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  1. Flash O'Groove

    Build the worst player out of former n°1 'parts'

    We sometime try to build the best player by taking shots from x and movement from y. Let's try to build the worst player taking only players who reached n°1. Forehand: Edberg/Rafter Backhand: Courier/Roddick Serve: Kafelnikov/Wilander Volleys: Muster Footwork: Becker Mental: Rios Overheads...
  2. Flash O'Groove

    Ranking the 90's clay courters

    So before 89, clay had been dominated by Lendl, Wilander and Borg. Since 2005, Nadal is the man. Let's discuss for a change the players who have succeeded at the FO (and those who have been fierce competitors) from 89 to 2004. We have a few hard-courters who triumphed, namely Chang, Courier...
  3. Flash O'Groove

    David Ferrer on his way back?

    I haven't been able to follow tenni much recently but I noticed Ferrer's result seem to improve, with a though loss against Fed, a title at Bastad and now a SF ( at least) at Cinci. Is he resurgent ? I would love to see him more, he is definitely one of the most how honorable player. What do...
  4. Flash O'Groove

    Slam winner or n°1 players defeated

    Following Krosero's thread on the number of different opponents met in slam finals, I wanted to check the number of different slam winners or n°1 (at any point) defeated by all time greats. It's pretty tedious to check all the head to head so I thought we should collaboratively be able to know...
  5. Flash O'Groove

    Best forehandamong non-slam winners

    We spend a lot of time discussing the best shots in the game, and without surprise, it leads use to discuss the best players of the game. Let's discuss a bit more the second tier of players, those who never won a slam. Who are some of the best forehands, for these guys? For the forehands, maybe...
  6. Flash O'Groove

    A scholarly comparison of conversion rate at slams

    Recently great investigator have been unearthing interesting data's that the mediatico-industrial complex tried so hard to hide. But here a thing that escaped our vigilante eagle eye: Overrated Federer conversion rate at the slams he lost is a paltry 0%. Meanwhile, Sampras conversion rate at...
  7. Flash O'Groove

    What happened to Jurgen Melzer?

    Jurgen Mezler is the qualifier who will play Fed in the AO first round. He is currently ranked 296. How did it happened? Did he had a long injury, or did he simply declined due to his age (35 years old). He was pretty good around 2010 with a surprise RG SF and a few 4th round appearances at the...
  8. Flash O'Groove

    Some Nostalgia for Davydenko

    I was at the library preparing an exam for the following day, very focused in order to catch up for the ****** I had accumalated. Unfortunately for me, I noticed some sport science students who cluttered around someone's laptop: Federer's semi-final against Davydenko had just started. These...
  9. Flash O'Groove

    Rank the player who have been n°2

    According to the official ATP ranking, there are 11 of those. 1) Murray 2) Vilas 3) Ashe 4) Orantes 5) Chang 6) Ivanisevic 7) Stich 8) Corretja 9) Haas 10) Korda 11) Norman What do you think? We don't discuss these players much.
  10. Flash O'Groove

    The tournament of the Elders

    The Open era tournament of Dgold44 was fun. Let's do it again with the old champions of the pre-open era. Entry list and seeding has been quickly done, but it reflect well the turmoils which shaped the tennis landscape back in the days! Also some players who you feel should have entered the...
  11. Flash O'Groove

    Request analysis of Murray' clay game, and his evolution

    Dear tennis experts, As I'm not very fond of his style on general, I didn't get out of my way to see him play on clay and as a result I haven't seen many of his matches. I remember a few matches at RG, notably against Gonzalez, Chela and Djokovic, one against Stan at one of the clay master, and...
  12. Flash O'Groove

    Wawrinka on the Olympics Game An interview at the Swiss television. He explain that the Olympic games are great because while you live at the olympic village, you can exchange with a lot of other athlete. He doesn't know yet if...
  13. Flash O'Groove

    90's: the best of the rest

    Hi, seeing that we focus most of our discussions on the most achieved players, with endless ranking of them, I figured it could be interested to go look just beyond the very best, and discuss and rank "the rest". It will be an occasion to remember players many appreciated but aren't discussed...
  14. Flash O'Groove

    Ranking Djokovic's serve

    Under Boris Becker, Djokovic has developped a great weapon with his serve; I'm always very impressed when I see him play because somehow I struggle to not still thinking about this shot as an average serve. How do you think it rank in comparison with former great players? Obviously it doesn't...
  15. Flash O'Groove

    Tactical analysis: what Gasquet need to do to disturb Djokovic

    In their 12 matches, Gasquet has beaten Djokovic only once (Master cup 2007), and taken a set trice (2006 and 2007 and 2013...). All the other matches have been one-sided victories for Djokovic. I can't see anything that Gasquet could do to disturb Djokovic: He is inferior in all departments...
  16. Flash O'Groove

    Analysis of the Gasquet - Wawrinka match?

    I saw this great match since the middle of the second sets but somehow I struggle to make sense of it, and I'm looking for an analysis of it. I'm not looking for a description of what happened like the media do (Stan played a bad 1st set, Gasquet double-faulted in the 2nd, etc.), but more of...
  17. Flash O'Groove

    Cilic at Wimbledon?

    Cilic recent results aren't good at all and I guess that's why nobody discuss him before Wimbledon, but aren't we overlooking him? He has shown at the USO how much his game can be devastating, and it can surely work on grass as well. Can he follow Stan again and surprise us by serving his way...
  18. Flash O'Groove

    Top 10 in the 1960-1972

    Hi, I remember some thread which listed some top-10 for the early open era and the pro tour of the 60's, but I can't find it back. I would be very interested if someone recall this thread or if the old guys can give inputs on who were top 10 players from 1960-1972.
  19. Flash O'Groove

    Concentration of power through time

    In the "Why did Sampras give up on clay" Carpedm said in a very good post " Back in the 90’s, you literally had ten to twelve guys that had it within their grasp to win a Grand Slam tournament at any given time. Today, you have four guys and then the field all with an equal chance, which is not...
  20. Flash O'Groove

    Where to buy good tennis matches DVD

    Hi, I want to see a few old matches in good quality. I looked around on the internet but didn't really find any web site where I could order DVDs. Do you know a place?
  21. Flash O'Groove

    Players we never talk about

    A few days ago I was making a mental open era top 5 by nations, which led me to think about a lot of tennis players we never speak about. Most discussion focus on the former all-time great, or some specially popular former players like Mecir, Nalbandian, Gonzalez, Panatta, etc. I thought it...
  22. Flash O'Groove

    Top 10 south americans ever

    Here is another try: 1. Vilas 2. Kuerten 3. Segura 4. Rios 5. Del Potro 6. Nalbandian 7. Coria 8. Gomez 9. Gaudio 10. Gonzalez
  23. Flash O'Groove

    Top 10 europeans ever

    None of the european countries have enough depth to make an interesting discussion on their top 10 (top 10 best swiss ever :shock:), but ranking the top 10 best europeans is quite hard. Here is a try: 1. Federer 2. Nadal 3. Borg 4. Lendl 5. Djokovic 6. Cochet 7. Perry 8. Lacoste 9. Becker 10...
  24. Flash O'Groove

    Ranking the players by professionalism

    I would be interested to know your opinion about different players professionnalism. By professionnalism I mean a player's dedication to tennis, the part of his life he sacrifice for being better/having a better career. I would especially be interested in the players who are not famous for...
  25. Flash O'Groove

    Best matches which didn't featured all time great players

    When we think about the best matches in tennis history, we nearly always think of the epic battle between the top players, or the matches happening during the last rounds of the more prestigious stages. But what about all the incredible matches which featured the world n°22 against the the...
  26. Flash O'Groove

    Where was the 1974-76 generation?

    In the context of the penury of truly promising players from the early 90's generation, I noted that it is common to mention all the great players who were top players early: Edberg, Becker, Agassi, Sampras, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray. Then I saw that the situation we are in today isn't...
  27. Flash O'Groove

    Discussing the second tier

    The discussion on the top 10 of all time was very interesting. It was an incentive to discover players I didn't know well at all. I would like to compare the other past great who don't qualify, for a lot of posters, for the top 10. Here is a an arbitrary list of some players which I want to...
  28. Flash O'Groove

    Petzchner in Olympic draw

    I just noticed that Philip Peztchner is in the draw (it won against Lacko). The guy is ranked 92 at the moment. he was certainly not in the top 24 a few week ago. So how is it possible that he is here when the german federation didn't allowed Haas and Mayer to enter because they weren't ranked...
  29. Flash O'Groove

    Match interruption

    Looking Wawrinka and Tsonga going into a fifth set yesterday, while the light was decreasing, it was clear that it would be interrupted at some moment. But it doesn't seem fair to me. The player with the better stamina, the better strategy, the better momentum is disadvantaged because his...