 10? I can think of 2 guys with the potential: Korolev and Juan Martin del Potro. Players like Querrey or Cilic I am not so sure they have the potential. Any other options?
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    Some perspective on Nadal

    I won´t lie, I try to watch Nadal as much as possible. I like him. But I´ll try to be objective. He has his little annoying tics, takes too long to serve, takes him too much energy to win points, some of his shots are rather ugly, he is sometimes ineffective with the serve, and many times with...
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    Mahut does serve and volley

    He did at Queen´s anyways. Just throwing this in here since all tennis "xprts" imply that serve and volleying is the only thing that can trouble Fed in his yard!!
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    Nadal vs Kendrick thread

    Nadal down 1-0 in sets (7-6).
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    Ljubicic vs Lopez, drama approaching

    5-5 fifth set. game on
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    Poor Davydenko

    Lost against a clay court specialist outside the top 100. Someone buy him a grass court to practice in the yard of his house at Vladivostok! On a serious note, why is it that he does so bad on grass? He takes the ball early and hits flat for the most part.
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    Against which players does Sampras have a losing record?

    Just post one. I´ll start with the easy one: Krajicek
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    In Defense of Sanity article

    In case it hasn´t been posted: "In Defense of Sanity Trying to Bring Some Perspective to the Rafa-Roger Debate By David McPherson In the week and a half since Roger Federer came up short in his bid to win a non-calendar Grand Slam and Rafael Nadal showed beyond a doubt who is the...
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    Serious discussion on Monfils

    This guy...keeps winning matches he shouldn´t be winning based on the analysis of him and his game made by fellow forumers in various topics. Some examples: This one is also telling: And: And also: So, to start things off: someone with an awkward forehand, a serve that needs work, who is...
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    Who will be the surprise at Wimby´s QFs?

    You know there will be one. Considering he is a lucky and doesn´t draw Fed along the way, who is your dark horse to reach Wimby´s QFs surprisingly? I would put Gasquet and Fish as alternatives but it´s only 10 spots maximum for the poll =(
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    Sexy doubles team!

    I just noticed Vliegen & Gasquet are playing doubles together. A double´s team can´t be much cooler than that! Maybe it helps Gasquet bring some confident back...:D
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    I was thinking about Nadal...

    No, I am not gay. I was thinking about Nadal´s GAME, and how it really isn´t suited for fast courts. So it got me thinking "Wow, what if he turned into a true specialist of clay, only played clay tourneys, and only practiced on clay throughout the year? Maybe he could go on to have like 150...
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    Who would win?

    ...between the best Guga vs today´s Nadal on clay? I´ll say Guga on one of his 5 set victories, like those vs Medvedev, Muster, or Kafelnikov. He was a monster on 5-setters!
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    Watch out, Davydenko is in the zone

    Anyone impressed by the quality of Davydenko´s game recently? He is just crushing the ball from side to side. He just rolled over Moya like he wasn´t even there, and dispatched Gaudio comfortably -it´s not like Gaudio was playing bad either. Corretja was saying on TV how Davydenko deserves...
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    39 unforced errors in 5 hours

    Is it just me or is this just unbelievable? He f*cking made 39 unforced errors in a whole 5 hour match for christ´s sake. As Alex Corretja was saying -he was almost crying of joy, saying it was probably the best, most intense match he has ever seen- in the Spanish TV, Nadal has just sent a...
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    I thought they were wrong when I first read about it. You know, pro players giving up midway through the match, melting, throwing points away, etc. I mean I thought they were exagerating, but now I think they are right. It´s pretty disgusting, to be honest. Acasuso reached Hamburg final...
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    RG: 1st round surprises!

    Post here some upsets you foresee will/could happen in the first round. For me, I just placed some money on Wawrinka to take out Nalbandian. So much for the Fed-Nalby semi!! :D
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    Does anyone else have a bad feeling about Nadal vs Soderling?

    Soderling is notorious for pulling off upsets wherever he goes. You don´t see anyone mention this guy, but this year has wins over Gonzalez, Davydenko, and other very competent clay courters. Big drama if Nadal crashes out. Also kinda tough luck for Roddick. You don´t want a first round match...