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  1. Pro Staff Pete

    How to build a clay court in 5 days (timelapse)

    The clay court for the Davis Cup play-off match NED-AUT at the Groningen Martini Plaza was built in 5 days. Check out this timelapse.
  2. Pro Staff Pete

    2013 AO - Men's Doubles Final - Bryans vs. Sijsling/Haase

    Being very proud as a Dutchman of these guys reaching the finals, what are the expectations? After beating the WTF champs Granollers/Lopez, everything is possible? Or will it just be 'another day at the office' for the bros.
  3. Pro Staff Pete

    CN Tennis Racquets

    This company sells various Wilson BLX/KFactor racquets for a remarkably low price. Is anyone familiar with this website? Perhaps someone has had experience(s) with these racquets and can tell whether they are original or possibly fake?******.com/ Put 'tennis' on the *s.
  4. Pro Staff Pete

    Can anyone explain why..

    .. Thiemo de Bakker dropped from 73 to 76, after making it to the 3rd round of Indian Wells last week :confused:
  5. Pro Staff Pete

    Federer backhand: Not so bad after all?

    I came across this video in my favorites folder on Youtube, and I'm again impressed.
  6. Pro Staff Pete

    Martin Verkerk to quit tennis

    Tonight Dutchman Martin Verkerk announced that he is to quit tennis. He said he can't longer motivate himself, due to injuries he's suffered/suffering from. French '03 :)
  7. Pro Staff Pete

    Nike Air Oscillate Clay 2008

    Any thoughts on this shoe? I think it's great that they came up with this new release. It's available at my local Dutch warehouse but I'm not sure TW sells it aswell.
  8. Pro Staff Pete

    Basic white grips on new racquets. Marketing?

    Over the last year or two I've seen more and more new racquets that come with a basic white grip on them. Looking all flashy and clean, but obviously after a couple of weeks, turning into a dirty, brownish grip that looks anything but clean. When I suggest my customers to put a fresh white...
  9. Pro Staff Pete

    Crisp syn gut?

    Can anyone recommend a syn gut with a crisp feel?
  10. Pro Staff Pete

    Polystar Energy. What tension?

    I got two sets of Polystar Energy and I want to string my N90 with it. I usually have my strings @ 58 lbs. What can you guys recommend for this string? What about the durability?
  11. Pro Staff Pete

    Tyger StringEco 410

    Any thoughts, opinions on this machine? I'm considering buying an electric machine that is not too expensive. €550 / $850 Sadly I don't have the specs available.
  12. Pro Staff Pete

    PH hybrid bad idea?

    Yesterday I strung my N90 with Babolat Pro Hurricane in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses. The result: what a dead feel! No power whatsoever! Later that night my friend told me that he witnessed the same when he had his RDS001 strung with PHT (mains) and a softer string (forgot the...
  13. Pro Staff Pete

    Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly - 6 reasons why to..

    To decide to receive instead of serving - after winning the toss. Can anyone recall them? (I'm not (yet) in the posession of the book).
  14. Pro Staff Pete

    Strings Dying

    Since I've been reading more and more about (especially) polyester strings going 'dead' - e.g. Alu Power and other Luxilon strings - I'd like to know what exactly happens after a while (sometimes surprisingly quick). For example, I've read that BB Alu Power goes dead after 4 hours, what does...
  15. Pro Staff Pete

    What PS85 is this?

    Hey folks, I'm considering buying this Pro Staff from Dutch *bay. However, I'm not really sure what type it is. Most likely an Asian version, sadly.. after having received some pictures from the guy. I'm also thinking that it could be a fake (black butt cap?!). Anyway, if you guys can help me...
  16. Pro Staff Pete

    Roger Federer's tour schedule 2008

    Dunno whether this has been published here on TT, but here it is. What's most striking is the choice for another clay tourney in preparation for RG (Estoril) and the change of date and venue of the Dubai Open, leaving Federer a full month break in Febuary. 09.01.08 - AAMI Classic, Kooyong...
  17. Pro Staff Pete

    Sensation + ...

    At the moment I'm playing with a full Wilson Sensation string job on my N90. I bought some new ones and they came with it (even though I didn't actually prefer it, but ok). I've known the string for ages, but never really tested it on my N90. I like the way it plays, but I'm missing some spin...
  18. Pro Staff Pete

    Wilson Pro Matrix

    Any info? Anyone? I'm thinking of buying this racquet via a Dutch eB*y sort of website. The only info given is that it's the racquet prior to Sampras' Pro Staff(s). It's said to be a collecters item. It's been used 4/5 times and the asking price is around 80 dollars (I'm sure the guy would be...
  19. Pro Staff Pete

    Kirschbaum Basic Nylon / Basic Poly

    Any info on them? Experiences? I'm thinking of using them for string jobs for people who don't care too much about their strings and just want some basic stuff to hit with. Thanks in advance.
  20. Pro Staff Pete

    PS 6.0 "85 - Another one, but it will be rather short

    First of all, sorry for making a new thread, but believe me.. it will be closed very soon (hopefully). Here's my question: I'm looking for a PS 6.0 "85 specialist/experienced player. All I want is to ask this person for some advice on stringing. So if you're willing to do some PM'ing...
  21. Pro Staff Pete

    Kirschbaum stencil ?

    Is anyone in the posession of a Kirschbaum stencil? I can't find any. ps. I know it sounds silly but I can't help it I love cherries :oops:
  22. Pro Staff Pete

    Kirschbaum Competition (1.25) with ...

    Hey tennis fanatics, Here's a question for you Competition players, or maybe other Kirschbaum hitters. I'm currently playing with the Kirschbaum Competition (both mains + crosses), but I'm thinking of changing to a hybrid combination because I want some more touch and control. For the...
  23. Pro Staff Pete

    Wilson Tour Orange Bag

    Anyone familiar? Pro's? Cons? I'm considering buying it. Thanks in advance.