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    Which of these marquee matchups was the greatest?

    Borg and Mac takes the cake for me, during the glory days of tennis IMO the purest contrast for sure. Agassi and Sampras were always so highly hyped, that they rarely lived up to it. Kevin, I believe Clutch was speaking about Venus vs. Hingis.
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    Kid's tennis: right time to start?

    At the younger ages, I believe it should be just for fun and exposure. This should prepare a kid for his tourny days when he turns around 10 years old. There is no 'right' time to start, if you got the talent, hard work, or both, you can make a name for yourself in tennis.
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    Whos having the most fun on the court and who would rather be doing something else?

    Hewitt, Federer, and Coria seem like they are straight-up business. Blake was a headcase, until as of recently. Agassi still amazes me at how much fun he is still having on the court at 35. I agree that the youngins compared to the vets, show more enjoyment but less maturity.
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    Serena 'Training' at McDonalds

    If I'm correct, doesn't Serena endorse McD's? Once in a while, I think not LOL Looking at her, I'd say that her *cravings* are pretty routine. I'm not a *world class athlete*, but I'm not exactly in love with McD's. I think Serena should be conscious of what she eats. Her presence at the top...
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    Whos having the most fun on the court and who would rather be doing something else?

    Nadals top the vote on who still plays it like a *game* out there. Ferrero seems bored like out there without any excitement happening, and Safin wants to take a lead in a match and run with it, not really willing to dig deeper.
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    Davis Cup: Worldwide SPOILERS!!

    Gonzalez/Massu lead Khan/Qureshi 6-1 6-3 2-0
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    Davis Cup: Worldwide SPOILERS!!

    Beck/Mertinak take the TB and match.
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    Davis Cup: Worldwide SPOILERS!!

    Beck/Mertinak leading Nalbandian/Puerta 7-6 7-5 6-6 Ancic/Ljubicic def. Tursunov/Youzhny 6-2 4-6 7-6 3-6 6-4 Croats, especially Ljubicic, are playing like something else this year, aren't they? Are the Russians really affected without the presence of Safin?
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    Will NADAl have a Chang like career?

    Nadal is just as fast, revolutionized topspin and attitude, and he's got the muscle. Throw in the lefty factor as well. I believe Nadal's game is also more varied. It is the playing style and coaching/management situation I'm concerned about with Nadal.
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    When did Agassi start to wax his whole body?

    When he truely lost that 'wildman' image is my guess. I hear that he rededicated himself to his tennis around 30, so that should give you some idea.
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    You're #1 .. Are you Arrogant or Demure ?

    I think Federer is more 'confident' than Steffi was, but he definitely is not going overboard, and we may call him arrogant according to the American culture, but I don't believe so. Both players have that confidence as another weapon IMO, and it is no where close to that of Andrea Jaeger or...
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    Why not actually release the top pros' custom sticks to the public?

    Ummm... I believe TW and probably some local stores can do that for you... You may just be getting your start in tennis, but I'm under the impression that there are many players on these boards that have customized frames in some way, whether they increase the size of the grip by putting on...
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    Update on my game

    Update: The most suitable serving stance that I have found now is the pinpoint stance, contradicting my above post. I just found it to give me the most variety and comfort, more so then the other stances. The full-western fh grip is also proving to be worthwhile. I find myself much more...
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    What is Richard Gasquet had won 10 Titles this year . . .

    I don't think anyone acknowledged this post. I agree with it completely, and it pretty much sums it up perfectly for me. Like Federer in his early days, Gasquet is still a headcase. Federer took a while to get his all-court game together, but once he did, utter domination. If Gasquet were to...
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    Sarapova in Beijing **Spoiler**

    I would think the tour would have less injuries with all the weight training done nowadays. You got top-ranked players pulling out here and there. Kirilenko always had the potential, and she lived up to it against Sharapova. If I'm under the right impression, Kirilenko would have pulled that...
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    Prince and Gamma suggestions

    I found shops carrying stuff from Dunlop, Head, Tecnifibre, and Wilson also. Could I get some recommendations on the best from these companies? I have a poly or poly/gut combo in mind. Something that plays like Luxilon, maybe....
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    greatest shot ever?

    Just watching the Agassi vs. Federer USO Final, Federer did the same exact thing off that dropshot return that he hit. Agassi then hit a dropshot back, and the point ended up as Agassi's.
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    Which racquet deserves a shot?

    Just got it today, long story, see my new thread: What a story... I got to more closely browse that store's selection of racquets today.
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    Blake and Ginepri predictions?

    Both now believe that they have the games to contend, and I don't think they are going to stop walloping the ball. It seems to me that there games should fare well on all surfaces, but it is still to be seen how these new, improved versions of these players play on foreign soil. They are...
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    The Debate Over Socks

    Anything goes really if you are off court, but when I'm on the court, I favor crew socks.
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    Nadal's shoe

    I've heard wonders about the BF 2, I'd get a pair if I could.
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    A message from Andy

    Nine pages of posts about a tidbit from Roddick! For all the self-proclaimed Roddick 'dislikers' on this board, you sure do care a lot about his simple message to his fans.
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    Favorite Rock Bands

    Lifehouse and 3 Doors Down are two that come to mind, or maybe those are classified as pop/rock. I'm not too into the hardcore rock.
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    What do you think the Pro's listen too?

    These following are fact: Safin - Eminem Roddick - Usher, Maroon 5, John Mayer Sampras - Dave Matthews Band Serena - Ray J Kuznetsova - Hip Hop in general is what I know Blake - Eminem, Gavin Degraw, Fabolous ( just to name a few from Smash mag ) I also heard that Moya, Coria, and...
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    Things pros do and amateurs shouldn't

    That's another thing, but this thread I believe was on pros' shots/strategies. I find it hilarious when tricks is what players focus on before getting the true mechanics of the strokes down.
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    Should their be tighter restrictions on pros racquet specs?

    Once again, IMO, the pros' swings are what causes this 'power' in the game of today, and I believe there was a test where pros swung a wooden then a modern racquet, and the differences were very minimal. Pros should be allowed to use whatever they think they need to succeed....
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    Why not actually release the top pros' custom sticks to the public?

    Custom sticks are just that, taylor made for the pro's specified needs. Last time I checked no one person or player is completely similar to another, and each player has different specs. So it is regardless of whether you could handle the heavy weight and what not....
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    point construction

    I'll tell you on the men's side, the Spanish guys do it like no other, other than Federer.
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    Scud lives to play another day

    I hope he gets his confidence up, and how shocking would it be if he won the Thailand Open knocking out someone like Federer? Whenever this guy is at the top of his game and focused, he is a true talent, but he seems to have Safin type problems.
  30. GotGame?

    Roger Federer on Letterman Show Rebroadcast on Sept. 29

    Thanks for the heads up! I'm assuming you're posting this because it is worth a watch...