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    Sinner's Zoom Zero

    I've become a big fan of him and his game (even inspired me to pull out some old Speed MPs to play with) and I've noticed since australia that he kept his zoom zeros. That's very interesting, considering that other zoom zero pros like osaka and tiafoe went to the GP turbos. And that he won his...
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    Thoughts on the blade pro stock

    Hi all, Just wanted to know if anybody here uses them, as i've got a chance to get a pair in the v7 paintjob and was wondering if they're worth the money. I've played with most iterations, but the 13 and 15 ones are hard to find in good condition and I didn't care much for the quality of the...
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    Gel Res 7 vs Vapor X

    Hi guys, I need to replace my Vapor 9.5 and these two options are the best value for money where I live right now. I've been a gel res longtime user, used the 6 and 7 and to me they're the most trustworthy shoes, very stable and seem last forever (I play both on clay and hard courts). But...
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    Wawrinka's black racquet at iptl

    He's using a black frame at Singapore right now. Any info? (Sorry if already posted)
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    New racquet for my father with tennis elbow.

    Hi guys, My father has been a long time user of a Wilson sledge hammer, I think it's the 3.8 one. I'm not sure what the actual specs are, but I know it is very light, stiff and headheavy, all the atributes necessary for a nice case of tennis elbow. And thats exactly what he got, recently...
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    Pure Storm Limited and kblade tour

    Could someone compare these two? I'm sorry if this was asked before but I haven't found a good comparison between them. I'm looking for something like the kbt but more powered and forgiving. Any other suggestions would be appreciated too. Thanks.
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    Is the prestige MP hard to use?

    I was just wondering that because of its weight. I know that a lot of people here don't think that 335g is too much but I'm not a pro or an amazing player and I play only every once in a while. My technique is fine, nothing exceptional and I just wanted to know if I could hande the prestige mp...
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    Lm radical and MG prestige mp

    Could anyone compare these with my KBT? wich one would play similar but more comfortable and forgiving than the Wilson? The radical seems good and has good comments. Besides, it's price is very attractive. On the other hand, the prestige seems closer to the KBT. Thanks.
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    KBT to Prestige. Should I?

    Hi guys. I've got a KBT and I really like it. However I find it sometimes way too underpowered and a bit unforgiving. I was looking up similar reackets and the best one I found was the prestige mp wich is very close but with a bigger headsize. So, if I made the switch do you think it would...