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  1. MAX PLY

    Ever cut out the crosses and replace them?

    I was asked by a client to just cut and restring crosses . . . I took his racquet away and gave him a pickleball paddle.
  2. MAX PLY

    Wilson RF7 Grommets alternative?

    The current RF97 grommets should fit all versions of the RF97. Actually until the PS97v13, both the RF97 and PS 97 took the same grommets--the changed pattern on the v13 requires its own grommet strip (i.e., no longer the same). Good luck.
  3. MAX PLY

    Tourna OG "rots" and nobody ever told me that!

    I actually normally use Wilson Pro OverGrip (I like a slight tackiness--which it loses if not preserved over time)--but when things get super humid I use Tourna Grip--I generally find them too dry for most conditions but when I'm really dripping (I make Roddick and Nadal look dry), I switch to...
  4. MAX PLY

    Tourna OG "rots" and nobody ever told me that!

    Struggle is right, they all degrade over time. You can prolong their useful life by keeping them in an air-tight box or zip-lock bag. Not really an issue for me as I change very frequently so buying a large number at one time (and realizing the significant savings) works well for me.
  5. MAX PLY

    Pro Staff 97 V13 X's tie-off

    ^^^Jim e is correct. PS 97 v.13 is my personal frame--I actually think all of the previous versions had the same tie offs--I've done so many, it's instinct.
  6. MAX PLY

    First string job took 3 hours! Yours?

    I am sure Irvin is not the only one. A Tremont was my first machine too. First job took a couple of hours too. But I did first learn on that machine. For the time, is was an economically practical option. Ultimately, I mounted it on an old wooden bar stool and had an "upright". The good...
  7. MAX PLY

    Racquet Bag got Cat Peed on

    Maybe time to try catgut on the mains?
  8. MAX PLY

    grommet tips

    This is exactly how I learned to do it and it works pretty much every time ( although some racquets are easier than others). The harder the surface the better—marble countertops are great for this method. Just roll the head with a little pressure and set the individual grommets in each hole from...
  9. MAX PLY

    Naomi Osaka withdraws from the French Open

    Looking forward to her sit down with Oprah, Harry and Meghan.
  10. MAX PLY

    String weavers

    Or a setting off awl. It’s basically a large gauge blunt awl. Like weaving, the “straightening stab” is an acquired skill.
  11. MAX PLY

    My 8 knot masterpiece

    I find this thread knot amusing.
  12. MAX PLY

    String weavers

    I saw Harry's video earlier today--I came away convinced that it would actually take me more time to use that thing--he basically still had to weave. I guess a newbie may get a benefit but as struggle says: Just learn to weave. I have not used the Stringway or MiStinger tools so maybe they...
  13. MAX PLY

    Alpha Ghost 2 Stringing Machine

    Kevin is Gene’s son.
  14. MAX PLY

    Alpha Ghost 2 Stringing Machine

    Unique Sports Products is effectively Tourna--I believe Gene Niksich was the originator of those early products (Tourna Grip, the original "O" dampner, etc. and he has a ton of patents) and he and his sons continue to run the enterprise. Honestly, a great story of business success. As for the...
  15. MAX PLY

    Alpha Axis Pro Or Tourna CS-300

    Quality crank machines (the two you mentioned, Gamma and the Prince Neos--are all very good machines) are more than enough for what I expect would be your needs. I think either would be fine. You might want to check with tennis machines dot com--they sell both and JC may have an opinion...
  16. MAX PLY


    ^^^Well, it’s been 11 years since that post, he may be free now!
  17. MAX PLY

    Straightening strings

    I straighten as install the crosses and then usually touch it up with my setting off awl as needed before I pull the frame off the machine. Fingers would work just as well at the end but just habit for me.
  18. MAX PLY

    Fun fact . Never met a stringer who fon a single match.

    Actually the video pretty much confirmed what I was expecting as to your stroking technique, not to mention the tell-tale sound of a top notch string job at each ball strike. Bravo!
  19. MAX PLY

    Model D Restoration

    Nice job! One of the better reclamations I have seen. Enjoy.
  20. MAX PLY

    Happy Easter

    ^^^ Ditto--Happy Easter (or your preferred equivalent) everyone!
  21. MAX PLY

    If you re-string only the crosses, how do you handle the old knots?

    Actually, I suspect you get better consistency of functionality with turning over your worn underpants than you do when replacing the crosses. As I’ve stated many times before, it matters little to me what one does with his/her own racquet but the fact that someone can replace the crosses does...
  22. MAX PLY

    If you re-string only the crosses, how do you handle the old knots?

    A terrible practice . . . but probably preserves dents.
  23. MAX PLY

    Fun fact . Never met a stringer who fon a single match.

    I suspect more than the strings are dented.
  24. MAX PLY

    Neos clamps sliding after clamping

    Sounds like you need to clean the bars and the area of the clamp that grabs the bar. Over time, the bars and clamps will pick up string residue which makes them slick. Use alcohol, clean throughly, let everything dry and see if that works. Try that before you invest in new clamps.
  25. MAX PLY

    I hate Penn balls.

    The Penn Championship Extra-Duty ball is indeed terrible. My biggest complaint is their horrible inconsistency--inevitably at least two balls in every can has an inconsistent or cracked seam and/or a flaw in the felt. I think the former problem is the cause of the inconsistent pressure from...
  26. MAX PLY

    How to start multifilament/syn gut

    Seriously, it looks like the clamps needed a good cleaning (maybe the whole machine too?). That should work for the OP. Failing that, he can try fortifying that first pull with a back up starting clamp (what I have always done) or maybe using the business card hack (using a folded business...
  27. MAX PLY

    How to start multifilament/syn gut

    The real question is what else is she using your toothbrush for?
  28. MAX PLY

    How to start multifilament/syn gut

    Fixed Clamps or Flying Clamps? Either way, clean them with some alcohol (denatured or isopropyl). A cotton shoe lace works very well. No soap or water. No sandpaper either (yet, anyway).