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    Tennis in the Kanto area; specifically Ibaraki/Tochigi/Saitama/Chiba!!

    Hi everyone! I'm currently living in Ibaraki ken in Japan. I'm looking for people to play with as it seems hard to find tennis players in this area! I'm a few stops away from Oyama station but I'm willing to go to Tochigi, Saitama, or Chiba to play. Of course the closer the better! I'm around...
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    Tennis Yokohama area/lower Tokyo area

    Hey everyone. I'm in Japan for about a month and I'd really like to get some hitting in. If anyone is in the Yokohama or Lower Tokyo area, I'd really like to get some hitting in sometime. I'll go as far north as Sugamo if you know of cheap courts. I've read they can be as cheap as 200 yen an...
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    Question about order

    Hello TW Staff, I had just got my order from you guys and I noticed that I got Isospeed Hybrid control 17L instead of the 16L that I ordered. However I noticed that there isn't a 17L available on the TW site. Could this be a manufacture typo and it's really 16L or should I just exchange it...
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    Hyper extended finger = bad tennis? Or..

    As the title says, I hyper extended my ring finger in my left (playing hand) backwards last weekend playing volleyball. It hurt when I had to put my hand inside a tight jean pocket or try to bend it back at first. I played tennis with it still swollen last Monday but it was fine aside a little...
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    Thinking of getting a bike

    I'd like to get some advice from you bike gurus here. I'm thinking of getting a bike since gas is getting expensive. As a poor college student, I think a bike is good since I use my car mainly for getting groceries or getting takeout close by. I live in a fairly suburban/rural area but the...
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    Wilson Butt Caps

    Hi I have a question about Wilson butt caps. I was wondering, are the butt caps that are sold on the TW site closer in terms of shape and size to the older series such as the original Prostaff and the Hypercarbon series or is it more related to the Ncode line? I noticed I prefer my butt cap on...
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    Check out Federer's face

    Or should I say his expression. I find it funny. courtesy of ESPN. Let the comments fly! Maybe it's a bad joke on my part but here
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    Hitting partner at PSU/State College, PA area

    Anyone looking for a hitting partner in the PSU/State College area? Club tennis is kinda over and I'm looking for people to hit with. I hit with mostly 3.0-3.5 people. Higher levels are welcome but be warned, I'm only around 3.0-3.5 area. I'll probably be able to play only on Wednesday nights...
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    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii!!!!!

    Who can't wait for this title?? Who's foaming at the mouth like crazy for this?! I am!!!!!! It comes out Wednesday but I won't dare to play it till Friday, and all weekend!!! Who else is excited?? Can't wait.. can't wait! Got an 8.5 on IGN too! PS: sorry for the rabid post lol
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    Who else is doing nothing tonight?

    Last night of Spring break and I'm doing nothing. Anyone else staying home tonight not by choice? Sure there are things I could do and really should do. But I just have the itch to go out... Living in the suburbs stinks sometimes.
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    Should I ask them to restring it?

    So along with my new stringer I mentioned in the other thread, I got a string meter too. I had my PS Tour 95 restrung on Monday cause I felt there was too much string movement. When I checked the tension tonight, it ranged from 25 to 30 lbs! I requested 56. The thing is, I was sitting outside in...
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    Should I start stringing myself?

    I would like your opinion on the idea if I should buy a stringer and learn to string myself or not. I current play with a PS Tour 95 with PSGD at 54 lbs. I never break strings but I noticed a lot of string movement and maybe a bit lack of control after about 13 hours of hitting. I'm not 100%...
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    Which Way Do You Shave?

    So which way? Against the grain? With the grain? Both? I think this can qualify for women too. Not too sure. As you can see by the poll options, this is just for fun :D As for me, I do both. Lately I've been shaving with the grain.
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    **** Official Bad Tennis Day Thread ****

    After searching to no avail., I decided to make a thread for all of those to come to when you're having a bad tennis day, frequent bad tennis days, or continuous bad tennis days! You may come here and rant, offer constructive advice, share your gripes, so on and so forth. Just keep it...
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    Oh.. My.. Gosh.. That's just too good!!

    If you know these songs, you will appreciate them right away. I just discovered them tonight. If you don't know them, I will do my best to fill you in :D
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    Tonight's ep of Heroes!! 11/19/07 (Possible spoilers!)

    What are your thoughts?? I can't believe Adam is the killer! That just complicates the plot even more.. Plus next week's episode looks craaaazy!
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    Whipping Forehand

    So today while playing a set with my friend, I somehow did a whipping forehand on his second serve that was well placed down the line. It felt soo nice! Does anyone naturally have a whipping forehand or is working on one that can lend me your two cents on a whipping forehand? Are there any...
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    Meat Anyone?? Novak Thinks So! I ran across this today. Hopefully it hasn't been posted yet. Makes be hungry after watching it!! Btw, could this go in the general pro discussion?
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    Dreams about Tennis players?

    So I'd like to start a thread dealing with having dreams about tennis players. This can include dreams about your fellow tennis friends, opponents, players you know of, pros, former pros, anyone affiliated with tennis. So let's hear those dreams, just keep it as clean as possible please! I'll...
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    What are the real specs of the Ncode Ntour?!

    I just got myself an Ncode Ntour for a backup racket.. impulse buy really. I'd like to know, what are the real specs of the racket? I didn't buy it before cause I saw the specs on tenniswarehouse. Though when I look at the racket, it's 2 pts hl and 10.2 oz instead of even and 10.7 oz. Any...
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    Hitting with a 3.5 worth it on both ends?

    So I got an email a couple minutes ago from the find a partner thing and the guy who wants to play is a 3.5. I'm a 3.0 who has a terrible backhand especially when it's not on. So my question is, would I be wasting our time and maybe offending him by taking up his offer to hit? I know...
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    Commercials with Federer during the semis

    Anyone see the commercials in the past hour or so on NBC? The glillete (sp) commercial was kinda cool, but the one about how Federer grew up to have Woods at the end saying hey, I have 12 majors! was pretty funny lol. I seriously was like whaat, when he got thrashed at the end. Any thoughts? Or...
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    NTRP Rating Compared to Other Sports?

    Just for kicks (and hopefully this hasn't been done recently), I'd like to see how our tennis experts on these forums compare each level, probably 3.0 and up, to other sports. Some sports I'd like to see tennis ranking compared to other sport rankings on here are baseball, soccer, basketball...
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    Smaller head size for training?

    Not sure if this belongs in instruction or racquet section but I'll put it here. I was wondering, does using a racquet with a small head during practice (same model of your match racquet but with a smaller head size,) help you improve your conscious effort to hit the sweet spot? I think this...
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    Ever on the tennis court not 100% sober?

    As I sit here enjoying my beer(legally of course,) I wonder... has anyone ever play a friendly match with a friend (hopefully not on a club/public court) after a beer or two? If so, how did it go? Anything disastrous/funny happen? Please do tell. If you have pictures of videos of these...
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    Best Tennis Game to Play?

    Anyone out there play tennis video games when not playing real tennis? What game do you play and which do you like best? What ones don't you like? I play a lot of virtua tennis 3. I played top spin 2 but I don't like the crazy meters for power shots and such. Smash Court Tennis 2 is nice but the...
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    New Racket Suggestions?

    Hello there. I'm currently new to the forums and I was wondering if you guys can give me some advice. I've been playing seriously for about two years now and picked up tennis about 4 years ago. I'm male and 21 so I have plenty of room to go =D. I was wondering if you folks could help steer me in...