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    Dimitrov shoes 2021

    Anyone see dimitrovs Instagram posts? Has he been using vapor 9's this whole time? I don't recall it being so noticeable
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    graphene xt radical pro cap grommets??

    Any word on if it will still be compatible with CAP grommets? And what color they will be for this version? Will we finally get black CAP grommets?
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    Head graphene radical mp limited edition grommets

    looking for black grommets that will fit on graphene radicals.. i know the limited edition mid plus' came with black ones. anyone know where to get black ones that will fit????
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    gasquet racquet????

    SonyOpenTennis posted a photo of Richard and i know he doesnt use the Extreme, but is he still using the Instinct under the Paint job??? This frame looks very similar to some current yonex frames.. Anyone know FOR SURE what he is really...
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    wawrinka tattoo

    just recently have seen pictures of wawrinka with a fairly new tattoo on his forearm.. anyone know what it says??
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    looking for crosses to use with Lux 4g

    Anyone any suggestions for a cross string in a Lux. 4g hybrid???? Stringing Yonex vcore 95D
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    Volkl Pro Stock Quantum Stepanek

    Anyone know whats going on with this? seems pretty weird.. What are the specs for the racquet if its a Quantum 10 tour???
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    Pros tattoos

    interesting topic nobody really taks about... pros with tattoos?.. tipsarevic has a bunch curious to know of other pros with tattoos if anyone can find pictures or if anyone knows who else has tattoos on tour?:)
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    Yonex Vcore 95D... replacement?

    I know the Vcore 95D is discontinued for 2013.. i have the yonex 2013 catalog in front of me and there isnt a replacement.. anyone else hear any news of a replacement? If there isnt a replacement coming out.. does anyone know Yonex's reasoning behind this? Thanks!:-?:-?:-?
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    Shoelaces ripping/breaking constantly..

    My shoelaces keep tearing, breaking, ripping.. whatever you'd like to call it. It happens when i slide, or abruptly stop most of the time... Nike and Adidas.. Anyone have any tricks on how to stop this from happening? surely i'm not the only one..? :-?:-?:-?:-?
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    older model nikes and adidas

    anyone know where to get older model nikes or adidas like cc genius and 1.3s and 2.3s and older vapors?
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    adidas winter 2012?

    Does anyone have pictures or now where pictures are of any new barricade colors? :confused:
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    painting tennis shoes?!

    anyone paint or attempt to paint a pair of tennis shoes.. any brand.. post pictures and experiences please.. just for fun
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    string savers

    Why do pros (for example, Federer) use string savers if they dont really have to worry about strings popping or breaking. surely they have enough freshly strung racquets to last a match. anyone have and insight on this? :)
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    sending back a cracked head frame

    Anyone ever send back a head frame that cracked? Have any pictures? what does it have to look like to receive a new one? Thanks
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    Tensioner flattening strings?

    My tensioner has been flattening out polys, especially gamma Zo tour.. I tried adjusting the tensioner, but it doesnt help much at all. Tonight i strung with babolat attraction and it was basically doing the same thing. any suggestions???
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    cutting grommets on prestige pro..?

    i know theres already an existing thread but i dont want to find it :)! Can someone post the link to the thread or pictures of CAP grommets that are cut on a prestige pro? and how you did it? THANKS
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    When are new barricade 7 colors coming out?

    Title says it all:-?
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    Wilson BLX Six.One Team handle blocked?

    I am trying to figure out how to get a piece of the frame that chipped off out of a Wilson BLX Six.One Team. I know on most racquets you can remove the butt cap and it will usually make its way out. but in the Wilson BLX Six.One Team, the handle is filled with foam. how can i go about this...
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    Prices on UnitedSports

    Arent the prices on UnitedSports VERY high? i recently received a platinum package which i believe is 65% off... But the prices are ridiculous to begin with.. Anyone know something i don't? lol WHY ARE THESE PRICES SO HIGH:|:|:|
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    Replacement grommets for Wilson Triad 6.0 prostaff

    Title says it all. where can i get them!?
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    Nike Revive Shoe

    Anyone know where to buy replacement soles for nike revive shoes? back in 2008 or so they were tennis shoes with replaceable soles?...
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    new vapor 8 colors?

    Are there anymore vapor 8 colorways coming out before the release of the new vapors?!:???:
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    bands that go at the throat at the end of the grip?!

    what are those bands called at the top of your grip that go over the end or tape on an overgrip? and can you get them online anywhere? what about colored ones?
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    radical grommets in prestige

    Anyone who has taken YT radical MP grommets and put them on a YT prestige MP please post your pictures. i know its a tight fit but i want to sit how it looks.. and at the top, how does it look?
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    Prestige price drop?

    Does anyone know of any websites or stores that have already dropped the prices of youtek prestiges?
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    prestige MP grommets vs. radical MP

    I feel like theres a lot of confusion about this in various threads. I am very curious as to what the real verdict is. Are the grommets on the Prestige MP and the Radical MP interchangeable????!:?
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    IS it me or are head bags getting worse?!!!

    I find that the older head bags are much better than the current ones.. the current ones are stiff and very tall..
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    whats string for prestige MP

    curious to see what all you prestige MP users are stringing with and what tension lemme know:)
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    using synthetic in warm up?...

    Lat night i was hitting with some one and i used a synthetic gut at 57 pounds to warm up and when we started playing a set i used poly... surprisingly i played exceptionally after using the syn gut to warm up.. any reason for this anyone can think of?