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    Match play at full potential

    Best advice you will get on this subjct. Just try to enjoy every point.
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    pro stock racquets question?

    I was also under the impression that pro stock frames are much different than what you can get at TW until I played with the TGK238.1 and the retail version side by side with the exact same string job. Noticed no difference. It's the work you put in, not the racquet that determines your level...
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    Don't talk to aliens - Stephen Hawking

    The aliens in the Calvin & Hobbes comic would not be able to communicate withe the humans via speaker if they sucked up all the air. Silly Calvin :)
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    Any racquets closest to the specs OR feel of an i.prestige mid?

    I'd like to bump this thread - interested as well. My racquets are unfortunately cracking and will need to be replaced. Anyone?
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    IQ fail
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    Career choice fail
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    Microgel Prestige Mid Review. (Photos included)

    Hey guys! Nice to see so many of you appreciate one of the best line of racquets ever made. I have played with all of the prestige models and the one that works best for me is definitely the i.prestige. Unfortunatelly, they were discontinued and I have been trying to find a similar feeling...
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    Something different

    Hi, My friend was asked to design a new clothing line for a casual clothing brand. Please help him decide how to name it. Options are: - suntoucher - crank - manifesto - pebble riot - ignited nation
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    Need Shoes that Last

    The Yonex SHT 305s are also a durable shoe. Very stable too.
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    Best Version of Head's 630 Frame??

    I really liked the i.Prestige MP. Excellent frame with a crisp feel. The latter editions were not as responsive and comfortable to play with.
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    Did any female pro ever play with the Prestige Classic?

    Her prince frame is custom made and it is much heavier than stock. But she did use a pc 600 when she was learning to play.
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    multifilaments that plays like gut ?

    I'm not getting draged into this... :)
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    multifilaments that plays like gut ?

    I recently tested some strings: Gamma Live Wire, Gamma Gut 2, some Yonex Hybrid, and a cheap durable monofilament called Cyber Power or something. All on the same frame - Yonex RDS 001 mid at the same tension (22/23kg) at the same time. The Gut 2 was very simmilar to natural gut - it...
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    Did any female pro ever play with the Prestige Classic?

    Sharapova played with the prestige classic when she was young. It helped her develop good mechanics.
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    MID that works with low string tension

    The prestige mids both work well with a low tention because of their 18x20 string pattern. I personally think that the fxp feels a little better than lm.
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    i prestige mp

    Yes, the string pattern is 18x20. It is a very good racquet, ane of the best in the prestige line in my opinion. They are rare and difficult to find so if you are getting a good deal my advice is to buy it.
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    Best MID for clay

    Fuzz, there is a reason why you can hit better with one racquet as opposed to another. You hit best with racquet A because of certain characteristics this racquet has that suit your game. There is nothing wrong with asking why a certain racquet may be better suited to clay court play. However...
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    Best MID for clay

    From my experience a POG mid or a diablo mid are good racquets for clay. The head is quite wide compared to other mid sized frames, which allows for good spin. Most pros use a bit heavier raquets for clay court play than they do for faster surfaces. The POG is not a sting friendly racquet though...
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    Your best April fool's day prank....

    My ex-girlfriend plays volleyball. When we were an item I played this April fools joke on her, I though it was really funny. I put this huge Rambo style knife in her practice bag before she went off to practice. I still can't stop laughing as I picture this in my head: She pulls out this...
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    International orders?

    Yes, it's too expensive. It's usually like and additional 40% of the cost. This is what I was told by a friend of mine who runs a tennis shop.
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    Breaking mains in 15 minutes

    It happens sometimes, don't worry about it. It could be a problem with the strings or a mistake by the stringer or a faulty grommet. If the problem persists then have your racquet looked at.
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    new technifibres?

    The TF 325 that I have at home wieghs about 360grams strung with an overgrip. Strings are about 15grams and the overgrip 7. That's 338grams unstrung. I had two more, which I sold and they were heavier too.
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    Amazing Andre

    I miss him already. His rivalry with Sampas was the most entertaining one for me as a fan of tennis. I always enjoyed the way he played, how cleanly he struck the ball. Plus his personality was great for the sport. The players of today seem dull in comparison.
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    bosworth custom-built rackets

    Let's not forget to mention that their racquets are frighteningly ugly.
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    how are the Tecnifibre Spinfire strings?

    It's all right. I really enjoyed it in my prestiges but it was not durable enough for my POGs. When I played with the I.Presige mid I used to break them after about 8 hours of play, and with the POG it only takes me an 1,5. Really like the racquets so I had to switch strings. It really is a good...
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    New i.Radicals ARE NOT the same OLD i.Radicals

    Unfortunately quality control at head suffered greatly as they moved their production lines to China. I used to own three LM prestiges that were made in Austria and one that was made in China, and the China one was lighter and the balance was off. I had now way to measure sw, but it was probably...