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    How many Grand Slam matches has Djokovic retired in?

    Genuine question, can’t find the stat online. Happy to be directed to a list of grand slam retirements across all players in the modern era if someone has a link?
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    Novak ripping shirt when winning... code violation?

    This is an interesting one. Fognini was coded for ripping his shirt at the AO, not the first ever but the first I've seen. I just saw a "post-win" photo of a shirt-less Djokovic and it reminded me of his common shirt-ripping celebration. In junior tennis it is made very clear to players that...
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    A month of Grand Slam finals...

    It's something crazy to think about - as of today, Federer will have spent 30 days - a month of his life - playing Grand Slam finals - a stat for which he's highest on the men's list, and sits I think 4th all-time behind Graf, Evert & Nav. I honestly wonder how it changes across the 30 - I...
  4. O - Why the abysmal journalism?

    Firstly - this is 'anything pro' and is not match results, so I've dumped it here for want of anywhere better. I just don't get why the articles on ATPWorldTour are so phenomenally rubbish. I was just reading a Roddick article and he was quoted: ‘We’re not doing a %#@!!% Plan B workout.' What...
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    Aussies - Check out Ch 7-2 in the early hours!

    For those other aussies out there, it seems most nights Channel 7-2 is now playing "classic" Australian Open matches in the wee hours. Tomorrow (Sunday) 'morning' is a GREAT one, Agassi - Sampras, a match I actually attended live :D
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    What price history?

    Just watching a cricket show in aus, and they've rebuilt some grandstands at a famous ground in australia, redeveloped the ground, etc. Now the total cost was something like $160 million. They mentioned that to keep some old arch-brickwork from the last stadium added 15-17 million dollars to...
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    The Ashes Cricket - 2010-2011

    Haven't seen a thread, and did do a search. As an aussie, I watch right now at the start of the second test, with australia at 2/1. 2 wickets in the first over of the second test :( But then I remember Fed beat Nadal in the WTF :D
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    World Tour Finals '5' Club: Federer, Sampras & Lendl

    That's some pretty rare air there. Lendl gets Kudos for his ridiculous run of 9 straight finals - and owning the 80s. Sampras gets credit for owning the 90s. Federer owned the 2000's, and scores one in the next decade too. Who will dominate the 201X's? Murray must be in with a shot...
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    Rafter - Still amazing - Champions Series Sydney

    Ok, so yeah, I'm an aussie. I'll let you factor any bias in you wish, but I'll tell you that as a rule I don't favour aussie players, I just enjoy good tennis. Went to the Champions Series in Sydney last night, and was simply blown away by Pat Rafter's ability - still. It's been years since...
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    John McEnroe: "Right now, Nadal is a better volleyer than Federer"

    I rarely watch US coverage, and maybe now I understand why people complain. McEnroe just said that comment in the pre-game chat for the Nadal-Istomin match. Oh my.
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    The 'one-handed backhanded is bad for high-balls myth'...

    Simple question: Those of you with a one-hander - do you struggle on high balls? Or is this a myth? I'm just a bit interested in this. Did the myth start with Federer / Nadal? I mean - sure that's been a case of this, but equally, we're not all coping with Nadal's forehand day-in or out. I...
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    Are we going to miss the 'old' YouTube?

    Is it just me, or is YouTube frequently so, so frustrating now? Firstly there's the ads that are everywhere. I mean, I know that it takes money to spin the machine, but if there was a little less money stop it altogether? Do we really need to click away an ad from over our videos constantly...
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    10 'Unwritten Rules' of sport...

    Interesting article in today's Sydney paper...
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    Nadal is 'smarter' than the rest of the tour (they should all time-cheat more too)

    Watching this Wimbledon semi-final, I'm reminded why I dislike Nadal matches - on his serve, the time between points is just ridiculous. On any normal point, he's frequently 25 seconds. After any tough point, it's 30s (or more). It's tactically brilliant. He is getting - consistently - 5 to 15...
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    Federer should retire - and so should everyone else

    Fed should indeed retire - but i really feel this standard should be applied across the board. People keep saying Nadal might reach half the number of slams that Fed has won this weekend, but how is that impressive? It's an abomination, it's truly pathetic. Half. He's younger - and looks fitter...
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    Suggestion to Federer-Roddick-Hewitt: Start a grass tournament / masters!

    This thought came out of a discussion of Mahut - Isner, where a mate and I were basically agreeing that it's a shame there are not more grass tournaments. We all know Djokovic financially backed a tournament in Serbia. Players like Federer, Roddick, Hewitt, Isner, Mahut, Lopez, etc - all must...
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    Music Geeks: What quality & settings to rip music at for high-quality arhcives?

    Ok, so I could go join (yet another) forum, but TT normally has enough geeks of any variety to solve my questions. I want to rip my CDs for the last ever time (and then sell them for thousands of....probably cents ;)). I do have some moderately high-quality audio gear that I will listen to this...
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    French Open Final: Stosur [7] vs. Schiavone [17]

    The destroyer against the Italian....
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    Semi-Final: Stosur [7] vs Jankovic [4]

    It's a GS Semi, it deserves at least it's own thread! Go Sammy!
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    After Wimbledon, will Fed's GS tally be three or only two times Nadal's?

    Just realised - Fed on 16 and Nadal on 6. There's a chance, that after Wimbledon - that number could be 18-6 or 16-8. In fact, there are 6 possible permutations. Take your pick now which way it'll end up....
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    Why the seemingly unanimous support for Tiger at the Masters?

    I don't get it. Walking down the final stretch of the final hole - putting the final putt - standing ovations from every single fan I saw. Have society's moral standards sunk so low that no-one felt something less than raucous celebration is in order for someone who treats their family like...
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    Faster, more exciting pro tennis - make the ball heavier & higher pressure?

    Watching some tennis on TV the other day - I wondered with all of the development in frames and strings - should we allow the ball to develop as well? I know the size, weight and rebound height is currently regulated. Given we have 'super' racquets now, and physically we have 'super' players...
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    Pat Cash to host a new CNN monthly tennis show (Why, oh why?)

    Why do people keep giving this arrogant, self-obsessed idiot a platform? You could have a decent drinking game based on how many self-references he gets into every interview, and how many times he refers to the return to serve-volley & chip and charge tennis, but only if you wanted to get...
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    James Blake has THREE racquets left! why do you need 10? ;) Read this in another thread. Amazing. Figured it's worth a thread of it's own.
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    She had a car accident while shaving .... what? Personally, I think the fact that she and her ex were on their way for her to visit her boyfriend is as or more, err, 'impressive', as the story itself. Certainly a Darwin Award 'almost' nominee....
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    How important is being right, as opposed to getting money?

    Scenario: Someone owes you money - in the thousands. They have refused to pay you repeatedly, and it's not the easiest thing to prove, but you know that it is right - that you are owed the money. Legal action has been mentioned. They've offered you approximately half of the sum to 'settle'...
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    Anyone ever bared all for Spencer Tunick?

    A friend and I were discussing this yesterday - he's coming to Sydney to do a commissioned shoot at the Opera House. Anyone here ever been part of his art?
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    To any aussies: Song used in Ch7 coverage of 2010 Mens AO final

    Anyone watching the Ch 7 coverage, or maybe better, anyone who has it recorded: I'd really like to know what the song was that was just played in the coverage - there was a video montage from 6:53 to 6:55 pm, and there was a massive orchestral-backed over-the-top song played during it. It was...
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    #3 or worse: For Nadal if he loses to Murray

    By my quick maths, he'll end up on 7670 points, and be behind Federer and Djokovic (at least), and then depending on how far Murray goes, maybe behind Murray as well. Only the second time he's not been 1 or 2 since 18th July 2005, the last time being 3 weeks in aug/sept in 2009.
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    Think you're having a bad day? (Poor Ballkid)