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    is it ok to string with 6 knots?

    not sure what you mean by 'pull ones.' a dropweight is considered a constant-pull machine, as well as an electric stringing machine. Get a gamma x-2 or klippermate stringing machine for less than $200 and learn how to string. that's what I did and it was one of the best decisions i ever made...
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    is it ok to string with 6 knots?

    probably didn't cut enough for the mains. that's why i learned to string myself, so i don't have worry about others making mistakes, or paying so much for labor. as for damage, that grommet with two knots might crack.
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    Adidas Outsole Guarantee Time

    it can take awhile. for me it's usually at least 3 weeks.
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    **** Synthetic Leather ?

    I was able to get them to send with USPS a long time ago so you should ask if they can do that.
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    Djokovic v Nadal - Monte Carlo

    not only that, you put it in the non-spoiler section you asshat.
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    Lock Ups Performance Socks; Simply Amazing (Video Review)

    I'd like these too if I got them for free:)
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    Nikes with the replaceable soles

    They never would come off from intensive play?
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    Pro Preference for Thicker Gauges - Why?

    What? I don't believe that.
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    tack cloth, tacky towel, tac rag, etc.

    so using those means you never have to change the overgrip?
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    tack cloth, tacky towel, tac rag, etc.

    wow, cool to have an expert on these here. I've always wanted to try them, but TW never stocks them and I hate the other tennis retailers. It seems like a really good product given how fast grips lose tackiness for me.
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    Nishikori, worst #4 in the world?

    *facepalm*, i meant out of all other players to reach #4.
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    Nishikori, worst #4 in the world?

    This guy hasn't won a single 1000 event or slam, and yet is #4 in the world? Sure, he made the uso final but in terms of what he's actually won, only 8 mickey mouse events. I think he's seriously overrated.
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    The Simplest Service Motion In The ATP?

    no, his serve is still far from sound
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    Tourna Grip

    try to get one of those mini water spray bottles. I used to use that since my hands never sweat but damp tournagrip is the best overgrip imo. it works, but I had to do that every changeover since tourna dries so quickly so i switched to a tacky og. I envy natural hand sweaters:)
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    Lock Ups Performance Socks; Simply Amazing (Video Review)

    What looks good about these are that they seem to be much less bulky than using a regular ankle brace. However, I'm not sure how these socks will hold up. If the straps are attached to the socks, I feel like the area of attachment would be very vulnerable to tearing from over tightening of the...
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    which pp string should i try? I'm done with polystar energy (**** 1st gen polys). I want a cheaper alternative. what i want in order of preference: power/crisp (Can't stand muted, low powered strings) lively/longevity (doesn't die after a few hours) tension maintenance
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Propulse BPM (Men and Women)

    Tennis experience/background: 4.0 player playing for around 8 years Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): All court player Current shoe: Adidas Barricade V How many hours did you play with the shoe? ~20 hours Normal Size: 10.5 Playtesting Size: 11 Comments on shoe performance...
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    Good Stuff NOT On TW

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    WTB Tecnifibre tour red 12 pack bag

    Looking for this bag in 8+/10 condition: PM me through my profile if you have one to sell. Thanks!
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    Soft, Wide Overgrip

    pacific x-tack is really wide (30mm I think?), and soft imo, if you're into tacky overgrips. I'm not sure about dry overgrips though.
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    Threatening call from the IRS

    You've clearly never taken a look at the tax code (not the help booklet) if you think anyone with a college education is capable of doing their taxes 100% correctly.
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    Do you feel slower when moving to heavier shoes?

    Sometimes I feel like I get slower when I start using heavier shoes, but really, my footwork is just lazy:)
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    The Adidas Barricade 2015

    I've been playing with the barricade 2015 for around 10 hours so far. The most important difference for me compared to the previous barricades is the upper. The upper reminds me most of the nike courtballistec 2.3's (my fav shoe of all time) which also didn't have a break-in period, so comfort...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: ADNA Men's Crew & Women's Tank Top

    First, thanks to TW and ADNA for this playtest opportunity and selecting me. I hope you'll find my review helpful. What apparel do you normally play tennis in? (Brand, cut, color) I normally wear Adidas for pretty much everything (shirts, shorts, shoes, socks) because I’m able to get it at...
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    Racquet Dampeners

    Don't forget that powerpads essentially do the same thing. So even though federer doesn't have a dampener, his powerpads do stop the "pinging."
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    Companies that prestretch their polys?

    I think I've heard here the Kirschbaum prestretches their polys. Does anyone know of any other companies?
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    Why doesn't everybody use arm friendly rackets?

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned the matter of feel. I grew up using a stiff wilson hyper hammer, and I cannot get used to the feel of muted, flexy, noodle racquets. Also, those arm-friendly racquets are just so demanding and take so much more effort for me to hit forceful shots to my...
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    Fognini Racquet?

    No customization at all (no lead, custom handle, etc)? Also, what grip size does he use?