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    Doubles tactics

    I think starting at the net when my partner is returning will give away a lot of potentially winnable points, while not providing much offensive benefit compared to starting at the service line. First, from the net position it is difficult to help my partner call close serves out. Against...
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    Doubles tactics

    Yes! The demoralizing feeling is there in the moment, but I try to see it as a longer-term positive for the match. If my opponent gets a taste of that sweet alley shot early, chances are they will crave another taste and try to hit it again too often. Reminds me of my youth baseball team - in...
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    Is doubles a separate game than singles? And Is doubles not easier?

    Given that some players perform much better in singles or doubles vs. the other, what are the implications of the NTRP system combining results from both? As a 3.5 player I once played up to 4.0 and nearly beat a strong doubles player who was playing a rare singles match. His doubles results...
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    Seeking responses from 4.0s, please? 3.0 having better success playing 3.5 Leagues. Why?

    This is mostly consistent with my experience. At 3.5 singles, I had a lot of success while almost never going for fast-pace winners on short balls. I concentrated on consistently getting the ball in to a good spot with medium or even low pace, and get to the net. Works especially well once you...
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    Rude to say "Match Point"?

    I'd like to one day say, "sextuple match point" in a tiebreaker, just for the uhuhuhuhuh factor, but I've never had the chance, or didn't think of it if I did. One can only dream.
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    USTA League play in January is growing ...

    I think Utah's Winter League would be consistent with the increase you saw in Intermountain (Vegas). This is a non-advancing indoor doubles-only league that just started as it normally does around this date, and participation seems to be way up from last year. In fact, I've played on several...
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    Why is it that USTA refuses to change the rules on service let calls ?

    This is also my view. I greatly enjoy random points that involve some luck, whether it's a net cord ball, a miss-hit that lands in with crazy spin, etc. Of course it hurts when my opponent gets lucky on a particularly big point, but for the most part those random points put a smile on my face...
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    No USTA year end ratings will be issued

    Reading this and realizing that a team in our 18+ flight probably tried the same thing. He had few guys who were pretty clearly self-rated too low, and he played them only in a few doubles matches where they lost several games. His normal plan would be to unleash them at singles during...
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    I have to tell someoneeee! Hit an awesome shot around the post! Anyone else?

    Nice. Most of the courts I play on make this shot even harder than usual, because of a court divider (fence or net) being too close to the sideline. I did recently achieve my first-ever wizard backspin drop shot that landed in my opponent's court and then cleared the net to land back on my...
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    Best places in US to play tennis 4.0

    Utah has a surprisingly huge number of League offerings. There are USTA Leagues running during all 12 months of the year (excepting 2020 of course), which I think is rare, if not unique? I found it easy to build a community of partners / instructors from scratch without joining a club, just by...
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    Is your State (District)/Section continuing play or "other"

    Yesterday Utah announced a tentative new league schedule starting June 1. The only "national" league that had started prior to closure was 18+ mixed. They will try to finish that one in June, and also start up the regular 18+ league and 55+ league in June, followed by the 40+ league starting in...
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    UTR rating for flex leagues

    Do you mean a USTA flex league? I don't think USTA feeds any of their scores to UTR. Rather, USTA posts the scores to Tennislink and then UTR will look there for scores and pull them into their system. They are not always successful at pulling everything in, especially if the league or...
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    Solo tennis practice

    Wanted to get some practice in by myself, and couldn't find any open courts to hit serves on. Then I found a fantastic, giant wall on the edge of a park with net-height line on it, square targets drawn above the net, and a line on the ground at baseline distance, for serve practice. Practiced...
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    Last match you played?

    My last USTA match in early March was my first win in nine tries at men's 4.0 (just got bumped). Had had several close losses but finally pulled one out, and with a 3.5 partner against decent opponents - my best ever match rating on Tennisrecord (fwiw). I was pumped to keep that momentum going...
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    Updated statement from USTA National

    Yeah my area seems different than everywhere else - we had started neither 18+ nor 40+ season. 18+ was supposed to start next week, and 40+ starts in June.
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    Clubs closing thread.

    I lived there for two years. Remarkable how they run their country. By no means a perfect place, but the food is mind-blowing. There were two nice tennis courts steps away from my apartment building. Good times. As of now, If you flew there direct from the U.S with no symptoms you'd be allowed...
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    How much are your USTA fees?

    $20 to register for a team, $14 per person at the courts at every match you play, home or away.
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    Returning balls to server after point ends

    I had a singles opponent recently who wanted me to keep the third ball while he was serving, on every point. I didn't really want to have a ball in my pocket on every return point, so I just kept the third ball by my back wall. He got annoyed with that and said "don't you have a pocket!?" What...
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    Tri Level Nationals at Indian Wells

    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense, except for the part about making an exception. Why have the rule if you're not going to enforce it? Disallowing appeal ratings is interesting - seems most people can't resist hitting the appeal button when they get a bump up, but you'd have to force yourself...
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    Tri Level Nationals at Indian Wells

    Off topic from the cancellation, but I've been curious about the Tri Level Nationals rule that participants must have a computer rating. Do they require recently bumped-up players to play at their new computer rating level, even if they played at last year's level during the team's season? If...
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    Estimating Match Result based on NTRP Rankings

    Nice analysis! Did you ever try doing this separately for singles vs. doubles results? Would be interesting if they came out differently.
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    USTA NTRP level "Nationals" why ?

    Maybe I'm in the minority but I'd rather lose 4-0, 4-0 than lose 6-0, 6-0. Besides, it sounds like it's designed to guarantee you multiple matches in a group stage (probably at least 3?), so even in the worst case you're playing 24+ games, which is the same as the worst case of a regular...
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    What the etiquette after the match in your area now (COVID-19 handshakes)

    If you're going to touch hands, a fist bump is demonstrably better than a handshake - a scientific study showed this for bacteria transfer:
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    USTA NTRP level "Nationals" why ?

    This seems like an enjoyable format to me, and a close match that goes three sets would be comparable to a match in the league format. For example, a 4-2, 3-4, 4-2 match is the same number of games as 6-3, 3-6, 1-0.
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    Does the "Rating" column next to your latest mixed match result also say 3.59? If yes, then maybe it is using your mixed rating as your default dynamic rating for some reason. If no, then it must be carrying over their estimate of your non-mixed rating after your last 2019 match. That would be...
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    Same opponents- different ratings?

    The TR match ratings make sense. Before the match you were 3.96 and your partner was ~4.15. You won fewer games than the algorithm expected, so your match rating was 3.85 (0.14 less than your pre-match rating) and your partner's match rating was 4.02 (~0.13 less than pre-match rating). For the...
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    I think there are two main reasons why you see 1.0-difference partners in mixed leagues. One is that it can be an advantage, for example a strong 4.5 guy who can dominate the court in 8.0 matches. The other is that spouses / friends who happen to be 1.0 difference from each other and want to...
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    Intermountain has been offering an X.5 league season after the regular X.0 league season is finished for several years. I don't know if they limit partners to 0.5 apart, but it seems like that would naturally happen even if you don't have a rule for it - because any pair who is 1.0 apart would...
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    I also got a survey email on Friday, but I did not get any questions about mixed league. Maybe they only come up if you first indicate that you played mixed in 2019 (I did not). The questions I got were way more general than these, like whether you would recommend league to others, what...