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    2015 US Open Men's QF: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga[19] vs. Marin Cilic[9]

    Wow, anyone get a load of that blonde with the short hair in the dress that they just showed in the crowd at 2-2 in the 4th set? Can't wait for Tennis Channel to re-broadcast this match so I can see that again. Gorgeous.
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    2015 WTA Indin Wells Final Halep vs Jancovic

    She made too much out of it. The umpire was quick in her original call, but still didn't squelch Jelena's objections quickly enough. Jelena was just hoping that if she argued long enough, the umpire would feel pressured to reverse the call. But she didn't, so good for her.
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    2015 WTA Indin Wells Final Halep vs Jancovic

    Wow, what a game. Poor volleys and poor umpiring. Plus the break. This is true drama.
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    2015 Bnp Paribas Open Final (1) Novak Djokovic vs (2) Roger Federer

    Halep's been very strong in the last 20 minutes. She has the advantage in the third set. If Jankovic wins by outlasting her, it could be a long match.
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    2015 BNP Paribas Open / Indian Wells - ATP 1000

    How true. In fact, the replay on match point had already shown the ball was out before the next point began anyway. In an ideal situation, the umpire would have had access to that replay feed and have been able to properly award the point (and the match).
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    2015 BNP Paribas Open / Indian Wells - ATP 1000

    He was absolutely robbed! Players shouldn't NEED challenges, that's what the linespeople and umpire are for. The linesperson missed the call AND Mohammed missed the call. Period. If either one had done their job properly, the match would have been over. Now it is very likely that the kid...
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    Federer really didn't play that badly

    Fed got Rosol'd bigtime. There's really not much else to say. Cilic was in the zone practially all day. Federer tried to hang on after the Cilic onslaught on his service games for all three sets, but he couldn't break back. KN and MC deserve to be in the final. There cannot be any doubt...
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    Wow what a final. Brilliant!

    Whomever wins this final will DEFINITELY deserve the championship, no doubt about it. At this point, both contenders deserve the win. Whichever way the final goes, you can't take anything away from the victor. I sort of thought this year might be different. As soon as K. Nishikori won, I...
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    2014 USO Semifinal: [2] R. Federer vs [14] M. Cilic

    Wow, did you guys see the way they threw the "retirement" trailer into the last CBS clip? As they concluded their show, they had an extended clip of all the LAST matches of all of the recently-retired players. Are they suggesting this is Roger's last year? The result tonight was unfortunate...
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    Novak Djokovic [1] vs Kei Nishikori [10]: USO 2014 semifinals

    How in the world is Novak having trouble returning 115 MPH serves??
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    Is Cilic the greatest choker in the Open Era?

    Cilic loses a tight match (which he NEVER was in the position to actually win) to Fed and the OP is enraged enough to start a rant thread about how Cilic is the "greatest choker ever". Never mind that it was Fed that blew 6 match points and was something like 0-10 on break points. If Cilic...
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    Wimbledon 2014 R32: Mikhail Kukushkin vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    How predictable Nadal took a "bathroom break" after losing the first set. Absurd.
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    What tactics should Federer use should he meet Nadal in semis?

    One thing Federer (or anyone else, for that matter) has never done is to moonball a shot deep to Nadal's backhand and then attack the net. Nadal's crosscourt backhand is much better than DTL, so the moonball approach would allow Federer to actually close on the net and cut off the crosscourt...
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    If Nadal wins final, Only one non-French Slam in last 5 Slams

    Makes no sense. So, if Nadal won 20 French Opens and zero other slams, you would still consider him the GOAT? Just because someone has a game that's suited to one surface and others don't necessarily focus on improving their game to suit that particular surface, that doesn't make the dominant...
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    If Nadal wins final, Only one non-French Slam in last 5 Slams

    I said this back in the A.O. this year before the final. I respect Nadal for what he has accomplished and he's unequaled as a fighter on the court. But based on his ultra-heavy concentration of major titles at one event, there's just no way I could ever consider him to be the GOAT. Even if he...
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    Andre Agassi picks Rafael Nadal ahead of Roger Federer as tennis's greatest all-time

    Not going to read 25 pages of this, so I'm not sure if it's been said, but in my opinion, someone who wins 70% of their major titles at one tournament can't be considered the GOAT. GOAT of clay? Sure. All-time GOAT? No way.
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    Something fishy is going on

    The thing that people don't realize is that these guys are on strict diets and eat the same thing for every meal, every day, when playing a tournament. They leave nothing to chance. It's not like Berdych was out partying the night before the semifinal, boozing it up or something. Gastro...
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    Do You Really Think Nadal would "fake" an injury in beginning of second set?

    Hahaha, "plenty of times"?? He has done it 3 times in his entire career. Maybe even 2. The commentators mentioned it during the match. I can't remember if they said it would be his 3rd time doing it or if he had already done it 3 times. But whatever. "Plenty of times". That's a good one...
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    Rafa not to win Calendar Slam in 2014

    Fine craftsmanship by the OP. The only thing that was left out was that it only took *13* seconds to finish the computation this time around.
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    Booing from the crowd was disgraceful

    WRONG! He thought he could play mind games with Wawrinka and hoped that Stan would collapse. He didn't "know" he would lose 6-0. He "thought" he could turn the match around by throwing some doubt and hesitation into his opponent's mind. He, too, was wrong.
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    Booing from the crowd was disgraceful

    Fans in any sport boo when they see unsportsmanlike behavior. Just shows how attentive and educated the crowd was. They picked up on it right away.
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    Rafa's Sad Presser

    "And the Oscar goes to......."
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    Is Magnus Norman Really This Good As A Coach?

    Oddly, that is true much of the time. But while the phrase sounds derogatory, you can't blame the teacher for not being able to "do", especially in tennis. Tennis is a tremendously demanding sport that combines physicality with mental toughness. Just because Norman may have the KNOWLEDGE to...
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    Is Magnus Norman Really This Good As A Coach?

    I was just wondering about this myself. He coached Soderling and now Wawrinka to victories over Nadal. And neither had any prior success against him. And what he has done with Dimitrov is amazing as well. Looks like he still has a long way to go, but at least he looks a little more mentally...
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    Assessing Federer's Two-Handed Backhand

    Ugh! Decent?? No comparison. Tsonga's 1HBH is ugly as sin. Sometimes he hits it for a last-gasp attempt at a winner, but it's more of a slap than a stroke.
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    Assessing Federer's Two-Handed Backhand

    Funny, I have a pretty nice one-hander (for a 4.5 player) and that's how I look when I try to hit with two hands. Very clumsy and awkward looking, especially in the follow-through. I never could learn it properly. Maybe that was Federer's problem too?
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    This sums up Fedal matches.

    ^^^^ THIS. Federer keeps trying to hit off-balance topspin backhands crosscourt to Nadal's forehand and they always land short or sit up perfectly for Nadal to hammer. It really just makes no sense whatsoever. The ONLY match I ever saw that Federer beat Nadal with his backhand was the WTF in...
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    Sampras - I've never seen anything like Nadal

    Hahahaha! He absolutely did NOT say that. He said maybe 17 or 18 majors. Nice try.