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    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    He won the first set. Problems have come after that. His backhand down the line looks off as well. Usually the most dependable shot in tennis. Interesting to watch Djokovic have to adapt his game though.
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    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic, perhaps for the first time in his career post 2011, coming up against someone who is fitter and stronger than him? Giving him that same demoralisation he's given to so many others.
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    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    It may be, but I don't think that's the issue in this match so far. He's having issues with his serve. If he ever served this poorly against Murray in an AO final, Murray would have a title to his name as well.
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    Thiem beat all the Big 3 in a couple of months

    He'll probably blow it against Zverev now that I'm saying this but I think he's the closest to really removing the Big Three from the throne. If he can get the win here, I wouldn't be shocked to see a Djokovic 2011 style year from him.
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    Stan ties Edberg at the 11th place for most wins over top5 in Grand Slams

    In Murray's case, you also have to factor in that he only played 6 different top 5 players at slams in his entire career. Other than the Fed/Nadal/Djokovic he played Wawrinka, Ferrer and Roddick. Worth pointing out that Wawrinka benefits in this stats from not being in the top 5 for much of...
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    Djokovic approached the net more often than Federer today (24% vs 14%)

    The points aren't exclusively one thing or the other, the point is about how many of the points there are. Djokovic still winning the points isn't really a shock because he's a fantastic player. If a rally is going 15 shots deep and Djokovic is starting to pull you from side to side...
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    Djokovic approached the net more often than Federer today (24% vs 14%)

    RBA forced Djokovic to the net, because that's where he's weakest. Nadal tried to stop Federer getting to the net. One long baseline rally isn't automatically the same as the other as well. Djokovic and RBA was a far more methodical wait-and-see type of rally. Fed and Nadal, even in the 20+...
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    Could Nadal and Djokovic win Wimbledon on a traditional fast, slick grass ?

    Nadal at his peak could, sure. And Djokovic would still win multiple.
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    The toughest draw of all time: Nadal at Wimbledon 2019

    Not a single seed before the semi-finals for Rafa. A draw that looks difficult to casual observers, but actually is played against guys who've done nothing for 12 months.
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    Will Fed get to Connors 1,256 match wins?

    Pele did not score 1000+ goals by any official metric, which is exactly the point I am making. To get Pele to 1000 goals you need to include goals he scored for the coast guard in the military competitions, tours, friendlies, behind-closed door matches etc. He has an official goal tally of 757...
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    Will Fed get to Connors 1,256 match wins?

    Think the sooner these old records are "broken" the better. A touch of the Pele "I scored over 1000 goals" about most of their unverifiable stats.
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    When all is said and done, who will have had the better clay career?

    Only came in here to watch all the people who normally tell us all that slams are the only thing which matter flip flop and say that one RG, in this instance, will be better than two. (I agree, FWIW, but my opinion is consistent on it regardless of which player I'm discussing)
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    Murray 'cautiously optimistic' about a summer return

    Same for anyone else. He didn't have a hip replacement because he's an old man with brittle bones, his issue is most probably with cartilage and the hip resurfacing solves that. His hip would be robust enough to stand up to any normal level of activity. Boils down to whether it is functional...
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    A new grass masters: Halle or Queen's?

    Possibly you could alternate, ala Canada. Queen's seems to be a favourite of the players though, being voted as the best tournament a good few times.
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    "Grand Slams is where I've been playing my best, and thats what I intend to do"

    Watch him play a game of ever-changing reasons. "He's focused on clay now that he's won AO - doesn't care about IW & Miami" "It's only the FO he's concerned about" "He's more interested in getting another WImbledon and US Open, in fact" And on and on it goes.
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    Is Djokovic overrated on clay?

    Don't think it was unfair to say he wasn't at his best on clay last season. Nadal also wasn't at his best on grass, the difference is that everyone knows Nadal's best on grass is far behind him. That was unclear about Djokovic and remains so. His level on clay is probably higher than his post-AO...
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    If Wawrinka wins 4th major will people still talk about the "Big 4" of this era

    This is what never makes any sense to me in these threads. People want to give Murray just enough credit to boost the achievements of Djokovic when Djokovic was playing well, but downplay Murray's achievements when Murray was playing at a higher level because they think Djokovic had dropped his...
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    How can a player who has declined in some aspect be at their "peak"?

    Convicted of doping Justin Gatlin? Not a great example.
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    How can a player who has declined in some aspect be at their "peak"?

    Clearly he hasn't been at his peak in his mid 30s, it's a ridiculous suggestion. But just because he wasn't at his best doesn't mean every part of his game was weaker than at his peak. His forehand is not as good as it used to be, but his backhand is more consistent. His speed is not what it...
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    Greater comeback: Federer or Novak or Tiger?

    Federer and Djokovic' comebacks are great, but Woods was in the position of possibly not even being able to walk, sit, stand comfortably for the rest of his life. Woods' comeback would be more akin to Murray coming back and winning Wimbledon at some point.
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    Monte Carlo draw?

    Thiem will beat Djokovic, imo, so I guess he has a better chance. But Thiem will also lose to Nadal, so in the end it doesn't matter.
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    Nick Kyrgios: Clay Court shouldn't even be a surface, replace it with Grass

    I would be delighted if the whole clay season switched to grass.
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    2017 AO Final observation.

    In terms of court speed, the only years of Shanghai it has been classed in the top end of the fast category were 13, 14, 17 & 18 - 2 won by Fed and 2 won by Novak.
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    2017 AO Final observation.

    Federer is significantly smarter now than he ever has been. He doesn't allow any opponent to find a rhythm if he can help it. That's why he's reversed his fortune against Nadal.
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    Clay Negationism

    It looks the worst on TV. It tends to favour grinders and whilst RG gets interesting towards the latter stages on occasion, usually I just check out of watching the clay season, finals aside. Countdown until the grass swing for me, really.
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    Who has a heavier forehand: Thiem or Edmund?

    I think Edmund's is heavier, Thiem's also has great RPM alongside being extremely heavy itself.
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    Best player on Grass?

    Okay, to what extent. Is it worth twice a non-BO5 M1000? 10% more? 25%? 50%?