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    Andreev's Massive Forehand

    Everyone and the dog seem to hit many more winners than usual against Roddick.
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    Whats the future for Richard Gasquet?

    Come on, Gasquet volleys significantly better than Djokovic.
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    Russian captain selects Safin over Davy??

    What are you guys talking about? Aren´t you aware that Davy stinks (bad) when playing Davis Cup? If I were the captain I wouldn´t play him again ever. Though I am not the captain (thank god I am not a polar bear)
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    Who has the best backhand??

    Nalbandian´s backhand is a joy to watch when it is on, but I wouldn´t say it is more consistent than Gasquet´s. Gasquet has such confidence in his backhand it seems like the planets have to align for him to make an unforced error on that wing.
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    French Open... The Dark Horses.

    I think it is about time Andreev gets his act together, no better place for that than the french open.
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    gasquet is unbelievably over rated

    Gasquet´s volleys are top 5 easy right now.
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    Best serve of all time?

    If we are talking just about serve efficiency, Arthurs´ one impresses me the most. An incredibly efficient motion, unreturnable half the times.
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    The future of tennis: Roval??

    I quite liked the idea until I read the proposed scoring system. That just sucks too much, no need to explain really. I hope... Court is cool though, I could see an expo being played there no prob
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    Worst Pro Forehand?

    ...I hope your kidding :( He certainly isn´t number 6 for his inconsistent, attackable backhand and bad volleys. Robredo´s is one of the top10 forehands in the game.
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    haas or stich?
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    Schalken definately Quits

    I watched Schalken play live and all his shots went like 2 cms above the net, so flat and nice. Very stylish player.
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    Sony Ericsson Open 2007: Paul-Henri Mathieu v Andy Murray

    No kidding, how many times has he pulled the same sh1t?
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    Sony Ericsson Open 2007: Paul-Henri Mathieu v Andy Murray

    Jeezz, is there was a ranking for chokers, Mathieu would be 1st.
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    Nadal, out of Davis Cup tie against USA

    That seems very awkward to me. Davis Cup has always been a top priority for Nadal, and it´s not like Spain is sure to get to the next round...
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    would a prime pan-caker Korda beat Nadal on hard court

    !Tym why don´t you ever mention Berasategui in your posts? I would love to hear what you have to say about him, given your thorough and well-explained posts.
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    Best Backhand in tennis?

    When we are talking about backhands, everyone forgets how good A. Corretja´s one was. Not to mention Costa, aka "the two forehands".
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    Sunrise ATP Tournament

    Man seriously, how can Hrbaty stay at 20-25th in rankings. I call that BS or a miracle.
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    Nadal VS Roddick

    I am going with Roddick in 2.
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    Pacific Life Open: Murray v Haas

    Now, Roddick might beat Nadal in semis, but no chance in hell Haas will outplay Nadal from the baseline.
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    Roger's loss means little in the big picture.

    I agree with those who say Fed is more likely to lose in the early round vs opponents ranked 30-50 (Cañas still better than these IMO) than in the later rounds againt opponents ranked in the top 20.
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    (ATP) Indian Wells draw is out!!!!

    Is it me or does Nadal always play vs Clement/Baghdatis/Berdych/Youzhny?
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    SPOILER - NADAL: "If I knew what I was doing wrong then I would change it"

    IMO Nadal needs to run faster, work on his endurance, and hit with even more spin. It´s what made him what he is. He just needs to "expand" on it. Why try to flatten his shots when everyone and his dog is doing it? He needs to perfect his defense so opponents get desperate and eventually miss...
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    Federer vs. Djokovic, Dubai Quarterfinal

    Disgusting really, Djokovic losing every service game at 30.
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    Federer vs. Djokovic, Dubai Quarterfinal

    I am a little disappointed. Djokovic does not believe he can beat Federer.
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    Mantilla is back after skin cancer

    That´s right, it ain´t gonna be easy, but Mantilla still has the fire to play tennis. Since USO2005 he´s been fighting skin cancer, the toughest rival he´s ever had. Now, at 32 years of age, and after overcoming the dreaded cancer, he plans on playing at Barcelona -Conde Godo- and after that...
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    Nadal vs. Youzhny - Dubai Quarterfinal

    This is 2 sets to 0 for Youzhny.
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    (ATP) Who will win in Dubai?

    Wow, unlucky for Baghy!!