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    Prince Air Launch MP - Finish has melted?

    Hi. I pulled out my father's old Prince Air Launch MP which had been sitting in my climate controlled closet for many years. I had a tough time pulling it out of the case, and once I did , I saw that the paint finish had become very sticky and looked like it had partially melted. This line of...
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    Tecnifibre Multifeel in Blue

    Will Tecnifibre Multifeel in Blue be back in stock in either 16g or 17g. Thanks!
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    Head Microgel Instinct

    I noticed that the Head Microgel Instinct has popped up recently as a pre-strung reissue like the Microgel Radical. Will you be carrying the Microgel Instinct?
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    Volkl V-Sense V1 Pro vs. Volkl V-Sense 8 315

    Could I get a quick comparison of these 2 racquets. Thanks!
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    Head Youtek IG Prestige S - Which string is on the prestrung 4 3/8 racquets

    Hi. Which string is on the prestrung Youtek IG Prestige S racquets in the 4 3/8 grip size? Thanks!
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    Volkl Organix 6 Super G and Original - Will you be getting more in 4 3/8 grip size

    Hi. Will you be getting more of the Volkl Organix 6 Super G and Original in the 4 3/8 grip size? Or will you just be getting more of the Super G given that the Original is discontinued. Looking to get 2 or 3 racquets. Thanks!
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    Volkl Organix 6 Super G vs. Organix 6

    Hi! How does the Organix 6 Super G compare to the original Organix 6? The specs listed look identical. I know the VLog said that the handle of the Organix 6 Super G is more square. How about the way it hits. Thanks!
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    New Wilson Pro Staff 100L - Length?

    Hi! Is the length of the new Wilson Pro Staff 100L 27 inches as shown on your website? The previous version was 27.25 inches. Thanks!
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    Head Leather Tour grip

    Noticed that the Head Leather Tour grip is not on the TW website. Will it be coming back?
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    Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 98 - Has anyone tried it?

    Has anyone tried the Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 98 yet? Looking for a lighter racquet for my Dad to demo. Has the feel of this racquet improved like the regular Prince EXO3 Rebel 98? Thanks for your help!
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    Prince Premier Attack vs. Prince Syn Gut Multifilament?

    How does Prince Premier Attack compare to its predecessor Prince Syn Gut Multifilament. Anyone played with both? Which one did you like better? Thanks!
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    How much stiffer/harsher is Luxilon Alu Power than Babolat Pro Hurricane 17?

    I have a Head Microgel Instinct strung with a Babolat Conquest 16g Main / Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 Cross hybrid. Both the mains and crosses were strung at 57 pounds. This combo played really well for me in this racquet. It's now time for me to restring this racquet. I have a pack of Wilson...
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    Head IG Speed Elite and IG Speed 300 Specs

    Hi. Will you be posting the specs for the Head IG Speed Elite and the Head IG Speed 300? Thanks!
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    Will Head Youtek Instinct and Youtek Mojo be discontinued?

    I noticed that the Youtek Instinct and the Youtek Mojo are no longer on the Head website. Have they been discontinued with the introduction of the new Speed and Extreme racquets? Thanks!
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    Youtek Instinct vs Microgel Instinct - Any Feedback?

    Has anyone tried both the Head Youtek Instinct and the Head Microgel Instinct? Do the rackets play similarly? Thanks for your feedback!
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    Will the Head Youtek Instinct be sold in the US?

    Will the Head Youtek Instinct be sold in the US? Also, will Head will be making another batch of Microgel Instincts just like they did for the Microgel Radical MP and OS? Or is the Microgel Instinct gone for good? Thanks!
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    Will the 2010 Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT Team replace the Aero Strike?

    Will the 2010 Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT Team replace the Aero Strike? Or will both rackets be sold concurrently? Thanks!
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    Are you no longer selling the Head Microgel Radical Team?

    I noticed that you took the Head Microgel Radical Team off your website. Does this mean that you are not selling this racquet anymore?
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    Babolat Aero Strike vs. Head Microgel Radical Team

    Has anybody tried both of these rackets? How do they compare to each other? Thanks for your help!
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    Difference between Head Hydrosorb Tour and Head Hydrosorb grip

    What is the difference (if any) between the new Head Hydrosorb Tour and the regular Head Hydrosorb grip? Has anyone tried them both?
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    What string is on the Head Liquidmetal Instinct?

    What string is on the Head Liquidmetal Instinct you sell? Is it just plain 16 gauge Head Synthetic Gut? Or is it a different Head string? Thanks!
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    Babolat Aero Strike vs Babolat Drive Z Lite

    Can anyone offer a comparison between these 2 rackets? Do they play a lot differently from each other? Thanks for your help!
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    Anyone tried Prince Synthetic Gut Polyblend

    This seems like a great deal for $4.25 through TW, but there haven't been many reviews about it. Anyone tried it? I will probably string it with the Syn Gut Duraflex in the mains since I have only played with a Poly Hybrid once. It was in a demo Head Microgel Instinct...Head Synthetic Gut 16...
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    Has there been a problem with short Head Microgel rackets

    Has there been a quality control problem with Head Microgel racket length? Specifically, have some of the rackets come out 1/16" - 1/8" short of 27". If one gets a short racket, what should that person do? Thanks for your input.
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    26 7/8 inch Head Microgel Instinct?!

    I just picked up a Head Microgel Instinct and measured it with a tape measure. It measured 26 7/8 inches. My Head Pro Tour 280 measured 27 inches. When I stacked the 2 rackets on top of each other, the Microgel Instinct looked shorter. Will Head take this racket back and give me a...
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    Head Microgel Instinct vs Babolat Pure Storm vs Yonex RDS-002

    Has anyone tried all 3 of these rackets? I demoed the Microgel Instinct and liked it, but my local store does not have the other 2 rackets listed. Thanks for your help!
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    Head Microgel Mojo weight and balance specs on TW website

    Hello again. In the spec section, the Mojo is listed as an even balance racket. However, in the product description, it says that the Mojo is a head light racket? Which is it? Also, is the Mojo really only 10.4 ounces strung? On the Head website, the Mojo is listed at 10.1 ounces...
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    Microgel Monster specs on TW Website

    On TW's Head racket page, it says that the Microgel Monster weighs 10.6 ounces and is nearly evenly balanced. On TW's Microgel Monster webpage, it says that the racket is 10.4 ounces and is 3 points head heavy. Which specs are correct? Thanks!
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    Microgel Mojo & Microgel Radical Team Specs on TW Website

    I know you average the measurements of a group of rackets for the specs you put on the website. Does the Microgel Mojo really have a lower weight and swingweight (10.4 ounces / 301 SW) than the Microgel Radical Team (10.7 ounces / 311 SW)? According to Head, the Microgel Mojo is supposed to be...
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    Is the New Balance MC 803 a mid top or low top shoe?

    The New Balance website states that the MC 803 is a mid top shoe. In pictures, it looks like a low top. Would someone who has tried the shoe care to comment on what height this shoe is? Thanks!